25 Things Rich & Successful People Do That You (Likely) Don’t Do

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Humans are creatures of habit. The habits you adopt will determine the results you get. Positive habits produce progressive results; while negative habits produce regressive results.

Today, we bring you 25 things rich and successful people do that most people don’t do. This has been brought to you by After School Africa. If you are new here, we are also on YouTube. Consider subscribing to continue exploring opportunities.

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1. They use technology to their advantage

Successful people are quick to adapt the technology to their advantage. While everyone else is looking for the next social app or game to waste time on, people who become successful use technology to be more productive. As most people are getting entertained on social media and mobile games, a small group of people are smiling at the bank.

2. They spend more on experience than on things

Recent studies have proven that people who spend money creating memorable experiences are happier than people who spend money buying things. If you spend money on experiences, as opposed to material or quantifiable items, you are going to experience much more joy and contentment in your life.

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3. They don’t follow celebrities; they follow role models

People who become successful don’t waste their time checking up on what some celebrities are doing with their lives. Rather they follow people who inspire them to take bolder steps and achieve greater results. Most pop culture celebrities only feed off your insecurities and fantasies. Unless you are taking a class on social media strategy and human psychology, you don’t need celebrities, you need role models.

4. They write things down

This is one of the major traits that rich and successful people have in common. They understand the power of writing everything down. This allows them to document all the creative ideas that come to their mind and revisit them later on. One beautiful thing about writing down these inspirations is that they eventually turn out for good.

5. They always maintain a positive attitude.

Life in itself is not a bed of roses. At one point, everyone gets to pass through disappointing moments, setbacks, and failures. This forms the dividing line between successful people and unsuccessful people. Unsuccessful people are quick to give up when they encounter a small challenge or setback. Successful people on the other hand maintain a high level of conviction amid all the challenges knowing that there is surely a way out.

6. They learn from their mistakes and failures more than from their success

Show me a successful person and I will show you an individual who has failed countless times. One of the things that distinguish successful people from unsuccessful people is their ability to learn from their mistakes and failures. Very few people understand this powerful principle. In the table of life, being successful means overcoming so many failures and emerging victorious.

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7. They put first things first

Successful people are those who have sustained the capacity and discipline to always put first things first. They are not easily carried away. They always major on the major, and minor on the minor. This is what makes them truly successful. Unsuccessful people on the other hand cannot always put first things first, they get distracted easily and lose focus majoring in the minor and minoring in the major.

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8. They are very disciplined with time

Successful people are very conscious about time. They keep schedules and are intentional and principled about obeying the schedules. Additionally, they don’t engage in any activity that was not featured on the schedule. They avoid time wasters. They believe in the division of labor and delegating responsibilities to more competent persons.

9. They set daily goals

Every morning before they start the day, successful people pen down what they want to achieve for that day. The first thing to do every morning is to decide the relevant things you need to do to consider that particular day a success. Successful people do not just engage in activities, they focus on the things that push them towards the accomplishment of their goals.

10. They limit television time

Most successful people spend as little time as possible watching television. This is because they understand that watching television in itself can be a time waster and they tend to avoid unproductive activities except it’s for leisure.

11. They maintain a healthy lifestyle

Every successful person knows that health is wealth. They don’t joke about their well-being. Most people are careless about the health of their bodies as such they are not mindful of their diet, hygiene, and staying fit. Successful people create time in their schedule for naps and exercise. All these are geared toward staying fit.

12. They don’t check their social media account and email first thing

Nowadays the usual thing an average person does as soon as he wakes up in the morning is to go through social media accounts and email for notifications. Successful people understand the importance of what goes into their minds first thing in the morning. They create a system for a morning routine with activities such as meditating, reading, or writing in a journal.

13. They set SMART Goals

For successful people, setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals is a winning habit. The power of goal setting is a powerful weapon for success.

14. They believe that time is life

Successful people put in more effort to see that they achieve their goals no matter what. They avoid anything that will waste their time because they believe that time is life and time wasted unproductively can never be accounted for.

15. They are frugal

Between two people; one, worth 10 million dollars buys a toy for $100,000 and the other, worth $30,00o buys a toy for $5,000, who is more extravagant? You may quickly say it’s the one spending $100,000, but if you look closely, this is what you’ll find. While the rich person only spent 1 percent of his net worth, the other guy had spent 16.7 percent. That’s the difference between being rich and trying to look rich.

16. They work smarter, not harder.

While unsuccessful people engage more in hard work, successful people understand the power of leverage. They let other people do what they are not good at so that they can put their best into what they are good at. Being busy does not translate to being productive. The key is maximizing every hour you put into work.

17. They read a lot

Successful people maintain a reading habit not for pleasure but for mental and personal development. They understand that the human brain is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. And reading is an effective way of exercising the mind.

18. They take calculated risks

In the words of billionaire author, J.K.Rowling, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all; in which case, you have failed by default” This summaries the mindset of people who become successful. If you don’t take your shot at life, you’ve already failed. But if you take your shot, you may fail, but there is also the chance that you will succeed.

19. They maintain healthy relationships with positive people

This is one of the biggest secrets of successful people. They build networks with people who have something to offer. They understand that to be successful you need to also surround yourself with like-minded people who will drive, inspire, and motivate you to become your best.

20. They believe in giving back to their society

This is one powerful secret that successful people practice that further positions them to be wealthier and more successful. They engage in philanthropy and charity. This is the zenith of wealth. Making the world a better place and giving back to society is an important trait of successful people.

21. They don’t depend on luck

It’s a common saying that “success happens when preparation meets opportunity”. Unsuccessful people are quick to credit other people’s success as luck. But they fail to acknowledge the part of preparation. Even if you are handed a truckload of money, without the skill to handle that amount of money, you are likely to end up worse. Successful people don’t believe in luck, winning the lottery, or gambling. They believe in taking consistent actions toward their goals.

22. They are not driven by emotions

Successful people don’t allow emotions to interfere with their business or professional life. They understand that not all emotions need to be aired. The bigger picture is always more important than short-term emotional outbursts.

23. They are good listeners

You learn nothing new when you talk; but when you listen, you are likely to learn something you don’t know. The most successful people are great listeners.

24. They delay gratification

With every penny you earn, you have the power to decide what to do with it. You may decide to spend it on pleasures and fantasies or invest in productively. People who become successful develop the habit of putting their money to productive use. They invest in their education, business, portfolio investment, or productive travel experience.

25. They discuss ideas

People who become successful are fond of discussing ideas, strategies, and opportunities. Yes! Make time to play and have fun, but enjoy productive discussions over shallow ones.

And there you have it. which of these things do you already do? Let us know in the comment section. If you are yet to subscribe to After School Africa, now is a good time to subscribe. Until next time, YOUR SUCCESS MATTERS!

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