20 MBA Scholarships to Study Abroad

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognized degree designed to build the skills needed for careers in business and management. However, the importance of the MBA is not exclusively limited to the business world.

The MBA may also be suitable for those seeking a management career in the public sector, the army, the private sector, and other industries. Most MBA programs provide a core curriculum of subjects including accounting, economics, marketing, and business, as well as elective courses that enable participants to pursue their own personal or professional desires.

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Many schools allow MBA applicants to complete business to try or association internship, which could contribute to specific job opportunities after the program. 

An MBA can be expensive this is a real fact of life for someone who wishes to pursue a degree in business management. Nonetheless, several companies are providing MBA scholarships to help cover school fees and other expenses.

MBA scholarships typically come in two ‘ flavours;’ internal scholarships, which are provided by business schools itself, and also external scholarships, which business schools themselves offer them, and also by external scholarships provided by other organizations MBA scholarships are granted based on a range of factors, for example, merit scholarships are given to students who have accomplished well, in previous college environments, in the workforce or on entrance exams such as GMAT.

Need-based MBA scholarships are usually awarded to candidates who show which they cannot pay for the degree without external assistance. Many MBA scholarships are awarded to participants from under-represented backgrounds.

List of 20 MBA Scholarships to Study Abroad

  1. 2020 Willamette MBA Global Diversity Scholarship in the USA

Applicants with either a bachelor’s degree of any nation beyond the United States, students that have shown a willingness to work in or studying countries beyond the United States, or those that have rendered academic or social accomplishments to countries outside the United States in outstanding admissions (a good record of academic achievement, excellent references and essays, and much more).An average of 590 GMAT scores or a GRE score of 154, completed the Willamette MBA evaluation process in Round 2 and recruited to the Willamette Early Career and Career Change MBA program might be eligible for a Global diversity scholarship varying between $19,000 to full scholarships.

  1. MBA Scholarship for International Students at Cambridge

The applicant must have an outstanding academic record. They must have achieved tremendous success in their careers to date and must meet the criteria for admission to the school. We need to show a high intellectual capacity, leadership, motivation, and a good sense of ethics to be regarded as scholars.

Applicants must be admitted Amount of the scholarship: a scholarship worth 23,000 pounds. It’s helping with the school fees. Besides, travel and lodging costs related to the internship will be paid by the Foundation.

  1. International MBA Global Leader Scholarships

Applicants who can convey academic excellence and excellent business leadership skills with exceptional potential, with particular focus on what you think you can learn from the Exeter MBA, what your impact to the experience of those in the program would have been, and what you want to accomplish with the Exeter MBA in terms of personal and professional ambitions.

  1. International Scholarships at Cox School of Business in USA

Entry to the Cox MBA program is incredibly selective. The Admissions Committee selects a diverse collection of applicants who reflect the following characteristics: substantial technical and personal experience. Functional academic skills, leadership ability, and interpersonal and communication skills. Personal attributes like competence, honesty, self-confidence, and inspiration.

  1. INSEAD Alumni Fund MBA Women’s Scholarship for International Students

INSEAD is looking for strong, creative, and driven women who have made significant accomplishments in their professional and personal lives. Merit scholarships will be awarded to honour such outstanding students. Their financial condition can also be taken into account.

  1. International Ambassador Scholarships at UWL in UK

You must be a student from the United Kingdom or an international student to be considered for an International Ambassador scholarship. The applicant must be an overseas maximum fee-paying student.

It would be given to the holder of an undergraduate or postgraduate course at UWL. That implies you should have already applied for a degree program at this university, and you must have also received a formal offer from one of our Admissions Officers. The International Ambassador’s Scholarship would be granted on a competitive basis to applicants who show passion and zeal.

  1. International MBA Leadership Scholarships in UK

Applicant must be at minimum 25 years of age, a degree in honours from the UK (2:2 or above), or a foreign equivalent PLUS at least three years of relevant work experience.

  1. University of Liverpool International MBA Scholarships

It is available to HEU candidates for the Liverpool MBA and the Football Industries MBA on-campus programs with an outstanding academic record and excellent job knowledge.

