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Top 10 Foreign Universities Nigerian Politician’s Children Attend

Chances are you’ve heard Nigerian politicians send their children to study abroad, while they neglect the country’s education system to continually deteriorate over the years. It is quite unfortunate, but Nigeria is probably stuck with this dilemma for years to come.

In this article, we examine the top universities that the children of these politicians prefer to attend. Nigerian students attend school in almost every developed nation. However, a great majority of them favour Europe – particularly the U.K. Maybe because Nigeria was colonized, and probably is still being colonized by Britain.

University of Dundee

The University of Dundee is one of the UK’s best-known public universities and was established in 1881. It has been offering an outstanding education for over 400 years. Today, it offers a range of degrees and bachelors programs that allow students to further their career with a well-respected degree.

Students are offered a variety of degrees at the University of Dundee. These include business and commerce, engineering, humanities, arts, communications, medicine, law, medicine, psychology, veterinary science, pharmacy, veterinary science, zoology, education, communications, psychology, criminal justice, economics, history, languages, art and music, veterinary sciences, government, environmental health, health and social care, law and society, mathematics, sciences, mathematics, business administration, nursing, communication arts, music and culture, computer science, religious studies, law and theology, geography, agriculture, mathematics, graphic design, music, and social sciences. With such a wide selection of courses, the student should be able to find something that interests them.

The University of Dundee, based in Dundee is a very unique university with a mission to educate and train the future leaders of tomorrow. The mission statement has now become an integrated part of the University’s website. It states that the university is committed to the success of students and staff members and that the University’s success lies in its ability to help students take part in the global education network.

The university offers many full-time employment opportunities to those who are professionals and are interested in learning more about their field. This would include business managers, teachers, students, and any other professionals that might be looking for a good career change. There are a number of different academic programs offered at this university and all of them are set up so that the student can access knowledge from all over the world. This degree offers several levels of study, some of which are easy to pursue while others are quite advanced.

The University of Dundee is a prominent institution in Scotland with a close tie to the country’s arts and culture. This school has one of the most distinguished professors with a reputation for innovative teaching, and its alumni have been awarded a number of highly prestigious prizes. It has a well-rounded curriculum that is offered in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees as well as Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Education (MEd) programs. All of these are designed to enable students to develop their talents in different fields of study.

The University of Dundee is home to over two hundred world-class academic staff. It offers a wide variety of programs of study that are designed to provide students with a broad and precise knowledge base. Programs include a wide range of degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Mathematics, and Philosophy. These degree programs also include a wide variety of full-time and part-time classes, including subjects such as Art History, Chinese, Business, English, Food & Nutrition, French, German, History, Literature, Spanish, and Yoga. There are also many part-time classes and specializations available as well.

The University of Dundee has a strong financial aid program for low-income students that provide some form of assistance to those in need of financial aid. They offer financial aid through a variety of sources and have many students applying for aid.

Students can apply for financial aid by visiting the financial aid website. They are provided forms to fill out online and submit for consideration. If students qualify for financial aid, they should check to see if they meet any of the specific eligibility requirements. They have Scholarships for Underprivileged Students and Scholarships for Outstanding Undergraduate Students. There are also Scholarships for Underrepresented Students. They provide specific means by which low-income students can access funding for college tuition, room and board, and books.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the top five universities in Scotland. It is actually one of the leading centres for teaching, research and learning in the whole of the United Kingdom. The University of Glasgow offers many prestigious degrees including Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Medicine, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Engineering, and Bachelors in Law. While studying at the University of Glasgow, students are given the chance to experience the beauty of the Scottish countryside as well as the university’s inspiring campus.

The University has a high number of international students, including the children of Nigerian politicians, and students from all over the world. This is due to the fact that the University of Glasgow is the home of many colleges and have established their own impressive reputation and are able to provide students with an outstanding education. Several programs can be found at the University of Glasgow.

With a broad range of programs offered by the University of Glasgow, it is actually very easy to see how the university has managed to maintain a very high acceptance rate due to its capacity. In fact, the University of Glasgow’s acceptance rate for their international students is around 80 percent. However, the university does not only rely on its international student population.

While the statistics do prove that the University of Glasgow is able to maintain a very high acceptance rate for international students, there are still those that think that the university does not have much to offer its international students. In fact, some people even think that the University of Glasgow is not worth attending because of the high student dropout rate.

These criticisms are the result of the fact that the University of Glasgow has a very high percentage of the student population coming from other countries. These students may have weak education backgrounds that prevent them from performing well in their fields.

In addition to being so easily accessible, the University of Glasgow is able to offer a high percentage of students easy access to accommodation. Many students can stay on campus to cut down on the cost of transportation. The University of Glasgow also has a nice selection of off-campus accommodation, both for students and for faculty members.

