Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

The Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is a functional part of the University College Dublin (UCD) in its inception when it was founded in 1908. The institution has been reckoned for high standards set in education and research- most especially in its specialization in business education for all graduate-level of all interested and willing students from across the globe.

In the whole of Ireland, the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School stands out to be the leading institution of higher education mostly as regards a business school that also makes way for itself as a research center. The institution offers a wide range of postgraduate programs in the business sector; the aim of this is to equip and empower students to become world business leaders while also maximizing the utilization of their potentials for the benefit of themselves and the community at large.

On one of the institution campuses at Blackrock, which shares close ties with Dublin, they have a good number of quality facilities and infrastructures that make the institution truly retain the name and credits of being a standard postgraduate research institution. Noting that the institution is built on good credit and gift descending from Dr. Michael WJ Smurfit, the institution remains a good one and a well-recognized one not just in Ireland alone, nor amidst Irish employers, it covers all of Europe and all across the globe to the middle of many globally known multinational, multi-billion and many world leading companies and organizations.

In credits of good partnership and support from sponsors, matrons, alumni, patrons and all other people who support and aid the good name of the institution; they have been able to retain their top positions amongst European business schools. This further manifests in the strong ties and close relationships they have maintained with world-class institutions, business schools, international colleges, multinational corporations, associations, and many other bodies.

Available Programs

Following the institution’s great and pleasing academic excellence, the school’s academics also further holds a very high level of qualifications and recognition amidst the world-class leading institutions. This excellence, when teamed up with their available courses and the experienced professionals handling them, one can easily assert that this is what has made them deliver quality education in both research and teaching. In its stimulating and conducive environment, the institution offers the following courses.

  • Digital Innovation
  • International Business
  • Business Management
  • Industrial Relation & Human Resources
  • Accountancy
  • Business Analytics
  • Banking & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management Consultancy

Scholarships at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Noting that the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School is a world-class institution, the school definitely will have its own indigenous way of promoting good education standards as well as inspiring and giving necessary aid to students who are willing to have them. This is what they have set up in terms of scholarships by offering a life-changing opportunity to many international students across the globe based on merit. A lot of people aspire to study and acquire diverse degrees like MBA and Master’s degrees in different business-related courses offered by the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School; however, lack of funds and other unknown factors have hindered the process. The institution now steps out in style and introduces a Smurfit Scholarship scheme with the aim of bringing together ambitious and excellent students across the globe to study at this pinnacle of academic excellence and bring out more spirit of excellence in them.


Since the inception of this scholarship, it has remained in high demand by all, hence; it is important to note the criteria for applications.

  • All international students from across the globe are eligible to apply in the Smurfit scholarship scheme and enjoy the endowments therein
  • Applicants should note that the institution is a business school which means they offer a wide range of business-related courses. However, degrees like MSc will be given based on available courses in the institution.
  • All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree before applying for the scholarship scheme from Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.
  • To be eligible as well, candidates must also have attained a score of about 630 or more in their GMAT tests before submitting their applications.

The whole departments and working bodies at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School understands and recognize that any level of success at all, it all depends on our individual ability to turn things around, make required and necessary changes while we also evolve with time and things that occur around it; noting that we all have ambitions and plans for a better life and we must not always put that ahead of the general good- that makes a better business leader. Further developments and progress on the institution can make it retain some more credits as a pinnacle of academic, business and research excellence both within its immediate community and the world around it.

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