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Opportunities to take Courses in Online Colleges

Best Online Colleges

Below is a list of top accredited online colleges and universities;

  • Penn State World Campus

This is one of the strongest online colleges, situated in Pennsylvania state it has an enrollment of over 16,000 while also offering over 200 online programs, with online certifications and both graduate and under-graduate degrees Penn state world campus is one of the world’s biggest online colleges.

  • University of Florida Distance Learning

Ranked among the top universities in the United States, the University of Florida distance learning also ranks among the top 10 online colleges in over 40 similar online colleges, with standard online classrooms and materials it’s no surprise as to why the University of Florida distance learning is rated so highly amongst their peers.

  • Northeastern University

A private research university with almost 200 online programs it is one of the leading universities in distance education. A key feature is that students here have access to online library services.

  • Indiana University online

With over 100 degrees were awarded and a similar number of classes the university ranks top in its region.

  • Utah State University

Utah state university has a series of strong programs also building a strong reputation among fellow universities with the United States ranking it among the top 3 in the world.

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

One of the pioneer universities in online education and distance learning with various innovative programs the Utah state university ranks very highly among online colleges.

  • Arizona State University

One of the country’s top online education providers the university has one of the world’s largest student body with over 25,000 students Arizona state university is constantly crushing barriers to enable students to attend a top echelon university.

  • University of Illinois

Chicago’s largest university and ranked one of the top ten universities to get an online degree, they offer over 45 degrees while also offering flexible scheduling for students.

  • Oregon State University

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best providers of online education, they offer over 30 degrees at both graduate and undergraduate level, known majorly for their expertise and innovation Oregon state university is one of the world’s leading online colleges.

General Cost of Online College

One of the main benefits of online colleges is their affordability, tuition range anywhere from $500 per semester to $1850. Alas, students get basically the same standard of education for less when compared to traditional students. Tuition fees are high due to the difficulty in setting up online classrooms as it requires considerable skill than those used in teaching in traditional classrooms. For online education there are essential tools that are required, some of which include a good computer, updated web browsers and operating systems, web camera, flash drives, etc. all these with the inclusion of tuition fees make up a vast percentage of the cost of online colleges.

Online Colleges Offering Scholarships and Eligibility

  • University of Edinburgh

With up to 20 ophthalmology opportunities open for the present academic session, the University of Edinburgh stands out as a top tier online college. Though eligibility is only for applicants from the United Kingdom.

Benefits of Online Colleges over Offline Colleges

  • Materials which are being used in online colleges can be stored and reused at a later date, and could also be used over a long period of time. These also allow for easy revision as individuals get to go over materials at will.
  • Another benefit of online colleges over offline is affordability, as individuals in an online college don’t pay certain expenses offline students do.
  • another key benefit is self-paced learning, this enables students arrange their schedule to fit their individual needs, as materials are accessed when they are needed at whatever time works for the student.

Why should an online college be considered as an option? We can see from the above information, an online college is a smart choice. Online colleges, due to its flexibility and low cost make for a much improved means of acquiring knowledge.

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