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Study and Work in Malaysia – All You Need to Know

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with its capital been Kuala Lumpur. The country is known as the 43rd most populous country in the world with over 32 million people. Although, Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country and also the largest city in which the seat of the monarch of the country is seated, the federal government seat of power is in another city known as Putrajaya, where the prime minister resides. The country’s national language is Malay, but it also recognizes and accepts English language as a second language and so the two main languages spoken by the Malaysians are; Malay and English.

To study in Malaysia, international students are required or permitted to study full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degrees and courses to be able to work in the country. To be allowed to work in the country as an international student, you must obtain a work permit from the ministry of labor in the country or contact your host institution to help in providing the necessary steps to obtaining a work permit in the country. International students who are caught working while on school term maybe ate the verge of having their student visa revoked and they may be sent back to their country.

It is also worthy of note that, international students are required to undergo some medical tests and some of these tests are; blood and urine tests, chest x-ray examinations,s and general health examinations of the body by a qualified doctor. With the medical test conducted, the international student can now gain full entry into the country.

Cost of Living and Studying in Malaysia

Studying and living in Malaysia can be said to be on an average cost rate for international students when compared to the living expenses of another study abroad options like America, England, Australia and others. Since Malaysia has both public and private universities, therefore the tuition fees would vary depending on what choice of universities you chose to attend and the course of study. On an average scale, an international student can be expected to pay about MYR 7,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree and MYR 11,000 per year for a Master’s degree. Although, variations can also occur in the tuition cost based on the course applied for.

For other living expenses such as; food, accommodation, travel and books. an international student can budget between MYR 10,000 and MYR 15,000 each year. Big cities like the country’s capital; Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya will require high living expenses as compared to the other rural areas of the country. Some of the means of transportation in the country are train, bus or taxis. Malaysian universities offer accommodation on-campus to students but space may not always be enough to go round for everyone, students can also get shared accommodation off-campus but depending on the desired amenities or city, the accommodation may be expensive.

International students are not allowed to work while the school is in session and this means that you need to have enough funds to be able to take care of yourself while you study in the country. International students are only permitted to work when there is a semester break or summer holidays for a period of 20 hours per week during holidays. Some Malaysian universities offer scholarship aid to international students; you can check your host institution to see the guidelines to follow.

Necessary Steps to Work and Study in Malaysia

As an international student, before you can work and study in Malaysia, there are certain guidelines in which you need to follow. It is also worthy of note that, the Malaysian government does not allow international students to work without obtaining a work permit and they are allowed to work only 20 hours when on semester breaks. This means, when on school term or session, you cannot work and study, it is against the country’s law and any student found floating this law may have his or her student visa revoked. Below are some laid out guidelines which you have to follow as you may consider working while you studying in Malaysia.

  • You must have a valid Student visa or student pass, as it is referred to in Malaysia, and this would gain you entry into the country. This student visa or pass must be applied for from your home country before coming into Malaysia, students can ask for the help of their host institution to hasten the process of them obtaining the student visa.
  • In Malaysia, international students are permitted to only work part-time during semester breaks or summer holidays and so you will need to seek permission to work part-time through your hosting Malaysian university by getting a work permit.
  • An offer letter is required from your proposed place of work before you can be given a work permit. You would also need to come along with your international passport.
  • The international students can only work in selected places which will be made known to the student, some of the accepted places include; restaurants, hotels, mini markets and petrol kiosk, any other place is considered a violation of rules and you any have your student pass revoked.
  • Also, students are only permitted to work 20 hours per week on a part-time basis and when caught working more than that duration of time or having two jobs it may also lead to having your student visa or student pass revoked.

Requirements for International Student Application Into Malaysia

As an international student who wants to study in Malaysia, there are some necessary steps to take and one of the important ones is obtaining a student visa into the country. In Malaysia, the student visa is normally referred to as a student pass which you can apply for online before your arrival in the country. For some, the host institution may apply for the student to pass on behalf of the student once the offer to study in that institution has been accepted by the student. The student pass is only valid for a year after which you will need to renew it every year if your course or degree of study is for more than one year. Some of the basic requirements needed for a student pass in Malaysia are outlined below;

  • A copy of the student international passport
  • A copy of the host university offer letter
  • Student passport sized photographs
  • Student academic transcript and certificates for postgraduate studies or copies of elementary studies certificate recognized by the Malaysian educational system for undergraduate studies
  • Pre-medical examination report of the student, outlining the details of the test
  • Proof of health insurance policy
  • Proof of sufficient funds to put you through your stay in the country such as living expenses and tuition

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying in Malaysia as a Foreign Student

Malaysia is one of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia which comprises a vibrant atmosphere with good culture, food, and economy. As an aspiring international student who wants to obtain a degree in any Malaysian universities, below are discussed some of the top reasons why you are likely making a good choice.

  1. A multicultural country: Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with different tourist destinations that welcomes and allows international students and other foreigners to come into the country and enjoy the environment. The capital of the country, Kuala Lumpur is said to have some of the greatest architecture in the world, as the city boasts great tall buildings which are said to be the most spectacular in the world. Malaysia is a nature-friendly environment with its warm sandy beaches, rugged mountains, humid mangroves and so on which international students can enjoy and explore during their stay in the country.
  2. No language barrier: although Malay is the official language in Malaysia, most of its citizens understand the English language and that is used as a form of communication in its institutions for studying.
  3. Low cost of living: in Malaysia, the cost of living is relatively cheap, and most foreign students can cope with spending averagely about 1100 MYR on food, accommodation, and transportation each month.
  4. Good universities: still trying to be on the level with some well-known and world-class institutions around the world, Malaysian universities are thriving and are also making a mark with their wide range of degrees and courses to choose to study. The country’s institutions are equipped to a reasonable level and this definitely makes some of its universities come to the world ranked universities.
  5. Peaceful environment: Malaysia boasts of a very peaceful environment that is at the same time welcoming to foreign students who want to study in the country. The locals are friendly and do not discriminate between foreigners. Malaysia has been peaceful makes it one of the eligible countries of the world where students from different parts of the world can study.

Malaysia is one of the good studies abroad options for international students, with its vast culture and student-friendly environment, Malaysia accepts and welcomes students from all around the world. Although Islam is the major religion of the country, it does not restrict other religious gatherings and so it makes it easy for international students to find where they belong religiously. Malaysia does not support international students working while they study only part time jobs on school breaks because this may be a form of distraction to their studies and so before entering into the country, it is mandatory for students to have a confirmed source of funds which will take them throughout their stay in the country. Malaysia is a great place where you can study for your degree with the availability of low tuition fees and a vibrant culture that you can explore and enjoy.

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