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Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate

While real estate may involve dealing with housing and other land properties, there are many careers in this particular field. The real estate industry is fast becoming a career path for the future with many people investing in this business and as such creating a lot of job opportunities for many. For one to qualify to work in real estate, not so much higher educational qualification is required, but some may also request some certain form of education.

Aside from getting some form of educational requirements for obtaining a career in real estate, another important factor is getting the required license to be able to operate in this field. Coupled with the license required, there are also real estate laws that are made peculiar to different countries and states and so, it is of utmost importance to familiarize oneself with these laws before commencing the job.

Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate

Oftentimes, when people think of careers in real estate, jobs as a real estate agent, are envisioned to be the only job available. This is definitely false as there are many career fields in real estate which pays pretty well annually. Some of the jobs on real estate are based on commission from sales made and others have a fixed salary rate, whichever career you wish to take on, would definitely depend on your expertise and area of interest in the real estate industry.

Below are outlined some of the highest paying jobs in real estate.

  1. Property developer: this job allows the developer to purchase many properties which could be land, houses and so on and in turn retain them till when the value of the property increases over time. This job can be said to be one of the highest paying jobs in real estate with a lot of returns overtime. Averagely, property developers can make about $114,848 as profit after sales.
  2. Real estate agent: this is one of the common jobs in the real estate industry. The real estate agent is solely involved in the buying and selling of properties of its clients. Normally, the salary of the real estate agent is dependent on the number of properties sold or bought which is usually about 1% or 5% of the total cost. The average annual income of these professionals is placed around $40,772 to $53,087 which could be more depending on the market and sales generally.
  3. Real estate appraiser: this can also be known as a property valuer and is in charge of making researches about a particular property and giving an estimated amount of money the property is worth. Most of these real estate appraisers are employed by a real estate company, banks and other private firms for their services. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics in 2019, a real estate appraiser was stated to make about $57,000 as annual salary.
  4. Zoning manager: A zoning manager is required to enforce and review the local zoning laws on property which could be commercial or residential. Zoning managers can be employed by the government or company. In the case of the company, the job description of the zoning manger is targeted solely on ensuring the company’s activities on properties do not go against the zoning laws of the country or city. Averagely, zoning managers are paid $99,963 to $125,007 annually.
  5. Lease manager: this person usually is employed to assist a company or property owner in managing their properties. The lease manager oversees the documents, expenses, budget, compliance and other forms of paper work related to such properties. In 2019, Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that lease managers are paid on an average about $58,760 which could definitely go higher depending on the market and property value.
  6. Real estate broker: this job is often confused with the real estate agent who is quite different. A real estate broker is more professional and requires the license to work as one. A real estate broker is capable of owning a brokerage firm which in turn employs many real estate agents to work under it. A real estate broker is usually placed on a six figure annual salary and is paid about $38,170 and $196,775.
  7. Foreclosure specialist: The foreclosure professional is usually employed by big corporations such as the banks to assist in documentation of houses which needs to be foreclosed. The foreclosure specialist is also involved in reviewing the client’s financial statement and endeavors to suggest means of how the house can be resold at a greater value. The annual salary of a foreclosure specialist ranges between $36,206 and $51,580.
  8. Real estate attorney or lawyer: this is another great career in real estate and this person would be involved in advocating for tenant rights, provide law consul or advice to clients on purchasing any real estate property and so on. The standard salary range of the real estate attorney is approximately $127,877 to $162,518 annually.
  9. Marketing managers: just as any marketing job entails the search of potential buyers, so also is the job description of the real estate marketing managers. This person focuses on promoting and running campaigns which ends up been profitable to potential buyers of properties in which he or she is placed in charge. Approximately, marketing managers earn about $115,000 in annual income.
  10. Property investor: a good amount of income can be made from investing provided the investor is familiar with the ropes and knowledge of real estate and how to invest in properties. A property investor often acquires many properties which in turn is sold at a higher monetary value or rented out to tenants for a long term. Property investors can make a decent income of about $85,000 and more.
  11. Builder: these set of professionals are very important in the real estate industry. The builders are estimated to earn on an average about $115,000 or more depending on the level of experience over the years. A builder could work in construction, project maintenance, management and so on. The builder’s job encompasses all forms of property building and maintenance.
  12. Property analyst: This job is considered one of the highest paying jobs because it earns about $95,634 annually. The job description of a property analyst is focused on providing financial analysis, acquisition and marketing on leasing a property. Their professional advice is well sought after by big firms and companies who are trying to make sure their properties are intact and stable.
  13. Commercial leasing manager: this individual is said to have a watchful eyes which is used to understand and notice the market change which could in turn be effective for the property owner. A leasing manager is often found in an office space or store front from where he or she is able to determine changes in market trend. This person is said to earn approximately between $63,231 and $98,081.
  14. Leasing consultant: this person main duty is to make sure there are tenants in the building all the time, from making promotional awareness to staying up to date with some of the latest real estate market trends. The leasing consultant is a lucrative job which could also take up most of your time. Depending on the company and sales generally, a leasing consultant can earn between $27,226 and $33,442.
  15. Home inspector: for a home inspector, the salary is not quite much as others in this field, but it could also provide basic income and it is mostly used as a part time job. The job description of a home inspector is centered on reviewing and recommending the property by writing reports which may also include evaluation. To be a home inspector, there is no need of obtaining a license to operate; all that is required is to know the basics of the property structure as the report is based on that alone.

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How to Get Started in Real Estate

There are guidelines that one must follow to achieve success in every field, among such guidelines are the following four steps that would help you on your real estate journey. Read on!

  1. Familiarize with the licensing rules

    You need to get familiarized with the licensing rules of the particular state or city you wish to start your career in real estate. There are of course some of the careers in real estate which do not need a license and so it is important too, first of all, to understand the type of job which you want to undertake before commencing any.

  2. Pass a licensing exam

    If your career path needs a license, get one by passing the license exam in your state or at the federal level. After successful completion of the license exam and you are ready to work
    This will also help you Start a Career in Real Estate

  3. Familiarize with the state laws

    it is important to familiarize oneself with the state laws since the laws are unique and vary from one state or region to another.

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In conclusion, real estate is a very lucrative career that allows people to make a decent living out of it. Real estate is not basically the only job opportunity in the real estate industry but the list goes on. The income is again dependant on the level of experience and expertise in the field. Above all, real estate is certainly a career path of the future.

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