List of Turkey Scholarships that Do Not Require IELTS in 2024

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List of Turkey Scholarships that Do Not Require IELTS in 2024

International students can access the list of all fully-funded scholarships in Turkey without taking the IELTS exam for 2024–2025. International applicants for Turkey Scholarships for BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees must have a high school diploma and a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Turkey is a well-known global educational location for students. There are many Turkish scholarships available to overseas students without an IELTS score in 2024. Students shouldn’t worry about the IELTS exam criteria or the expensive tuition costs as a result.

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How much do Turkish Scholarships award?

Students have a wide range of options for answering this million-dollar question; it primarily depends on the kind of Turkish Scholarship program they are applying to. Hence, successful applicants may be eligible for all or some of the following mentioned Turkish Scholarship financial benefits:

  • Free education in Turkey or reduced costs
  • Completely or partially sponsored by Turkish university accommodation
  • Health and life insurance packages for students
  • Airfare; in some Turkish scholarships, it is paid (conditional).
  • Turkish Study VISA Assistance and Funding (Conditional)
  • Access to Turkish heritage sites, libraries, and conference funding

English Language Requirement for Turkey Scholarships:

English and Turkish are the languages taught in Turkish universities. Therefore, Turkish authorities seek proof of English language ability from applicants interested in being admitted to programs taught in the language. IELTS is therefore the most generally accepted exam; but, if it is unavailable, other tests that are similar to IELTS, such as PTE, Duolingo, Cambridge exams, CanTEST, TOEFL, etc., may also be accepted.

Therefore, international applicants from non-native English-speaking nations can now apply to Turkey without taking the IELTS test.

International students seeking a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate have access to thousands of Turkish scholarships. There are nine Turkish universities in the top ten worldwide. You can therefore expect excellent education in Turkey. Some of the best scholarships in Turkey that don’t require an IELTS score are covered in this article.

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Fully-funded Scholarships in Turkey Without IELTS 2024-2025

Here is the list of scholarships in Turkey available to international students from 2024–2025:

#1. Uskudar University Scholarships

International students wishing to improve their Turkish language ability must complete a year-long study in the language. However, the student must submit the results of an English language competency test if they wish to enroll in a program that is focused on the language. Alternatively, you could take the university’s customized English language assessment. You will need to enroll in a year-long English language preparation course if you are still unable to pass the test.

Deadline: September 2024

#2. Medipol University in Istanbul Scholarships

At this university, instruction is primarily given in Turkish. To be admitted to these programs, you have to finish a one-year course in Turkish language preparation. For international students, there are, nevertheless, English-language programs accessible. IELTS is not necessary for it. Scores on the PTE are also acceptable. Conversely, the university conducts its own assessment of English language proficiency.

If your exam score is less than 75%, you will need to sign up for the institution’s one-year English language program. Additionally, the university offers need-based financial aid, waiving up to 50% of the tuition. Through the special national scholarship, students from specific countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. are also eligible for a 15% tuition fee discount. Based on their SAT results, students may be eligible for further discounts.

Deadline: December 2024

#3. KOC University Scholarships

Tests of English language skills, like the TOEFL or IELTS, are not necessary to get admitted. However, you ought to submit one of the accepted exams for admission to an international university (SAT I, SAT II, or ACT). IELTS is not a valid substitute; instead, you can submit your SAT results or enroll in a university preparatory course to strengthen your English language proficiency.

Furthermore, it offers merit-based tuition scholarships of 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% to worthy students each year. The scholarship does not have a separate application process or form. There is also a need-based scholarship program for undergraduate students. All accepted Master’s with Thesis students receive 100% merit-based scholarships from the relevant Graduate School.

Deadline: December 2024 for the Spring semester

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#4. Altinbas University Scholarships

Altinbas University offers the “English Language Preparatory” exam as an alternative to test results. Thus, taking the IELTS is not required for admission or financial aid. If undergraduate students are enrolled in courses that are classified as no-tuition fee programs, they are awarded “undergraduate scholarship admission.”

A Turkish merit-based scholarship program is also available; it is annual and renewed even after enrollment on the basis of GPA. At the conclusion of the English preparatory program, the top students who have achieved exceptional academic success in their specific Undergraduate School or Vocational School are awarded “Honours Grants” for the next academic year.

#5. Maltepe University Scholarships

Maltepe University accepts results from the annual high school English exam without requiring you to take the IELTS. To improve your English language proficiency, you have an additional option besides enrolling in an introductory course. However, for assessments based on the Turkish language, no such course is required.

