Optimizing your resume for global opportunities

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Proper optimization of your resume goes a long way in determining your qualifications for global opportunities. When it comes to career advancement, opportunities are everywhere however, knowing how to position yourself accurately for such opportunities will guarantee your success. Before considering the language used to write your resume, you’re expected to ensure that your resume aligns with global standards. In this article, we’ll explore the various steps and tips that’ll targeted at helping you properly optimize your resume to be qualified for global opportunities. If you’d like to read more informative articles in the education space, subscribe to our newsletter for updates. 

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How to optimize your resume for global opportunities 

When applying for positions or jobs in the international space, there are often certain requirements recruiters expect applicants to meet. Sometimes, these requirements may be included in the position description to make candidates know how to prepare their application. Additionally, the way you prepare your resume for local job opportunities and positions in your country is different from the international space. Keep in mind that many candidates will also be applying for the same position with only a few slots open. Hence, your ability to convince your recruiter with your documents will determine if you’ll get the job or not. If you’re seeking to improve your career by applying for global opportunities, we have curated a guide to help you ensure you properly optimize your resume for these opportunities. 

1. Customize your resume to match targeted job roles.

This is very crucial while preparing to apply for positions both locally and globally. You must customize your resume to fit into the specific positions you’re applying for. Hence, you should be intentional about removing irrelevant information from your resume. Always have it in mind to only include relevant experiences, certificates, and skills that apply to the position you’re applying for. 

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2. Leverage the power of keywords

As we established earlier, there will always be many candidates applying for global opportunities. Companies that have a high number of candidates applying for the same position will use their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen the candidate’s resume through the usage of keywords that are unique to the position they applied for. This further shows the need to tailor your resume down to the specific role you’re applying for. One hack to this is by including specific keywords from the job description in your resume. 

3. Incorporate prior global exposure 

Working in the international space is different from working in the local space. You’ll have to relate with people from different countries with different cultures, languages, and values. On the contrary, when you’re working in a local space, to a large extent you can predict the behavior of your coworkers and supervisors because you have lived in the same place over time. Candidates who have prior global experience will have an edge in their application because they are not just learning how to work with a diverse team. They already have some form of experience, hence the need to include them in their application. 

4. Research the requirements in your destination country. 

Additionally, it is important to know what is obtainable in the job market in your destination country. As a Nigerian applying for a role in the United Kingdom or America, the requirements are not the same. Before you submit that application, research the resume format for a job in your destination country. Some countries require that you sell yourself while others may not endorse over-promoting yourself. Also, part of the requirements includes the length of the resume, structure, and layout. All of these are unique to the different country’s requirements. Know what works and apply it. 

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5. Include your language skills 

Working in the global space will require that you sometimes relate with people who have a different culture and language different from yours. Your ability to understand other people’s languages and cultures will give you an edge, hence the importance of mentioning your language skills in your resume. You should list out the languages you’re fluent in based on:

  • Your proficiency level
  • How the language relates to the position you’re applying for. 

For instance, if you’re applying for a job in Canada and you’re fluent in French and English language, then this gives you an edge because these are the two official languages spoken in the country. 

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6. Don’t forget to edit and proofread

When you’re done drafting your resume, remember to thoroughly edit and proofread it before submitting it for the position. Watch out for typos, grammar errors, punctuation errors, misspelled words, and ambiguous words among other mistakes. You can ask a friend or a family member to also help read and correct. Also, using applications like Grammarly can help enhance the process. 

Optimizing your resume for international tech roles

The advent of technology has brought a modification in the employment type globally. People can now work remotely without having to be physically present at an office. Candidates can also apply for and get jobs from the comfort of their homes. When it comes to the tech space, remote jobs are now becoming the new normal. It’s also amazing to know that lots of young people are now embracing this opportunity. If you’re in the tech space, or you plan on crossing over to the tech space then these tips on how to optimize your resume for tech roles will prove helpful. 

However, as discussed earlier, it is important to tailor your resume to fit your job’s description and your destination country’s requirements. We’d explore the requirements for a resume as a tech person applying for a job in America. Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself; 

“What should you include in your resume as a tech bro?” Well, let’s examine the list below:

1. Personal Information 

You cannot have a resume/CV that doesn’t include your personal information. Despite the position you’re applying for, your resume must include your personal information. Your personal information includes:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address (it should preferably carry your name and not a nickname)
  • Social media handles (preferably LinkedIn)

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2. Title

The title of your resume should be the same thing as the position you’re applying for. This enabled recruiters to know the role you’re interested in.

3. Professional summary statement

Also, your professional summary statement in your resume is a short statement that summarizes your skills and the experience you have. It gives your recruiter an overview of your person and your qualifications. It should be short, clear, concise, and straight to the point. 

4. Work experience

Additionally, this is one aspect that cannot be ignored. Under the word experience section, you’re to include:

  • The places you’ve worked in
  • The position you held
  • Employer- Location – Date
  • Summary of your responsibilities and the role you took on while in your previous jobs. 

Note that all your related previous work experiences should be included in this section. Skip the stories and focus on the results. 

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5. Education

Furthermore, another important aspect to be included in your resume is your educational background. Your bachelor’s degree and other related degrees, and your professional certifications should also be included in this section. If your bachelor’s degree was earned a long time ago, you can include your most related certificate first in that order before your degree. In this aspect, include:

  • Degree attained
  • Institution attended
  • The year
  • Additional accomplishments like a major publication, research, projects, etc. 

6. Skills and hobbies 

When you’re done listing your educational qualifications, you can go on ahead to include your skillset. This gives the recruiters more insight into your personality and your strengths. Include soft and soft skills like:

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving skills among others. 

Your hard skills should include things like:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java etc. 

Finally, the hobbies section is optional but you can include it as it gives insight into your personal life outside of work. 

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Mistakes to avoid while optimizing your resume for global opportunities 

While constructing your resume to make sure it’s the best fit for global opportunities,  below are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  • Personal information: things like your age, gender, race, state, and marital status should not be included in your resume as they are not necessary. Most employers would not ask you this and putting them could limit your chances.
  • References: you do not need any references in your resume. Normally, if your employer requests references, it’ll be after they have gone through your resume and you have been interviewed. 
  • Errors: typographical errors, grammar errors, punctuation errors, formatting errors, etc should not be in your resume as it makes it look unprofessional and makes you look unfit for the role. 
  • Inconsistency: when applying for global opportunities, ensure that your resume aligns with your social media account, especially your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can check your social media pages to see your previous works and the manner of your social interaction. Ensure you maintain an excellent image both online and offline

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Crafting a resume that positions you for global opportunities requires a strategic approach. When you don’t do the right thing, you won’t get the right results. Also, getting one global opportunity will open the door to many more. However, with our outline, you can be sure to draft that resume that’ll grant you your dream job in the international space. 

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