Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Italy

With the current global economy, sometimes, it is difficult for graduates to get a job as soon as they are out of school. This is why one needs to be very strategic with the courses he or she offers so as not to get frustrated after graduation while waiting for a job that may not come quickly.

There are certain degree programmes that would guarantee excellent chances of getting the best job roles upon graduation. For instance, data gathered by Alma Laurea, an inter-university consortium that is known for gathering statistics on universities since 1994, showed that medicine graduates have the highest chances of landing a job within five years of graduation, with a 93.9% employment rate. This was followed by engineering, with 93.6%. The IT, as an engineering branch, has a 95.7% graduate employment rate when compared to other engineering branches.

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The next discipline on the rank is quite surprising and that is economics. Its employment rate is 89.3%, beating biology (88.4%) and pharmaceutical chemistry (85.8%).

Generally, science-related programmes have higher chances than the humanities. Degrees like psychology, do not offer great prospects after graduation because fewer than 79% of the graduates found jobs with, perhaps, less monthly payment. Studying law could even be worse, despite the huge workload, internships and state examinations required for students to graduate in this discipline, the employment rate is still not higher than 76%. However, literature could be seen as the one at the tail end.

Generally, getting a job despite your field of study may not be difficult for you, but it does not mean that it is a very easy thing to come by. Let’s take a look at the job market in Italy.

What’s the Nature of the Job Market In Italy?

The economy of Italy took a nosedive after the major financial crisis rocked the country. Today, the country is still suffering from the aftermath of the financial crisis. The employment sector was not left out of the whole game as a lot of Italian graduates have had to leave the country to work elsewhere.

Cheer up; it is not all bad news! If you are skilled in certain fields, you could stand a great chance of getting exactly your dream job. Fluency in Italian language will also give you a competitive advantage over your mates. And thanks to your international background, you will not have any regrets.

The areas that are mostly in demand for international graduates in Italy include tourism, engineering, manufacturing, fashion, winery and motor vehicle. There are also major companies like Pirelli, Fiat, Eni, Enel, Luxottica Group, UniCredit and Generali Group; they are often on the lookout for skilled international graduates.

Worthy of note is the fact that you need to ensure that your qualification is recognized in Italy. But if you are a graduate from an Italian university or a university located in the EU/EEA, that does not pose a threat to you as degrees from EU institutions have transferable skills. You could seek advice from your university’s international office to know if your degree is qualified before relocating to work permanently in Italy.

Tips to Enable You Get a Job in Italy

To get a job in Italy, the following tips will be valuable:

  • Apply as early as possible. Make sure you apply early because you have a lot of people to compete with over a few job positions.
  • Take a course in the Italian language.  Having a good command of the Italian language will be an added advantage to you when seeking a job in the country. This will help you to build relationships with colleagues, and other relevant people during your stay in the country.
  • Apply to jobs in multinationals. Most opportunities in Italy are often with multinational companies. Most international graduates have been able to get better offers here.
  • Network in all opportunities. Try to build personal contacts with people as this will help you to meet those on whose shoulders lay your chances of getting good job prospects in the country.
  • Do a proper research. Research for organisations that have opportunities for your skills or related skills will be a great point to start with.

10 Degrees That Guarantee you a Job in Italy

  1. Fashion Styling and Communication

This is a three-year programme that prepares students to work in different positions, ranging from creative fields to business and corporate environments in the field of image and fashion communication. As a professional in this field, you can also work in public relations and press offices, while dealing with press campaigns conferences, advertising, events, exhibitions and shows, public announcement, and areas related to style, luxury, fashion, and branding. Once you graduate from the programme, you are fully equipped to enter the industry in grand style, while showcasing your professional skills with grace.

Career prospects in fashion styling and communication include communication manager, fashion editor, editorial style, celebrity style, fashion show style, fashion show director, public relations manager, image consultant, personal shopper, event manager and research consultant. You could also get internship opportunities upon graduation in order to be able to demonstrate your skills better and be ready to enter the employment world.

  1. Business Administration and Management

A degree in business administration will prepare you for an opportunity in administration, business management, organization and staff management, and also the marketing and financial sector. You are also exposed to international opportunities as you will meet students from all over the world with different ideas and mindsets.

