These 5 STEM Skills are Needed in Ireland- Apply now

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Globally, there is a high demand for professionals in the STEM field and Ireland is not left out. Ireland has a national STEM policy that seeks to ensure that its labor force, professionals, and other digital experts and students are equipped with digital skills. The policy also aims to encourage the development of a digitally enlightened and skilled workforce in the country. The STEM policy of Ireland is also to span for a period of six years (2021-2026). The intentionality of the government investing in STEM education provides an opportunity for international students to gain the knowledge they need to be employable. 

Are you are international student who wants to study STEM? Then Ireland might just be your study-abroad destination. 

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Brief overview of the STEM field

STEM is the term used to categorize the fields in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines. It encourages and fosters innovation which is beneficial to everyone. Additionally, students who major in any of these disciplines get the opportunity to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Generally, the STEM field encompasses the following areas: 

  • All fields related to mathematics and the application of mathematical principles for problem-solving. 
  • Computer, electrical/electronics, and other tech disciplines.
  • Natural, physical, and life science. 
  • All fields related to engineering

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Brief overview of STEM education in Ireland

In 2021, approximately 30% of the undergraduate students studying in Ireland are studying STEM-related courses. This implies that about 13,000 new intakes in schools in Ireland in the 2021/2022 session are currently studying STEM-related courses. Additionally, 42.5% of males are also currently studying STEM in Ireland while 19.2% of female students are also studying STEM in the country. 

Furthermore, the government of Ireland prioritizes STEM education in the country. As stated earlier, the government seeks to nurture learner engagement and participation, enhance early years educator and teacher skills, support STEM education practice, and use evidence to support STEM education. International students seeking to study STEM in Ireland are guaranteed to have a thorough learning experience as this is part of the goals of the government in Ireland. 

Benefits of STEM Education in Ireland

There are many benefits international students stand to gain when they study STEM in Ireland. Some of them include: 

1. Access to Quality Education

Ireland is home to some of the globally renowned universities offering world-class STEM education. Additionally, International students will also have access to quality facilities, experienced professors, and a conducive environment. It still does not stop here. The country education’s system also prioritizes research and innovation to facilitate growth and impact. 

2. Job Opportunities 

There are job opportunities available for STEM graduates or professionals in the STEM field because the country houses some of the top tech companies. Students are also offered opportunities in internships, research, and collaboration to improve their skills and experience. 

3. International recognition

Ireland ranks as one of the leading countries to embrace STEM in Europe. Additionally, Degree certificates from schools in Ireland are recognized in different countries of the world. Irish graduates are also sought after for opportunities globally. 

Top 5 In-Demand STEM Skills in Ireland

As an international student or graduate seeking to settle in Ireland, you must identify the major areas where there is an increase in demand in the labor market and equip yourself accordingly. This will make you employable and open you up to the opportunities available in the country. We have compiled a list of the top STEM skills in demand in Ireland to help in your decision-making process. It is seen below:

1. Data Technology

Data technology is one of the in-demand skills in Ireland. It involves the provision of solutions for data management, products, or services that are based on the data generated by humans and machines. The skills garnered in this field can be applied and adapted in other areas. It seeks to improve business activities in different sectors using AI, big data, and machine learning algorithms. 

Additionally, the National College of Ireland offers a Bachelor of Data Science to students who decide to major in this field. It is also a hub for popular and successful tech companies like Eir, AIB, Microsoft, Life, Workday, and others. Students who bag a certificate in data tech in Ireland can work in renowned companies like Vodafone, and Intel among others. 

2. AI Tech

AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence and it is a field in computer science that entails the development and study of intelligent machines. The knowledge of AI tech can be applied across various sectors including different industries, science, and even government. Moreover, Ireland is one of the leading countries in Europe that has a high ratio of AI talents. International students in Ireland who desire to further their studies in this field can get a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They will get to learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and how to solve challenges using AI. They can also diversify into different careers like producing self-driving cars, video game writing, language translation, AI-powered surgery, programming, and others.

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3. BioTechnology

STEM students who have an interest in the health sector can decide to get a certificate in Biotechnology in Ireland. Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that entails the integration of natural and engineering sciences to achieve the application of organisms, cells, and molecular analogs for products and services. 

However, in simple terms, biotechnology involves the incorporation of technology in the health sector to produce health solutions, telemedicine, healthcare analytics, and so on. The Maynooth University in Ireland offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology. 

Additionally, Ireland also houses some of the popular biotechnology companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca. International students who choose to study biotechnology in Ireland can find employment in different sectors including PharmTech, MedTech, FoodTech, and other areas. 

4. Agricultural Technology (AgriTech)

Agricultural technology can also be called agritech or agrotech. It focuses on the use of technology in the agricultural sphere including aquaculture and horticulture. AgriTech aims to improve efficiency and profitability in the agricultural sector. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that food is one of the basic needs of man, this means that there will always be a high demand for food, translating into a high demand for products and services that will in turn improve the production of food. Students who major in agriculture technology will discover new ways and methods to be more efficient in the agriculture sector. The University College, Dublin offers courses related to this. Students additionally get to learn analytical, entrepreneurial, and communication skills in addition to the technical knowledge gained in this field. 

5. Digital Arts and Humanities

In layman’s terms, digital arts and humanities entail the infusion of technology in the arts and humanities discipline. This implies that even students in the arts and humanities discipline if open enough can infuse technology in their discipline to be more effective in their practices. 

In addition, Digital arts and humanities provide students the opportunity to examine the influence of technology on human culture and society at large in this digital age. It entails the employment of digital tools and methods to aid the study of humanities knowing fully well that the printed medium is fast been overtaken by the digital medium. 

Also, a degree in this course also includes the effect of technology on language, literature, philosophy, and politics. Students who major in this field can work as social media media, digital or art directors, and programs managers among others. 

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Top STEM Universities in Ireland

Below is a list of the top STEM universities in Ireland according to the QS world ranking:

  • Trinity College Dublin 
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Galway 
  • University College Cork 
  • University of Limerick 
  • Dublin City University 
  • Maynooth University 
  • Technological University of Dublin

Requirements for studying STEM in Ireland?

International students who want to study STEM-related courses should ensure that they meet the following requirements. However, it should be noted that these requirements are generally acceptable. Every school will also have its specified requirements for each of the students. 

1. Standardized Tests

Ireland is an English-speaking country so it is important that students pass the English language proficiency tests. IELTS and TOEFL are an example of some of the required tests that are necessary for international students who want to pursue further studies in  Ireland. 

2. Academic Qualifications

For a bachelor’s degree, it is important that the student must have completed their secondary school education or its equivalent. They are also to major in science subjects and must pass excellently well. Additionally,  an Irish leaving certificate or A-level in the related field. For a master’s degree, students should have a bachelor’s degree certificate in a related field. 

3. Application Process

Students who want to study in Ireland will need to apply through the  Central Applications Office (CAO) system. The application will involve the submission of transcripts, exam results, and other necessary documents. 

Important Documents

  • Official High School Transcripts
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Bachelor’s Degree (for masters)
  • Work experience certificate (if any)
  • Language test scores
  • GRE or GMAT scorecards
  • Personal Essay
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume or CV
  • Proof of your financial resources
  • Student visa. 

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