Top 10 Chinese Scholarships Open for Applications in 2024

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List of Chinese Scholarships Open for Applications in 2024

This post will discuss university-sponsored scholarships offered by Chinese province governments that still accept applications from overseas students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

We will list all of the Chinese university and provincial government scholarships in this post. You can still apply for these scholarships and hope to enroll in classes beginning in September 2024.

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#1. Huazhong Agricultural University

Scholarship: Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship
Application Period: July 15, 2024

Values of the scholarship:

①Tuition waiver.

②Accommodation: Free university dormitory

HZAU requires students to live on campus in principle. HZAU will provide each Doctoral student with a single room while providing a twin room shared by two Master’s students.


Master’s students: 2,100 RMB/month;

Doctoral students: 2,500 RMB/month.

Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from HZAU each month. Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend for that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend for that month. Graduating students will receive a stipend until half a month after the graduation date. If a registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leave.

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#2. Anhui University of Tech

Scholarship: Anhui university of technology scholarship
Deadline: June 30, 2024
An outstanding chance to become a part of the vibrant academic community in Anhui, which places a high value on innovation and research.

#3. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Scholarship: University scholarship
Deadline: April 30, 2024

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens. Chinese citizens who apply for undergraduate study in China as foreign students after immigrating to a foreign country must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for more than 4 years (including), have a certificate that you have cancelled your Chinese nationality and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years in the last 4 years (up to April 30 of the enrollment academic year) (the actual residence in a foreign country for more than 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, based on entry and exit visas).

#4. Jiamusi University

Scholarship: Offers the Heilongjiang Provincial Scholarship
Deadline: April 30, 2024

This scholarship is pretty awesome because it covers a lot of costs. Think of not having to pay for things like:

  • Your classes (tuition)
  • The place you’ll stay (accommodation)
  • Health insurance while you’re studying

You’ll need to handle your travel and day-to-day living costs, but a big part of your expenses will be taken care of.

Can You Apply?

Who’s Invited:

  • Undergrads: If you’re under 25 and have great high school grades, you can apply for a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Masters: Under 35 and have a Bachelor’s degree? Aim for a Master’s.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Under 40 with a Master’s degree and ready for more? Go for the Doctorate.

Language No Barrier: Don’t speak Chinese? No problem. But if you do, and you’re good at it (HSK level 4 or above), that’s a plus.

#5. Jiangnan University

Scholarship: Offers the Jiangsu Provincial government Scholarship
May 31, 2024

Jiangnan University offers generous scholarships that cover:

  • Accommodation: Free on-campus or a monthly allowance (RMB 3500 for PhD and RMB 3000 for Master) for off-campus living.
  • Living Allowance: Monthly stipends to cover your living expenses.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Ensuring you’re covered during your stay.

Who can apply?

General Requirements:

  • Citizenship: You must be from a country other than the People’s Republic of China.
  • Health: Your health should be good or better.
  • Behavior: You should be well-mannered and have integrity.
  • No Double Dipping: You cannot hold any other Chinese Government Scholarships.

#6. Huaqiao University

Scholarship: Huaqiao local government scholarship
Deadline: June 1, 2024

HQU proudly offers a suite of scholarships aimed at facilitating access to its high-caliber education for international students. These scholarships not only underscore HQU’s commitment to academic excellence but also reflect its dedication to cultural diversity and international understanding.

#7. Jilin University

Scholarship: Jilin University International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2024
Deadline: May 15, 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens.
  • Candidates should demonstrate a friendly attitude towards China, have no criminal record, and comply with both Chinese laws and the host institution’s regulations.
  • Applicants must be in good health and standing academically and behaviorally.
  • An interest in Chinese language education and related fields is required.
  • Applicants should be between 16 and 35 years old as of September 1, 2024. Current Chinese language teachers can be up to 45 years old. However, those applying for Bachelor’s degree scholarships should be under 25.

#8. Zhejiang Gongshang University

Scholarships: Zhejiang Government General scholarship
Deadline: May 31, 2024
The scholarship targets excellent international undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, rewarding those who are either planning to enroll or are currently enrolled at ZJSU.

Scholarship Categories and Benefits

  • For New Degree Students:
    • First-class: Covers 100% of annual tuition fees.
    • Second-class: Covers 70% of annual tuition fees.
    • Third-class: Covers 40% of annual tuition fees.
  • For Current Degree Students:
    • First-class: Covers 70% of annual tuition fees.
    • Second-class: Covers 50% of annual tuition fees.
    • Third-class: Covers 30% of annual tuition fees.

#9. Zhengzhou University

Scholarship: Henan Government Scholarship
Deadline: May 31, 2024
The Henan Government Scholarship offers varying levels of financial support across different study programs. For doctoral students, the scholarship provides CNY 40,000 per year for up to four years. Master’s students receive tuition coverage up to CNY 30,000 per year for a maximum of three years.

Bachelor’s and Pre-degree program participants get CNY 15,000 and CNY 10,000 per year, respectively, while those in Chinese Language and other scholar programs receive CNY 5,000 per semester. The funds primarily cover tuition fees; any excess tuition costs must be paid by the student.

#10. Yanbian University

Scholarship: Jilin Government Scholarship
Deadline: July 15, 2024
The Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship 2024 at Yanbian University is now available for international students and it is being awarded to attract high-level, outstanding international students to pursue graduate studies in China, further promoting educational exchanges.

Overview of this Scholarship

  • Type: Partial scholarship for international students.
  • Duration: Covers 2 academic years.
  • Study Level: Master’s degree programs.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese.
  • Benefits: Free tuition and accommodation (double rooms only), a monthly living allowance of 1,700 yuan, and basic medical insurance.
  • Application Deadline: July 15th 2024.


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