Furthermore, the university funds its scholarship initiatives. Students placed and registered in programs designated as 100% Scholarship, 50% Discount, or 25% Discount in the Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide are eligible for OSM Scholarship and Discount.

Note that athletes from other countries can also apply for full scholarships. Based on their performance on the year-end university exams, students in our institution’s associate/undergraduate programs who place in the top three of their class are awarded 75%, 50%, and 25% (respectively) Success Scholarships.

Deadline: Open all year.

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#6. Yasar University Scholarships

Yasar University gives its students an alternative by making the language competency exam optional. The Yaşar University English Preparation School offers a one-year rigorous English Language Preparatory Program for applicants who are unable to submit their English language competency scores. The total number of years of study required to graduate is not reduced by one year of preparation.

Students who pass the English Proficiency Exam gain admission into the university directly into their applied primary field of study. The organization additionally provides a range of savings plans and financial aid. Students applying from partner institutions (global or Erasmus partners) are eligible for a 10% discount. Strong academic standing often qualifies students for International Office Scholarships, which offer partial to full fee waivers.

Note that tuition waivers for the upcoming academic year are another benefit that comes with maintaining a strong performance on university exams each year.

#7. Izmir University of Economics Scholarships

Students can relax knowing that they are not required to submit their IELTS results to Izmir University. As a substitute and a requirement, you must submit your SAT results to gain admission. The university’s English language exam is another option.

There are numerous scholarship opportunities that the university offers. International students who wish to enroll in undergraduate programs are given scholarships, which are given out according to national quotas. The entire year’s tuition is covered by the 100% International Student Scholarship.

In addition, if they fulfill the requirements, students who have an annual grade point average of 3.50 or higher are qualified for a 50% tuition cost reduction. The university also offers scholarships based on athletic merit.

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#8. University of Biruni Scholarships

Students who are unable to submit their results from the Institutional Exemption Test must enroll in Biruni University’s English Preparatory Program before starting their academic courses. However, students can submit their scores from the PTE or TOEFL to the University of Biruni. But in terms of years of study, this is not taken into account. Students at Biruni University have access to numerous scholarship programs. One example is the merit award that the university gives to new students.

To be eligible for this grant, applicants must have exceptional high school or college grades. Students with excellent undergraduate and master’s transcripts who are applying to master’s and PhD programs are eligible for the merit grant. Currently, enrolled international students are eligible to apply for a “Turkish Scholarship,” which pays for both housing and tuition.

#9. Atlim University Scholarships

For those who find the IELTS more difficult, Atlim University offers a gateway. Students can also provide their PTE, TOEFL, CAE, or CPE scores as evidence of their English language competency. If not, students must enroll in an English language proficiency course. When applying for a scholarship, students must upload the necessary files to the system. The scholarship committee assesses each application collectively.

The review procedure takes into account SAT, GMAT, GRE, transcript, and other data; letters of praise, accolades, and prizes may also be considered. Many other grants are given out based only on merit (need-blind). Applications are evaluated by the Office of Financial Aid based only on need (merit-blind). 

#10. Yaditepe University Scholarships

Students who want to start the program must first submit proof of their proficiency in English. Conversely, IELTS is not necessary. A minimum TOEFL score of 79 or an SAT English component score of 550 is required.

Yeditepe University additionally provides a Foreign Language Proficiency Exam. Students with lower scores are required to spend some time in an English language preparation course. The YKS Guide states that the bursary awarded to students enrolled in full scholarship programs pays for the entire cost of tuition; the fellowship awarded to students enrolled in 50% scholarship funds pays for half of the cost of tuition; and the fellowship available to students enrolled in 25% scholarship funds pays for a quarter of the cost of tuition.

For nine months during their prep school and college education, 500 TL is given to the top 100 students selected for a program based on their DL scores. While you can receive a 25%, 50%, or 75% tuition cost reimbursement by passing university exams.

#11. ISIK University Scholarships

Applying to ISIK University is not required to take the IELTS exam. You can also submit your TOEFL results. Additionally, if your SAT English score is at least 500–550, you may still apply. Students do not need to submit their English language competence scores for courses that are taught in Turkish. Rather, they must complete a year-long Turkish language course to demonstrate their language proficiency.

For overseas students, ISIK University offers a number of merit-based scholarships that remove tuition fees entirely (20–100%). A scholarship to cover your tuition fees for the next year is awarded to you if you do well on the university exam.