Top 10 Exciting Careers in China

China is a very developed country and in fact one of the countries of the world with a stable economy that keeps growing. China is notable for its business in manufacturing almost anything at an affordable rate. Due to the increase of the visibility of china to the world, it creates a path where expats find the country accommodating and many corporations want to have their companies in the country.

All of these influences enable China to be placed at the forefront of the largest job creators and have a very low rate of unemployment. China is always in demand of skilled foreigners to come into the country and work since they believe by doing so, the country’s global presence continues to increase notwithstanding its language barrier.

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In order to take up fulfilling careers in China, there are certain things to check and understand about the country before taking up any job. Some of these things could just be the country’s rules on obtaining a work permit, industries that are more open to foreigners and so on. This article tries to cover some of the salient points needed for you to have a smooth sail in your career as you move to China.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in China

Planning on moving to China for work, there are a few things you must put into consideration in order to be able to deal with the new environment you are planning to live and work in. China is on versatile country with a good economy and this sometimes doesn’t allow people to focus on the little things that matter. Find right here are 5 of the things you might need to consider when choosing a career in China.

  1. Internet restrictions: it is very important to consider this aspect; most especially if you field has a lot to do with the internet. It may interest you to know that, there are tons of internet restrictions and apps which the Chinese government has put in place and this may come as an obstacle for your job. Making use of a VPN could be your best option in such case.
  2. Language barrier: hoping to live and work in china? The language barrier may be an obstacle for you because the country’s main language of communication is Mandarin which you may have to learn in order to be able to communicate with the locals in the country. Also, you need to make sure that your career or job would not really be affected with the language barrier of if you need to take up a course or two to boost your language efficiency.
  3. Cost of living: china is very affordable country to live and work. The housing rates are cheap and also public transportation is quite easy to access from anywhere in the country. You literally don’t need to spend so much on living your best life in china and your location also doesn’t matter at all.
  4. Work permit: the Chinese government has some laid down rules and requirement which they require before they allow foreigners to work in the country. Among such requirements is the need for a work permit and license in some professional fields.
  5. Safety: china is a very safe country to live, study and work in. the country does not have a gun permit and so foreigners do not have to be afraid of getting into a dangerous situation while minding their business. The crime rate in China is very low as compared to other western parts of the world.

10 Exciting Careers to Pursue in China

China is arguably one of the leading countries with a good and stable economy all around the world. As such, China is a very developed country and this attracts many foreigners in search of jobs or in a bid to establish their career flock into China hoping for the best turnouts. Below is the list of the top 10 exciting careers in china.

  1. Teaching: takes the lead on some of the exciting careers for one to take up in china. Many foreigners are seen in this profession because the educational system in china is regarded as a very serious business hence more professionals in education are needed from kindergartens till the university level in the country. The income of most teachers in china would vary due to the state, city pay scale ad also expertise, but many teaching jobs comes with a lot of benefits and less work with great pay.
  2. Trading: trade is sure one of the major reasons why the economy of china is on a continuous increase and named one of the highest throughout the world. The country is able to make lots of products at affordable rates which in turn are transported to different parts of the world for sale. Many foreigners take up the trade business by buying many of the products manufactured in China and taking them back home for sale and some stay back in the country to learn the ropes of the trading business.
  3. Content creation/media: since china is becoming more global and modernized, many foreigners have a high chance of taking up media and content creation careers to earn a living in the country. Experiencing a new lifestyle and writing about the continuous growth of the country from the eyes of an outsider allows the world to come to know more about china. As china is not an English fluent country, foreigners writing about their culture, lifestyle and business in the English language connects the country more to many parts of the world and in turn boosts their economy.
  4. Marketing: every industry in the world created for profit making will surely the need the services of a market or brand influencer and this particular career field is currently in high demand in China because, the country is quite new to the need of business marketing as compared to other western countries. Foreigners stand a huge chance of getting employed in this field because of the needed skills for communicating to the outside world.
  5. Engineering: china unfortunately still relies on the experience and guidance of foreigners to help in their heavy industries and careers such as engineering, automobiles and energy. Many of China’s big engineering projects are handled by foreigners and this places them on a much needed spot and an exciting career for foreigners to take up in the country.
  6. Hospitality and tourism: due to language barrier, many hotels and tourist centers are been managed by foreigners who have the communication skills sand fluency in relating to many foreigners who come into the country each year. Foreigners’ stand a very bug chance in securing a good job in this industry provided they poses the needed skills.
  7. Art and music: in the many modernized city of China such as shanghai and Beijing, foreign artists are able to make use of their talents to make profits whereby exposing the locals to new forms of arts. Since china has always admired the western arts, dance, music and everything artistic, foreigners’ stand a great chance in exploring this field.
  8. Business managers: there are constant increases for many foreign countries who wish to start up their corporations in China and as such the needs of more professionals are in high demand. Again, because of the language barrier, this career path is more open to foreigners in order to achieve smooth operations.
  9. Information technology: China as a whole is very internet savvy and is in need of competent and expert IT workers in the industry. Many things and even the daily transactions of buying and paying for services are done through the Smartphone. Although, this field can be quite demanding, but the pay is really good and is regarded as one of the respected jobs in the country.
  10. Website developer: China is new to this field of work and needs the help of foreign experts to guide them through. The web developer has a flexible work schedule which can even be done from the comfort of the home without necessarily been in a visible office. This career path pays handsomely and the average income can increase depending on the employer or location.

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Pros and Cons of Working in China

There are many career options in China, but it is important that before you consider working in the country, it is better to familiarize yourself with the work rules and laws of the country relating to visas and employment in order to achieve a successful stay. Below are outlined some of the pros and cons of working in China.

Pros of living and working in China:

  • The cost of living in China is quite cheap, especially when you have a job that pays your rent or subsidize your living standard. The cost of housing and general living is very affordable no matter where you choose to live in the country.
  • China is also very safe to live as the crime rate is very low, so one can go about his or her business without the fear of getting attacked or killed.
  • The work environment is usually safe and secure and the public transportation is also affordable as there are trains and buses which are made comfortable and easy to access from anywhere in the country.

Cons of living and working in China:

  • There are some internet restrictions in china and this could be very difficult for foreigners to adjust to especially those coming from a country with easy and free access to the internet.
  • Language barrier can also be an upsetting issue for foreigners to adjust with, because one may have to learn a bit of Mandarin to be able to communicate at work and with locals around.
  • There are quite a few rules guiding foreigners from working the country and one may need to acquire a work visa and some of necessary documents before permission can be granted for work.

Going abroad can be quite challenging due to the new environment, the things to pack, how to behave when there, the rules to keep and so on. Just like every other part of the world, China has its rules and regulations which all abiding citizens must keep and this definitely includes foreigners as well. Taking up a career in China is quite easy because more jobs are made available each year in search of employees. Just endeavour to note some of the pros and cons of china and you would have a successful stay.