University of Hertfordshire

This is a public university located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, but it is based largely in Hatfield. Hatfield Technical College, the antecedent of this university, was founded in 1948 and was recognized as one of the 25 Colleges of Technology in the U.K in 1959. Also, Hatfield Polytechnic was granted university status by the U.K government in 1992 and was later renamed as the University of Hertfordshire, making it one of the post-1992 universities.

The two main campuses of the university are located in college Lane and Haviland. The university accommodates over 25000 students with more than 5000 students coming from over 100 countries around the world, and the university has global alumni of more than 1600 making it one of the largest universities in Britain with as many as 2700 staff.  the university has a turnover well above 235 million euros.

the University of Hertfordshire comprises of 11 schools including Hertfordshire Business School, computer science, Engineering and Technology, creative arts, education, health and social work, humanities, Hertfordshire Law School, live and medical sciences, physics, astronomy and mathematics, and Hertfordshire higher education Consortium. The School of Pharmacy has been granted accreditation by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

the University of Hertfordshire was ranked by the times higher education world young University in 2012 between 101 to 150. times higher education in 2010 also awarded the University of Hertfordshire the Entrepreneurial University of the year.

University of Salford

The University of Salford is one of Britain’s most prominent public universities situated in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. It is located one mile west of Manchester city centre. It started as the Royal Technical Institute, Salford, which opened in 1896. It became a College of Advanced Technology in 1956 and was granted university status after the Robbins Report into higher education, in 1967. It accommodates some 20,815 students and seats on 160 acres of parkland on the banks of the River Irwell.

The university has a very Green campus close to Manchester but a lot cheaper than housing in Manchester. Salford Crescent railway is just adjusting to the campus and there’s a high frequency of bus services to Manchester Stanford Bolton and Liverpool. some of the university facilities are located just within a mile of the main campus, like the Frederick Road and Adelphi campuses.  a majority of the university’s administration buildings are located along Salford Crescent opposite the Peel compass.

 the Salford Museum and art gallery is known to be the first public library that is unconditionally for free.

 the University of Stalford opened a learning teaching and research spares in October 2010 at the Media City UK. more than 1500 students have the privilege to work alongside professionals using the latest industry tools, Studios and Laboratories. there are some 39 undergraduate and postgraduate programs available 2 students from all over the world.

Prince Philip established the university’s library in 1971 and he was the then chancellor of the university. In 1984 the library was renamed Clifford Whitworth library.  to the left of the building was added a two Storey extension in the 90s and was further extended in the 2000s  into the top floor of Lady Hale building through a link Bridge.  the library again so a major refurbishment between 2016 to 2018 that cost some 6.2 million euros.

the university has some research facilities located in the universities prosthetics and orthotics division of its school of health,  sports and rehabilitation sciences. the research and development centre is called the united national Institute for prosthetics and orthotics development. a second research centre is the KidsCan children’s cancer research centre. It is belt in the university’s John Armstrong Welch Laboratories at the Centre for Biochemistry Drug Design and Cancer Research. This research and development Center was founded in 2002 in order to develop medications with minimal side effects for children and young adults.

Robert Gordon University

 Robert Gordon University is located in the city of Aberdeen Scotland. it was originally founded from an educational institution in the 18th century which was started by Robert Gordon. Robert Gordon was a prosperous merchant in Aberdeen.  it became a university in 1992 and it is one of the only two universities in the city. It is a campus university with a single campus located in Aberdeen at Garthdee. 

There are the degree programs available in a wide range of fields including a bachelor of science bachelor of education PhD. the courses offered are primarily in professional technical health and artistic disciplines with a greater orientation towards business and industrial applications. there are also a number of traditional academic degrees such as in the social sciences.  the academic and research staff of the university produce research in a number of areas consistently. 

The accommodation services of this university provide students with a place in one of nine halls of residence across the city. the Woolmanhill Flats at Saint Andrew Street is the largest by far of all residence halls.it has over 700 bedrooms arranged in self-catering flats of up to eight.  it was established in the 1980s  and early 90s. But the newest Hall of Residence,  Crathie Student Village, located on Holburn Street, has approximately 100 rooms. Students also leave in private halls of residence in Aberdeen which are managed on Commercial basis by specialist companies.

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University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is one of the most popular universities in England and among the top universities favourite by the children of Nigerian politicians. from 1969 to 1992, it was known as Portsmouth Polytechnic. In 1992 it was granted university status through the further and Higher Education Act of the same year. This university ranked among the top 100 universities under 50 in the world.

 the university offers a wide range of courses for both domestic and international students at different levels of study.  some disciplines include pharmacy international relations and politics mechanical engineering palaeontology criminology criminal justice English social work and courses related to graphic design and fashion textile.  they are also physics courses dentistry nursing and many more. 

