University of California Berkeley Tuition, Cost of Living, Admission, and Scholarships

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The University of California Berkeley is a four-year public land-grant research institution. Specifically, students love this institution because of the following:

  • enormous research output
  • tons of contributions to human knowledge
  • stellar facility.

So, if you want to study abroad, you can consider the University of California Berkeley. This is because it offers different opportunities outside of its four walls. Besides, people know the university for taking part in the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s.

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But before you do that, you need to know if the school provides the basics for your chosen discipline. Generally, the university offers a wide range of opportunities for its students. Yet, you also need to find out if the standard of living there fits your budget.

This article will cover all the major things you need to know about the University of California Berkeley if you are looking to study there. You will also find out how much their tuition costs, the cost of living over there including how much accommodation costs. Finally, you will find out why the college is a good fit for your academic pursuit.

All You Need To Know About the University of California Berkeley

Whether you’re considering an undergraduate or graduate program, the institution offers both. Their website contains more in-depth information about each course available and you can access it easily.

So, we’ve written everything you need to know about getting admission to the University of California Berkeley. You’ll also find other information that pertains to your study at the college.

The University of California Berkeley Ranking Based on Available Programmes

Before you think of studying anywhere, you need to know the school’s programs based on ranking. This will help you decide if the mode of learning, environment, as well as other factors, suit your needs.

UC Berkeley consists of fourteen schools and colleges. Together, they have over a total of 350 degree programs. So whether you’re going for a degree in social welfare or engineering, you might find something related to your field. However, these are the top programs offered according to the University of California Berkeley ranking.

Times Higher Education 2021 rankings

  • Arts & Humanities – #8
  • Life Sciences and Medicine – #8
  • Social Sciences and Management – #5
  • Engineering & Technology – #5
  • Life Sciences and Medicine – #13

QS World University Ranking 2020

  • Engineering and technology – #5
  • Arts and Humanities – N/A
  • Life Sciences and Medicine – N/A
  • Natural Sciences – N/A
  • Social Sciences and Management – N/A

University of California Berkeley Ranking

Here is the University of California Berkeley ranking for the past six years.

Ranked by201620172018201920202021
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) – Universities RankingsNA55555
QS – World University Ranking282727283031
THE (Times Higher Education) – University Ranking77551213
US News & World Report – Global Universities444444

Tuition and Fees at the University of California Berkeley

Before considering a school, you need to know how much their tuition costs and if it’s within your budget. The University of Berkeley California lists its tuition and mandatory fees per semester. Therefore, they are subject to changes annually by the University body.

The University of California Berkeley’s tuition varies per degree and state. Its tuition fees are more expensive compared to the national average cost of in-state and out-state tuition.

Here is an estimated breakdown of their fees for undergraduate studies per semester. But, these numbers may be different from what you’ll see on the institution’s website. You can get the full tuition cost and other fees for each student type from their Registrar’s office.

Student Services Fee564.00564.00
Berkeley Campus Fee732.75732.75
Class Pass Fee – Transit95.0095.00
Nonresident Supplemental TuitionN/A14,877.00
Health Insurance Fee1,894.001,894.00
Continuing Student Total$ 9,006.75$ 23,883.75
Document Management Fee207.00207.00
New Student Total$ 9,213.75$ 24,090.75

Cost of Living at the University of California Berkeley

Your living cost falls under indirect expenses. Therefore, it is not billed to your student account. Your work-study earning or financial aid like scholarships can help you cater for these expenses. Since you control these expenses, the amounts will vary. Basically, your cost of living in Berkeley will include the following

  • Housing and Utilities: Expenses are based on a nine-month period ($1,200/month).
  • Additional Food: Divide numbers by 9 to create a monthly food budget for flats. Buying in bulk and cooking at home will help to keep costs down.
  • Books and Other Costs: Budgeting and spending plans are essential for controlling expenses. These expenses include school supplies, off-campus transportation, and other living expenses. Your student bus pass will transport you everywhere for free.

This table estimates the expected cost of living for an individual in Berkeley for a four-month period. However, keep in mind that this budget is estimated based on the moderate cost of completing an academic year at UC Berkeley.

Living Arrangement for 2021–22:Campus Residence HallOn-Campus ApartmentOff-Campus ApartmentLiving with Relatives
Housing and Utilitiesn/an/a$11,462$2,856
Books and Supplies$1,118$1,118$1,118$1,118
Total Estimated Personal Expenses$5,208$7,512$19,908$12,066

How to Apply to UC Berkeley

There are four main steps to applying to Berkeley. Pre-applying (as early as August 1st) gives you more time to complete the processes and relieves the stress of feeling hurried. With this in mind, here is a step-by-step approach that you can use to easily apply to Berkeley.

Step 1: Create an Account

Firstly, you need to open an applicant account. This step should just take a few minutes due to the minimal information required.

