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Call for Papers: DFID – UNHCR – World Bank Program: Building the Evidence on Forced Displacement 2020

Call for Research Proposals (papers): Preventing social conflict and promoting social cohesion in forced displacement contexts

Application Deadline: 30th July 2020

About the Award: In 2016, the UK government’s Department for International Development, the World Bank, and the UNHCR established a joint research program, Building the Evidence on Protracted Forced Displacement: A Multi-Stakeholder Partnership, with the objective of improving global knowledge on forced displacement.

The program is now launching a call for research proposals (papers) under the first new research component: Preventing social conflict and promoting social cohesion in forced displacement contexts.
The goal is to better understand how policy measures and development investments, and their interaction with local contexts, can help reduce inequalities, alleviate social tensions, and promote social cohesion
between and within displaced populations and host communities. The papers generated from this call will be used as background papers to prepare a report on this topic. The evidence generated through this research program will inform World Bank programming and UNHCR protection programs in forced displacement contexts.
Research proposals are encouraged in three areas. Some proposals may cover more than one theme.

Type: Call for papers

Eligibility: Submissions by both individuals and research teams will be considered. A maximum of two papers per author can be submitted; applicants are limited to serving as the lead author on one proposal. Lead authors are expected to be external to the World Bank or the UNHCR, but research teams can include World Bank and/or UNHCR staff.

Proposals should be limited to two pages and include the following information:
• Theoretical framework and key literature
• Research question(s)
• Hypotheses, assumptions
• Empirical and identification strategy
• Data sources
• Policy relevance

Selection Criteria: Proposals are expected to meet the following selection criteria:

  1. Papers should consist of original empirical analysis. Papers that draw on data analysis that has already been published or that appears in papers under review will not be considered.
  2. Papers are required to be completed within 6 months of the signature of the contract.
  3. Papers should rely on existing and available data. Given the time frame and the COVID-19 crisis, papers that propose new data collection will not be selected. The World Bank and the .
  4. UNHCR will give authors access to their respective data stores in compliance with existing security and privacy requirements. Proposals that include data sets at the World Bank or UNHCR that have not yet been made available to researchers will be considered.
  5. Proposals should focus on “displacement settings,” which may include the origins of displaced persons and/or host communities. “Displaced persons” is defined to include refugees and internally displaced persons. “Social conflict” includes conflict that leads to displacement as well as clashes within and between displaced populations and host communities. Social conflict is not limited to overt violence, and may include forms of implicit and explicit exclusion.

Number of Awards: 25

Value of Award: The program will finance up to 25 papers. Each paper will be awarded a grant of $25,000 regardless of the number of authors. Grants will be paid in the form of Short-Term Consultancy contracts with the World
Bank. The terms of the contracts will be agreed with each contracted scholar, with the total amount of contracts per paper limited to $25,000.

How to Apply: Details (.pdf) – Application form

  • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

Visit Award Webpage for Details

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