The sports science of this university was ranked number one in the guardian university guide 2018. other courses like criminology English social work graphic design fashion and textile we are all ranked among the top 10 across all universities in England. 89% of research at this university is conducted in physics and 90% is conducted in allied health professions including dentistry nursing and pharmacy. its research in the allied health profession has been rated as world-class in the most recent Research Excellence Framework.

The University of Portsmouth is a member of the university alliance and the Channel Islands University Consortium.  the city where the University of Portsmouth is located was named the most affordable city in the UK in 2016.

more than 60% of research submitted by the University of Portsmouth was rated world-class and internationally excellent particularly into subject areas including the allied health profession dentistry nursing and pharmacy full stop in physics some 90 and 89% of all research submitted was also rated world-leading with international excellence.

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is also a public university located in Leeds West Yorkshire England it was formerly known as the Yorkshire College of Science and was founded in 1874. in 1884 the Yorkshire College of science merged with Leeds school of medicine which itself was established in 1831 and it was renamed Yorkshire College. in 1887 it became part of the federal Victoria University. and finally, in 1904 a royal charter was granted to the University of Leeds by King Edward VII. 

The University of Leeds war ranked among the top 10 universities in the U.K between 2017 t0 2018, and also ranked 14th by the Guardian. It was also ranked the 31st best university in Europe, 93rd in the QS World University Rankings for 2019. It is among the top 20 universities in the world for graduate employability and the fifth most targeted university in England. It also took the 3rd position in the U.K for research power in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

The University of Leeds is the fifth-largest in England, with 36,250 students. It had an income of about 700 million euros in 2018, making it among the top British universities by a financial endowment.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is one of the best places the Children of Nigerian politicians to get your bachelor degree or to pursue further education. Birmingham, the capital city of the West Midlands in the United Kingdom is a cosmopolitan town full of cultural venues and numerous historic sites.

The University’s campus is located in the North Birmingham district of Birmingham. It has now emerged as one of the most prestigious universities in the country and is ranked highly by the Times Higher Education rankings.

The University of Birmingham offers a number of different kinds of degrees. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as doctorate and professional degrees. It also offers a number of specific online degrees which are not offered in the normal campus and which offer a great alternative for on-campus learning.

With the help of these online degrees, the students are able to focus on their studies in an independent manner and are thus able to finish their work much faster than if they had to attend lectures on campus. The school offers a wide range of subjects which include the arts, commerce, business administration, computer science, education, health sciences, humanities, law, mathematics, physics, communication studies, sociology, and others. It also offers a broad range of undergraduate courses.

The online degrees at the University of Birmingham were accredited by the British Council. This means that the university has met all the requirements set by the governing body for educational accreditation. The school is a member of the Institute of Graduate Studies in Business (IGSB) which is an independent body recognized by the UK government.

In order to be eligible for admission to the University of Birmingham, students need to have a minimum grade point average of 3.4. This means that you must be an intelligent student and be able to demonstrate your ability to concentrate on your studies.

University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde, which is located in the center of Scotland, offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The University of Strathclyde has steadily risen up the UK university rankings and holds the status of a top 5 university in the UK.

The University has a very renowned curriculum and a degree course which make it stand out above many. The University of Strathclyde postgraduate awards are some of its most sought after degree awards and it is offered to those who have gone through a University of Strathclyde postgraduate program.

The University of Strathclyde offers degrees in the fields of law, architecture, business, engineering, international business, psychology, health, and education.

International students can apply for scholarships meant for international students. Every year, a good number of students are awarded scholarships to study at this university. A lot of their other scholarship programs go to women, particularly mothers who are underprivileged. There are some specific areas in which the University of Strathclyde postgraduate scholarships are not granted. For instance, the University of Strathclyde does not offer any scholarships for undergraduates.

The University of Strathclyde offers undergraduate degrees in almost all major subjects including business administration, education, international business, nursing, medicine, nursing care, computer science, and law.

University of the West of Scotland

The University of Scotland is a public university located in Glasgow. It was founded in 1713 and has a student body of over 15000. It is one of the main universities of Scotland and is a member of the Russell Group of Universities. Most students who take up the course come from the city itself and go back to it to work afterwards.

Many of those who attend the university of the west of Scotland comes from the south Glasgow area. Some live in the area itself, while others commute to this university to study.

Scholarship programs are also available for those who need assistance in finishing their studies. These scholarships are awarded by the government to those who have exceptional academic achievements.

So you have seen some of the top universities Nigerian students frequent. Are you a Nigerian? and do you need to select a foreign university you’d like to attend? Then one of these should be able to offer whatever quality of course you want. Don’t forget to remind your sponsor that he or she has a responsibility towards Nigeria to fulfil, and ensuring a good education system is among the most prominent.

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