Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme 2021 for Content Creators

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Amplify HQ —a two-month creative intensive where Fellows are unleashed as world-class content creators and storytellers driving Africa’s narrative and original content and in a time of a pandemic.

When is the Application Deadline:

11th October 2021

Tell Me About Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme:

The HQ team is making a call for applications for Amplify HQ, a paid two-month creative Fellowship program for African storytellers and creators, with a lens focused on Africa’s narratives and stories coming from the pandemic. Amplify is a partnership of TheZVG and Mastercard Foundation, and Amplify HQ is the fourth iteration of the Fellowship program. The dates will be from October 15th thru December 15th, 2021.

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If you were asked what are the big news items in the world today, the pandemic would be number one. The pandemic has fundamentally shifted the world’s anchors, including the continent of Africa.

You want to know what else is a big news item? The creator economy. The pandemic has put the spotlight on the value and significance of the content creator, as the creatives and storytellers provided the entertainment and cultural relief that helped the world manage thru the uncertainty and extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic. This is a great time to be a content creator, storyteller, or fan of content, especially in Africa. The HQ team has a simple and clear mission: to tell Africa’s pandemic stories as no one else will, and can.  

You won’t find lengthy white papers, hard-to-read technical discussions, or a focus on the big headlines. HQ is about giving voice to the stories that highlight the resilience, tenacity, and perseverance of the African spirit even in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity.

This is why we are doing Amplify HQ. A two-month creative intensive where we unleash our Fellows as world-class content creators and storytellers driving the evolving African narrative and to produce original content and tell Africa’s stories in a time of a pandemic. We are excited to be partnering with MasterCard Foundation on this Amplify HQ program where 15-20 Fellows will be selected to receive training and mentoring in content creation and media, and have their work published on the

What Type of Scholarship is this?

Training, Contest

Who is Eligible for Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme?

We are looking for originals…applicants cut from that unique creative ilk that defines an amazing creative. We are not looking for ordinary people. Instead, we want content creators and storytellers that are non-conformists who are laser-focused on making the authentic yet fantastic stories that Africa deserves, stories that the world will use as the lenses with which the real Africa is viewed. We are looking for photographers, videographers, writers, animators, graphic artists, storytellers. We are looking for those hungry creatives that are ready to take their creative aspirations to the next level. We are looking for the creative who can tell an incredible story even on a tough topic such as the pandemic.

Amplify applicants should be open to challenging defaults, demonstrate resilience, and embody a multitude of viewpoints. Fellow characteristics we like include rigor, ownership, vision, grit, curiosity, and teamwork. In addition to tangible evidence of progress in their craft, every potential Amplify should be able to show their passion for their country and Africa.

  • Applicants preferably should reside on the continent. Applications from the diaspora will be accepted and considered.
  • Be able to show samples of your work, and have a visible presence on social media that displays your work on the web.
  • Applicants must commit to 6-8 hours every week to participate in Amplify activities. No exceptions will be made. Please do not apply if you can’t make this commitment.

If this is daunting to you, the best advice we can give is to decline to apply to Amplify.

How are Applicants Selected?

The Amplify HQ Fellows will be selected by the HQ crew. We select Fellows based on their creative pursuits so far, content creation aspirations, alignment with Amplify’s vision, and other factors. We are interested in the possible range and impact of the potential Fellow’s work, the diversity of their creative work, and the ability to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by Amplify.

Which Countries are Eligible?

African countries

Where will Award be Taken?


How Many Scholarships will be Given?


What is the Benefit of Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme?

Each Fellow will receive a $500 stipend each month.

How Long will the Program Last?

2 months

How to Apply for Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme:

So, here we go. You can go ahead and hit the Apply button. Or apply for Amplify here.

Visit Amplify HQ Creative Fellowship Programme Webpage for Details


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