Step 2: Complete the UC Application

Once you complete the registration process, you will get forwarded to the commencement of the application.

Once there, you’ll enter the information of the school(s) you’re applying to (you’d pick UC Berkeley. However, you may also apply to other UC campuses using the same application) and what you want to major in.

Some of the most important components of the application include:

  • Filling out the necessary paperwork to determine your eligibility for scholarships
  • Answering inquiries about one’s demographics
  • It is essential to fill up your academic background (what classes you took, the grades you got in them if they were honors or AP, etc.)
  • Filling out the necessary information about your activities outside school. Also, include any accolades you’ve received
  • If appropriate, you should self-report your standardized test results.
  • Answering inquiries about one’s own personal insight
  • Answering four of the personal statement questions will be required. There are eight total personal statement questions. Each response must be no more than 350 words in length. The prompts are published on the University of California admissions portal.

Step 3: Pay Admission Fees and Click Submit

If you submit your application between November 1 and November 30, it will be deemed complete. A $70 (or $80 if you are an international student) application fee is also needed for each UC school. For example, if you apply to UC Berkeley and one additional UC school, you will pay a total of $140-160. Click “Submit,” and your application will be officially sent to Berkeley!

Step 4: Submit Your Standardized Test Scores

Due to COVID-19, UC Berkeley has made fall 2021 admissions “test-optional.” Test optional indicates that you are not obliged to submit your SAT or ACT results but may do so if you choose. So if students opt out of submitting test results, they will not be penalized throughout the admissions process.

After 2021, UC campuses (including Berkeley) will phase away from the SAT and ACT exam requirements for in-state students. The main aim is to end the requirement by 2025. But bear in mind that this regulation does not apply to all students. So, it doesn’t apply to international students, out-of-state students, and students seeking scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions About the University of California Berkeley

As an intending UC Berkeley student, you surely have several questions about the university that hasn’t been covered already. But we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about the university.

Is UC Berkeley good for international students?

According to College Factual, the school currently ranks at 11th position out of 1,232 universities and colleges. So, the University of California Berkeley is suitable for international students

What is the University of California Berkeley known for?

In spite of its academic excellence, the University of California at Berkeley is renowned for its athletics. Other than UCLA, Berkeley alumni have won 185 Olympic medals, including 105 gold, 47 silver, and 33 bronze.

What is the University of California Berkeley acceptance rate?

Getting into Berkeley can be a difficult process. For instance, in the 2019-2020 academic year, UC Berkeley received 87,394 applications and admitted 14,668 of those students. So university of California Berkeley’s acceptance rate is approximately 16.7 percent.

As a result, UC Berkeley is classified as a “highly competitive school.” It is not nearly as tough as Ivy League institutions. However, you will still need to submit a good application across the board to get admitted to the university.

What GPA do you need to get into Berkeley?

You should have a 3.0 GPA (3.4 for non-residents) or above in relevant high school courses, with no grades lower than a C.

You may also swap SAT subject examinations for courses if you want to save money. It is possible to get admission if your ACT/SAT score is high enough. Additionally, you can enter if your scores on two subject exams on the SAT are high, even if you do not fulfill the minimum criteria.

How Does UC Berkeley Evaluate Applications?

Unlike many universities, Berkeley is clear about what they look for in candidates and how they test applications. Firstly, they check that you fulfill the minimal UC Berkeley admissions criteria. Then they look at your academic records. Additionally, they do a holistic assessment that includes extracurricular activities and essay answers.

According to the University of California, Berkeley, they use a “broad definition” of merit. What this means is that they regard all components of your application equally.

The following are the most popular majors at the University of California Berkeley

  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Support Services
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies

Scholarships in Berkeley

There are tons of scholarship and financial aid opportunities for intending students at UC Berkeley. These opportunities are open for both local and international students.

Below are a couple of scholarships in Berkeley that you might want to consider. You can also check out their website to see other available scholarships. At the same time, you can find financial aid for international students. Therefore, you stand an equal chance with other candidates, granted that you fulfill all the necessary requirements.

Other Scholarships in the US

The US provides several scholarship programs to help prospective students, undergraduates, and graduates. For this reason, the United States is a well-known study-abroad location for international students. Therefore, you’ll find several scholarship opportunities in other parts of the country.

10 Common Scholarship Interview Questions And How to Answer Them

Conclusively, now you know what it takes to get admitted into the University of California Berkeley and also what it will cost. So you’re now fully prepared to turn in your application. Although the university tuition might be expensive, you can cover major aspects of the bill with a scholarship.

But before applying for financial aid, We’ve listed 10 things you must ask yourself before applying for a scholarship. This practical guide will surely give you a better chance at securing a scholarship. It can also help you get a scholarship to study at the University of California Berkeley.