Masters in Turkey What You Need to Know?

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An international student from every part of the world finds themselves in different countries and international universities for different and peculiar reasons. Turkey sits a straddle between the east and west that includes a whole new culture and experience, though with the dominant religion being Islam but very embracing to international students. It is a country with an average standard of living and has also various platforms for scholarships which make the location throng with more international students in recent years.

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Turkey also presents the opportunity for students to find very competitive academic sessions. This constant growing academic repute makes for both old and new universities in the region an attraction for international students, from all over the world. Turkey is forged from an influence of ideal oriental and European mix, making Turkey a famous destination for so many numbers of international students.

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There could be various reason why an international student will choose Turkey, but from looking at the financial aspect, it is a more affordable standard of living and basically, tuition fees that effects different programs, so for this single reason, one can understand the recent throng of an international student to this destination.

10 Top Things to Know Before Applying For A Masters Degree In Turkey

Arriving at a new place especially if the geographical location takes you outside national boundaries, then there are serious things you should learn before arriving at such a destination. But for an international student applying for the master’s degree program in Turkey especially the student that previously did not study bachelor’s degree outside their original national boundary, it will be thoughtful to learn almost everything you can about the new destination you are arriving at. The reason for choosing the school and location are the first inquisitiveness that sets you on the path of more discoveries, it could be of culture, tradition, holidays even greetings and reception. We would share below some top things you should know even before applying to Turkey for your Master’s program.

  1. A multicultural setting: the Turks are one fascinating set of humans to live with, with their reception and welcoming spirit. As earlier highlighted, Turkey sits geographically in a position where it shares close proximity between the east and west and even some form of closeness also with Africa, for this single reason, it is a country that throngs with a lot of international students, from the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe as well. The Turks who are readily willing to polish their English tend to engage international students. It is multicultural but receptive to all.
  2. Tuition fee and living costs: there are various universities in Turkey both public and private and as such have a different range for tuition fees, but all are at somewhat affordable rates compared to universities in Europe. There is a general estimation that tuition fee stretches from as low as $3000 to $19,000, also depending on course of study. There are sometimes a little over the standard overseas fees if the program is to be instructed in English. While living cost is very affordable in Turkey, there is said to be a standard recommendation of about five to six hundred dollars per month that covers a stretch of things such as accommodation, feeding, and some entertainment. Depending on how your general spending habit.
  3. English is generally accepted and taught: if you have fears that Turkey is a no English country then you should know this, English is generally accepted and spoken widely in Turkey, so many courses are taught in English already and even resort centers and major cities embrace the widely spoken language. So you will find it easy to settle quickly in Turkey.
  4. High educational standards: as part of one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, indicated by the high rise of trooping international students yearly, at an estimated 30,000 students. It also prides on it international recognition of its university degrees awarded Worldwide, with more major courses opening up to being taught in English, with courses like business, engineering and international relations. There are also ultra-modern campuses in Turkish universities with state of the art facilities.
  5. Warm and friendly indigenes: I do not know what you might have heard or encountered previously about Turks, but with an assurance that Turks are very warm and friendly people. Though the main religion in the country is Islam, but never mind, even if you are not a Muslim, their friendship extends beyond religious circles. They are quite hospitable folks; with gradual interactions, you will soon discover they are excited to meet international people.
  6. Scholarships: there are scholarships you could apply to in order to ease or help your finance. There is tons of scholarship you could apply to both governments approved or private institution granted scholarships. Some scholarships cover a whole lot such as accommodation, tuition fees, travel costs and even insurance. So now you know, you should start applying to them.
  7. Delicious delicacies: Turkish cuisines are a comprised combination of several delicacies, coming from the Balkan, central Asia, Middle East and even Caucasian, leaving a savory taste as well as a feeling of more. On the street of Istanbul, you will find also pastries served with the same savory taste and mouthwatering fresh fish. When it comes to food, Turkey will give you the best of deliveries and a lasting memory even long after you have left.
  8. Wonders of nature and climate: Turkey is also a tourist attraction for many people and as a student studying in the country you would be able to explore the country to the best of your interest. There are some major seas at borderlines of Turkey, where the Aegean to the west, Mediterranean to the south and on the north is the black sea. Hikers would find paradise in the secrets valleys, of the Kackar Mountains. The climate would not impede you, just to know that around Istanbul the summer is quite dry and hot then a mild cool during the winter, unlike places like Ankara where the climate is quite more, snowy and very cold winters then very hot and dry summer.
  9. Exciting history: with an apt description of this fascinating ancient region, UNESCO portrays it as the 8th wonder of the world. It is accurate to say because it is rich in its history holding a lot of events that cannot be washed from man’s mind. Like an open museum, it still holds the ruins as a testament of the ancient passing of civilization, from the ottoman, Greeks, Byzantine and even Romans, stage after stage. It is a place that preserves history.
  10. Tourist attraction: Turkey is a fun and generally a tourist attraction site, but as a student, you will enjoy the view of these many sites. It has a lot of exciting cities, so through your time of studies, you should visit some important cities, like Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara just to mention a few. Istanbul in the first place is a lot to handle, with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia to see the Sea of Marmara, is just an incredible experience to encounter.

Application Requirements and Documents Needed For International Student Master’s Degree in Turkey

Applying to study in any Turkish institution is more different than the usual generic style of admission. The general school administration cannot determine your entrance into the institution; it is more dependent on the department in which you are trying to gain admission. Master’s program is specifically designed this way, and even some departments may want a personal interview with the applicant before going ahead to accept or decline such students. International students basically need to fulfill the requirement of having a valid passport and granted a student visa first.

It is important to note that application for postgraduate studies in any Turkish university is advised to apply directly to the university. But here are some basic requirements and documents needed of an international student.

  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcript of your previous bachelor’s degree course
  • Scan of your Bachelor’s degree
  • Scan of birth certificate or passport
  • Evidence of scholarship or funding
  • Letters of recommendation (about 2 or 3 depending on department requirement)
  • Testing scores
  • Writing samples.

Studying in turkey is a worthwhile experience to meet a new culture, tradition, trend, and even fashion. In order to have a very good start at pursuing your degree, you could also opt for some preparation courses in whatever field you choose. This course helps you have a boost and a head start even before joining the real program, so as a degree-seeking student it is beautiful to gain extra knowledge. Courses with this boost are pre-M.B.A, pre-medicine pre-Law just to mention a few.

Improving your English is also another plus you have to earn before applying, it will boost your chance of being admitted, and this is especially for students who earned their first degree from a non-English speaking nationality. This will help the university know that you are fine with the language in which is used to lecture and communicate generally. At the same time, it helps you fulfill the requirement of the English language test that the university demands from international students, and as such you have to show certified proves of English proficiency.

Here are some certificates usually accepted by Turkish universities; TOEFL, C1 Advanced or C2 proficiency, and PTE academics. Aside from knowing this generally accepted certificate, it is wise to check with the particular university you applied to.

Good luck on your application!