  1. IMD Switzerland MBA Scholarships for International Students in Switzerland

Foreign Applicants can apply for these grants. (MBA Class funding for Emerging Markets — For residents of developing nations, Staton Scholarship — For applicants across South America (excluding Brazil), IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships — Asia, Africa / Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe / North America / Oceania, Nestlé Women’s Funding, preference is granted to women from developing countries — Jim Ellert Scholarship is awarded to people from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and the South East Asian Peninsula from developed countries and also people of developed countries with excellent academic results (GMAT), bright reference letters and steady career advancement.

Applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution Age range 25-35 GMAT (80% of our MBA participants are between 620 and 750 years of full-time work experience. A good mastery of written and spoken English At minimum one language in addition to English.

  1. Study In UK: Nottingham University Business School MBA Scholarships For International Students

The applicant must complete the correct program application process in full and have earned an invitation to take up your program position. The applicant should be able to participate and engage in marketing and student ambassador activities and be entirely self-funding to qualify for a scholarship fee.

If the payments are paid by the employer, the private provider, or the government, the applicant will not be given the scholarship.

  1. Imperial Executive MBA Scholarships for International Students in UK

The details included in your original application to the program must consist of excellent academic history, an outstanding track record of professional accomplishment, and career success. Also, your progress with your employer in promoting and financing, your efforts during the admissions process, your professional references Scholarship.

  1. MBA Scholarship for International Students at Brunel University

The applicant must apply and meet the criteria for entry to the Brunel full-time or part-time MBA program. Receive an offer to study on a full-time or part-time MBA program. Complete the application form for a Brunel MBA scholarship, consisting of an essay of no more than 500 words and a supporting statement. Applicants will usually take part in the interview during the year.

  1. Full Tuition MBA Scholarship for International Students in Sweden

You must have a degree equal to 180 credits and, at minimum, five years of related job experience to be qualified for a scholarship. Candidates must have excellent English knowledge. It is available to everyone.

  1. MBA Scholarships for International Students in Germany

Applicants from all countries are open to it. HHL MBA Scholarships are given to full-time MBA applicants. Applicants must hold a first degree (at least 180 ECTS credits) and an above-average result and show GMAT minimum score 650 (full-time MBA scholarships) or at least 600 or, in specific cases, an outstanding achievement in the HHL Admission Examination (part-time MBA scholarships).

  1. International MBA Scholarships for Women in Germany

This scholarship is available to all countries. To qualify for this postgraduate program, you must have completed an undergraduate degree under any subject (Bachelor, Master, and Diploma)\A minimal level of three years of related work experience in the English Language Needs: Applicants must have a solid understanding of English.

  1. Harvard Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

The scholarship may be awarded to candidates of any country, and preference will be given to candidates of Lebanese descent. Candidates could apply for an option only after receiving an admission offer from the Harvard MBA program.

  1. Wharton Business School MBA Scholarships (USA)

Applicants must have specific personal characteristics and history, academic achievement, outstanding professional development, and community participation.

  1. Warwick Business School MBA Scholarships (UK)

You should be logically outstanding and demonstrate excellent social and communication skills, inspiration, imagination, maturity, drive, and leadership. You will need to have demonstrated academic qualifications, the ability to function together as a team, the motivation to learn, and the capacity to excel.

You should have a minimum of three years of postgraduate qualified business experience. You must have an undergraduate degree from a UK university or comparable from an overseas university. We do accept applications from applicants who don’t have academic qualifications but are outstanding and have experience and ability to do so.

GMAT, GRE, and the Warwick Check You would usually have a very well-balanced GMAT score or a correct GRE score. Our present GMA score is 660.

  1. Cranfield School of Management MBA Scholarships (UK)

The applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree with honours or bachelor’s degree in a technical subject Applicants must be interviewed by telephone Preference will be offered to the appropriate candidates. To qualify, applicants must show both competence and skill for the subject they applied for.

  1. INSEAD MBA Scholarships (France/Singapore)

The majority of international students admitted to the INSEAD MBA, EMBA, EMFin, and TIEMBA programs are exempt. For legal purposes, individual applicants may not be qualified.

Conclusively, at the point of completion of the course, the goal of all students would be to get employed in any of the biggest companies on the job market. Recruiting companies require their workers to be trained in all areas of company relations, one of the primary qualifications being management skills.

Applicants with an MBA degree are often favoured for various work positions in different industries. Those who want to obtain an MBA degree can also be confident of certain things. They are sure to get high wages, more job paths, networking incentives, increased demand, increases critical thinking, and foreign visibility.

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