Top 10 Exciting Careers in Netherlands(Number 5 will shock you)

The Netherlands is located in the northwestern part of Europe and the country has exciting careers for its people. The country is known for its bustling and vibrant cities. There are many foreigners in this country, many of whom are there for their own private needs such as schooling, work, or just for tourism. The Netherlands has very admiring architectural structures which act as tourist attractions, large lakes, and also picturesque environments.

The Netherlands is one of the countries of the world with a very low unemployment rate and this endears the country to many ex-pats who want to start a career there. According to research, about 30% of free income taxes are available to people who want to move and work in the Netherlands. This tax allowance is for people with specific skills in the labour market. In this article, we have tried to unveil some of the exciting careers to take up as an ex-pat wanting to move to the Netherlands.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in the Netherlands

In order to pursue a career in the Netherlands, there needs to be a level of preparedness that will allow you to battle many circumstances with ease. To move to the Netherlands, there are varying requirements one needs to look over and take along and some of the other things to put into consideration are outlined below:

  1. Job availability: there are many satisfying jobs that one can take up in Netherlands, providing you are well equipped with the required skills for such job and also have the work permit which would be issued once on arrival into the country.
  2. Municipal registration: this is where you would need to register for your work and residential permit once in the country. The municipal you register in refers to the area where you would like to reside in or currently already have a place. In order to register, you would need a passport, birth certificate and a resident permit.
  3. Healthcare system: just as with the other western European countries, the Netherlands has one of the best health care systems. As you plan to move to the country, it is better to consider the type of health care insurance you may want to apply for whether private or government owned. Also the country has a code which can be dialed in the case of emergency that is, 112 and the country has well equipped hospitals with professionals.
  4. Accommodation: can be quite easy to get whether you need to buy or rent it. You can get any type of housing plan and wherever you want it, provided you already have your temporary residence permit and money to afford your expenses. To be able to get a mortgage, you need to have lived and be registered in the Netherlands for a long time.
  5. Work environment: since Netherlands is welcoming to foreigners, it therefore has a favorable work condition towards its employees. Not minding the type of job or work environment, the citizens of the country are quite friendly and accommodating even at work.

10 Exciting Careers to Pursue in the Netherlands

For those who may be considering a career switch or wanting to start one in a new country, the Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe where you can make your dreams come alive. Below are outlined a few of the prominent and exciting jobs for your perusal.

  1. Psychiatrist: are involved in the treatment and recovery of people with mental disorders or other psychiatric disorders. For one to be able to be a qualified psychiatrist, a six year degree must be obtained in medical school and then specialization. The average salary of a psychiatrist is estimated to be about $150, 000 per year. Although, the salary depends on if the psychiatrist owns a private practice or is employed in a medical institution.
  2. Law: involves the lawyer taking up cases or giving legal advices to its clients which could be an individual or a business. There are different area of specialization in law such as; criminal law, civil law and many more which  one can take up to earn money. Averagely lawyers are able to earn $100,000 per year and even more as it is a very well paid job.
  3. Dentist: another medical occupation which deals with treating of dentures of patients. Dentists are said to be able to earn good salaries of about $130,000 even in their first year of work as the career pays really well as compared to its other medical counterparts. A dentist can own his own private practice or work in a paid employment all which are dependent on the skills and work permit of the individual.
  4. ICT Manager: an ICT Manager can earn approximately $100,000 annually and his or her main duty involves, managing the employers working in the organization and also managing the information technology department of the organization. And ICT Manager needs to acquire a bachelor degree in information science and also have ready skills in data science and security engineer.
  5. Notary: a notary records agreements between individuals or companies which are made among them. A career in notary is related to law as it deals with the handling of official documents which must be notarized by a professional.  This career requires a master’s degree in Notary law and few years of understudy as an assistant notary with a professional in order to learn the ropes. A professional notary can earn an estimated salary of $120,000.
  6. Business economists: these are special analysts who work by researching and analyzing economic issues in order to address economic problems. Averagely, they earn about $80,108 annually. In order to start up this career in the Netherlands, an undergraduate degree in economics is needed or other business related studies.
  7. Pilots: work with airlines which are used to transport people and cargo from one destination to another. Pilots usually have a tasking job but can also be equally exciting as they are able to travel to many places due to the course of their job. To become a qualified pilot, a training or studies is needed in aviation after which a pilot is able to earn about $110,676 on an annually basis.
  8. Company directors: this not readily a career one can pick up but one needs to be appointed by a board of directors of a particular company. Why this makes it to our list of exciting careers is because, as a company director, you ensure the affairs of the company and objectives are well looked after and met. A company director can earn a whooping sum of $86,112 each year for not doing so much work. Although, not so much is needed for educational requirements, but a bachelor’s degree can make a very interesting change.
  9. Maritime captains: are in charge of the safety and delivery of merchant vessels, and to also make sure that the vessel complies with both local and international laws. A four year bachelor degree course needs to be completed and also a six month internship before one can enter into the profession of a maritime captain.  A Maritime captain can also get into the profession by taking up a two years training through the MBO; middelbaar beroepsonderwijs. They are said to earn $66,996 per year and this job is quite tasking but also fun as they get to visit many countries and states during the course of their career.
  10. Compliance officer: this career is usually common in the United States and may be referred to as a compliance manager. They work in financial institutions and large companies to prevent criminal offences of employees such as making use of the company intelligence to purchase shares and other stocks. This profession also has a bit of law in it since you would have to be familiar with the knowledge of laws and regulations of the company and criminal laws. A compliance officer can earn $114,000 annually.

Pros and Cons of Working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands boasts of tits proper work ethnicity which over time has been attested by many ex-pats who have moved to the country over the years. Should you also want to move to the Netherlands and you’re thinking of working and studying together, below are some of the pros and cons of working in the country as a foreigner.

Pros of living and working in the Netherlands:

  • The Dutch has a very good work life which is also healthy and there is no discrimination in the work place, everyone is well respected whether as a full time or part time worker.
  • Low rate of unemployment, which makes it easy for many expat to get a job which can help to cater for their needs and with time build up a career.
  • High level of security which makes the country rank with other top countries to experience a low crime rate and this allows foreigners to go about their daily jobs in peace without fear.

Cons of living and working in the Netherlands:

  • Not many professional work options are made available for non-EU expats in the country; because they make sure their citizens or people from other EU states have filled up certain positions before consideration is given to other third party countries.
  • One many have to learn the Dutch language in order to be able to communicate effectively. Not many employers speak English fluently and this could pose as a very tiring and challenging problem.

Once you have been able to secure a job or start up your chosen career in the Netherlands, it is important to make sure you adhere to the work rules and strive to get a permanent residence permit which you can start processing after staying for about five years in the country. Moving to the Netherlands can be very challenging at first but as has been explained by ex-pats now living in the country, the Netherlands is a good place to start up your career and earn a good income.