TDR Clinical Research Leadership (CRL) Fellowship Programme 2023 for African Researchers

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TDR Clinical Research Leadership (CRL) Fellowship Programme 2023 for African Researchers. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline?

15th March 2023 | 17:00 (CET)

Tell Me About Award:

The Clinical Research Leadership (CRL) fellowship programme, launched in 2023, is based on four pillars:

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Pillar 1:    Improved clinical research skills obtained through flexible placement of fellows at Training Partner Organizations (TPOs).

Pillar 2:    Strong clinical research leadership skills acquired through customized learning, coaching and leadership experience at the home institution, geared to each fellow’s needs and interests.

Pillar 3:    Enhanced gender equity promoted through active measures to ensure fair participation of women and men and people who do not fit into these binary gender identities.

Pillar 4:    Strengthened institutional capacity by maximizing the fellow’s contribution on re-entry.

This new fellowship programme will maximize the value of the clinical research skills obtained through the placement at a TPO by focusing on research leadership, with fellows using their clinical research skills, in conjunction with competencies and capabilities to effectively communicate with, and support, members of a multidisciplinary team. Several actions identified through the contest challenge and focus group discussions with previous fellows will be put in place to enhance gender equity, by increasing the participation of women. An institutional development plan will enable the fellows to maximize their contribution to strengthening their institution on re-entry, as well as developing and managing a research team to undertake a research study.



What Countries are Eligible?

African countries

Where will Award Take Place?

  • TDR will fund fellows employed by academic and research institutions in any low- and middle-income country across the globe (not limited to those in sub-Saharan Africa) to be placed in pharmaceutical companies, product development partnerships (PDPs) and academic affiliated research organizations, in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Latin America, to train and develop new research skills on infectious diseases.
  • Successful applicants are placed for 12 months in TPOs and then receive a reintegration plan for 12 months at their home institutions.

Who is Eligible?

At the deadline for submission of applications, the fellow should:

• be a national of, and resident in, an LMIC.
• be a postgraduate (MSc or PhD) or medical/pharmacy graduate conducting clinical research
activities in the scope of TDR.
• have obtained their first degree within 15 years of submission of the application.
• have been a researcher or clinical staff member employed for the last 12 months in an institution
with a registered legal entity in an LMIC conducting clinical research activities in the scope of TDR.

What is Value of Award?

  • The CRL training will provide support for a maximum of  24 months to fellows selected through open competition, including placement with a TPO, re-entry at the home institution and institutional development.
  • The Clinical Research Leadership programme builds on the experience of the Clinical Research and Development Fellowship (CRDF) programme.
  • Since 1999, a cumulative total of 112 fellows (26 women, 86 men) from 36 LMICs have been selected to be placed with 31 partner organizations. All fellows returned to their home institutions except one who has played a pivotal role in a wide range of R&D projects, including trials for new candidate vaccines and drugs.

How to Apply?

Apply here


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