A professional internship is added to the programme to help you become solidly grounded in the field. The internship can be offered in Italy or abroad. As a graduate, you are equipped to be employed as a manager or consultant in business, insurance, or industrial firms globally.

  1. Tourism Management

The programme is taught with the mindset of what is obtainable in the tourism market, together with its future trends. The tourism industry is one of the most important industries in the whole world is constantly increasing and developing. The number of travelers worldwide was 1.4 billion in 2019, as recorded by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation), making it an industry with a lot of untapped potentials. Italy is one of the countries that are immensely benefitting from tourism, evidence showing in its 15% contribution to the national GDP.

The tourism market combines both international and global trends and is closely connected to the areas like event management, hotel and restaurant sectors of the economy.

  1. Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence is a degree programme that covers every important and trending area. It prepares the professionals with rock-solid competence and skills in applied computer science and helps them to build a very strong knowledge of foundations and applications of artificial intelligence. Courses offered range from programming to algorithms, to artificial intelligence and machine learning, while students are trained to implement capabilities on realistic problems. More so, state-of-the-art tools, IDEs ad SDKs are used to impart the students as they are taken through different ranges of seminars held by academia and company experts, in order to be able to apply real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Taking the programme to the master’s degree level will help you to be properly grounded in the field.

  1. Italian Studies

Having a degree in Italian studies could help you to have a broader knowledge of literature, culture, society and politics while developing fluency in the Italian language. You will be exposed to many fields of studies and ways to approach intellectual problems that are related to Italy.

As a major in the Italian language, you will be able to develop strong skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication and intercultural skills that are essential in succeeding in the job market. You will also have hands-on training in translation and interpretation while being exposed to the Italian business world.

  1. Graphic Design

A degree in graphic design focuses on training visual communication professionals. As a graphic designer, you will be able to work on complex communication systems, through different media. Having the knowledge of advanced software editing, professional printing, and production methods will enable you to operate in graphic design studios. As a graphic designer, you will be able to navigate other fields like product design, communication, fashion and photography, in addition to publishing companies, web, advertising agencies, corporate communication and television production. You can also take advantage of the ever-growing social media to advance your career.

  1. Bioinformatics

This is a well-grounded discipline in both the national and international market, having been universally recognized. Bioinformatics is developed from the sequencing of the genomes of model organisms, and the human genome in the 90’s. Today, it is one of the courses in basic research in genetics, biochemistry, biomedical, and molecular biology. It also closes the gap between biologists / medical experts and data analysis.

  1. Sustainable Engineering

A degree in sustainable engineering enables students to get familiar with the knowledge and skills to ensure a sustainable future for both existing structures and designs and future trends. Building a sustainable society is still a top global issue in our time. The programme is taught to update traditional, global and Italian civil and architectural engineering skills with a strong emphasis on sustainable development. You are also provided with the ability to design, plan and manage solutions for various simple and complex conditions in terms of sustainable architecture and environment. You will be able to use sustained and recyclable materials, minimize waste flows and avoid damage to the urban and natural environments.

  1. Psychological Science

A degree in Psychological Science discloses the secrets of the human mind by allowing you to experience a global learning experience in Italy. Topics in this field include psychometrics, clinical psychology as well as general and biological psychology.

Upon graduation, you will be able to work in both private and public organizations with regards to psychology, research and educational institutions, organizations that deal with the management of migration flow, inclusiveness and human rights.

  1. Data Analytics

A degree in Data Analytics will prepare you for a career in data science. Skills you will need to successfully navigate the field will be taught to you. Data analysis with powerful tools like Python, R, SAS and SQL will be your major focus. There is a high demand for data analysts both in Italy and worldwide as data analytics is rapidly becoming one of the top priorities of most organizations.

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Working in Italy is quite possible, all you need is to get yourself equipped with relevant skills and experiences that would make you to stand out in your chosen career. There are numerous programmes that you can study to give you an edge in the competitive job market. Do not forget that while you go for degrees that would guarantee you easy jobs, it is also important to put passion and interest into consideration so as not to get frustrated along the line.