10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Japan

10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Japan: Japan is one of the countries located in East Asia with Tokyo been the country’s capital and the largest city. The other well-known cities in the country include; Yokohama, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka and Kyoto.

The national language spoken in Japan is the Japanese language and the currency is the Japanese yen (JPY). The country’s culture has its roots in Asia, Europe and North America and so experiences a vast range of different cultures which is for the benefit of its visitors. Japan also has a lot of cuisines with Japanese rice, seafood, and noodles been the traditional staple foods of the Japanese people.

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Japan is the 11th largest and most populous country in the world with its economy ranking 3rd overall as well in the world. Japan’s educational system is one of the best presently and the country is putting all it can on the continuous development of higher education in the country to attract more international students since it’s one of the main points of economic growth in the country. The government of Japan has realized that the cost of living and study in Japan may be one of the major setbacks of international students coming into Japan universities has then made available various scholarships and support programs to help international students with their expenses. Most of these scholarships are available through the Ministry of education, culture, science and technology and also the ministry of sports and Japan student services organization (JASSO). Japan has about 780 universities of which 80% are mostly private and there are also vocational institutions that offer different types of degrees.

Studying and Living in Japan as an International Student

Tuition fees in Japan are varied depending on the type of university you are given admission to. International students are allowed to pay a lesser tuition fee in government-owned institutions and much more for private universities. Also depending on the course of study or the degree whether bachelor, masters and other postgraduate degrees, you may be required to pay more tuition fees.

Aside from the cost of tuition fees, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses in which an international student would be challenged. In Japan, there are different modes of accommodation which include; university dormitories, guesthouses and private rents. Students choose to share rented apartments to be able to share the payments as well. On average, international students are expected to spend about $578 on a monthly basis.

For transportation, students may make use of the train or buses and spend about $48 monthly on transportation. Other living expenses which students can be expected to spend money on a monthly range include; food, books, phone bills, entertainment amongst others.

Japan allows its students to work while they study to support their living expenses. Students can work for up to 28 hours per week during semester breaks from school and there are literally no restrictions on where the students are permitted to work.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Japan

As an international student who wants to study abroad and is seeking study destinations, choosing Japan is a good place to study. With the country’s high economy and technology, it allows for students from all around the world to come and experience the country’s culture and quality education. The Japanese people are also very friendly and there are a lot of delicious foods and above all, the country is very safe for international students to study.  Below are listed some of the top reasons why you should consider studying in Japan.

  1. Scholarship and support programs: the Japanese government and its institutions offer many scholarship opportunities and also other support programs to help its students and also international students to either support in their cost of living or on tuition waiver. These support programs are sometimes awarded by the ministry of education, culture, and or sports. Scholarships are usually awarded based on the merit or financial needs of the students and before an international student can qualify for the scholarship in Japan, you must have been studying a degree or courses for more than 12 months. Other necessary criteria can be obtained from the institution’s student centers.
  2. Affordable cost of living: the general cost of living in Japan is relatively low when compared to other parts of the world. International students studying in Japan are also allowed to work part-time to support their living expenses and also tuition fee payment. There is no restriction on what kind of jobs the students are permitted to take on and this also allows them to gain work experiences needed for the future too.
  3. Safe country: studying in a safe environment enhance the learning ability of a student, therefore studying in Japan is considered safe and it is also very clean and hygienic. The locals take it upon them to always make sure their environment is very clean and hygienic. The crime rate in this country is also very low and as such is categorized as one of the safest study destinations among international students.
  4. Rich culture: the Japanese culture is very unique and rich in its diversity and so international students have the privilege of experiences a rich culture while they study in the country. There are so many things to experience in Japan from traditional arts to fashion, crafts, and sports as well. As you stay in the country, you can also learn the Japanese language, although it may be very tough to learn once you can grasp this language, it creates a friendlier atmosphere between you and the locals and also in the job market.
  5. Quality education: the quality of education in Japan is very high and it is home to some of the notable successful people from all around the world. With its well-equipped technology universities, Japan offers world-class education on a great platter to its students. In Japanese universities, there is a wide range of courses to choose from although, they are well-known for business and technology-related courses but arts, design, cultural studies are also not scarce as courses that can be studied in Japan.
  6. Welcoming locals: the Japanese people are very welcoming to foreigners and international students as well and since Japan’s education is one of the means of economic growth for the country, the locals are then open and used to having a lot of foreigners around them. There are also lots of amazing and affordable foods to eat while in Japan, from seafood, street fried foods like; takoyaki, yakiniku, veggies, tasty tofu, and lots more. You can also get cheap foods from the convenience stores and they are always student budget-friendly.
  7. Variety of courses to choose from: with over 800 universities in Japan with more privately operated universities than public, also other institutions for vocational programs are available. There are also vocational programs which you can choose to study and earn a degree at the end of your study. The Japanese universities offer bachelor’s degrees, masters, and also postgraduate degrees with a wide range of courses to choose from as you please.
  8. Good economy: with Japan standing as the world 3rd largest economy, and 3rd largest automobile manufacturers, the country’s economy is very strong and highly developed which allows for foreigners to come and experience, it is also a good choice of study abroad for international students since they can stay back and work in the country after the completion of their studies. Also, as the country is bilingual, meaning they speak both their national language; Japanese and English, there is always a high demand for teachers who may be native English speakers to work part-time and help to teach their young ones and adults to learn English language.
  9. Explore wonderful nature: students who study in Japan are allowed to explore and experience the different wonderful nature and four seasons of the country. There is also a wide variety of food and cuisines to enjoy while you study in Japan as an international student. Holidays and festivals are held in high esteem in the country and students are also not left out of the enjoyment and amazing experience.
  10. Accessible medical treatment: although international students would have to take on health insurance policies while they study in Japan but the medical treatments are made very accessible to the students and only 30% of the full payments of medical cost are the students oblige to pay. The Japanese people do not play with their health sector and so put in much effort and money into making it one of the best around the world. International students are also allowed to benefit from this great health sector even though, insurance is needed to be taken before your study in the country commences.

Japan with its unique and diverse culture, allows international students from all around the world to come and enjoy its high-quality educational system. The country is fast becoming one of the studies abroad destinations where students rush to get accepted into any of its institutions for either undergraduate or postgraduate studies. Japan is very welcoming and is also ranked as a very safe place for students to study with a low crime rate. To be able to study and live in Japan as an international student, you would need to get a residence permit which would be stamped and you need to carry it around you to avoid paying penalty fees. Above all, Japan is one of the best study abroad destinations for international students.