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Journalismfund.eu Money Trail Grants 2020 for Journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows


In Money Trail, Journalismfund.eu offers working grants for African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe. 

Application Deadlines: All times are Brussels time:

  • 16th March 2020, 11.59 PM
  • 15th June 2020, 4.00 PM 
  • 14th September 2020, 4.00 PM

Eligible Countries: African European and Asian countries

About the Award: Grants are awarded to journalists solely by Journalismfund.eu, with no input or oversight at any stage from the consortium as a whole. This working grants project is part of a larger Money Trail project.

Type: Grants


  • Preferably, intercontinental journalist teams consisting of at least one African, one Asian and/or one European journalist. Each team preferably consist of journalists from two continents. Ideally, the teams must provide letters of intent for publication from media organisations in two continents.  
  • We also accept regional cross-border collaborations in Africa and Asia. Each team must consist of journalists from at least two countries.
  • Exceptional proposals from individual journalists in Africa and Asia whose story includes an offshore element in a national story – where the money trail leads to a tax haven  – can be accepted. 
  • European journalists planning on applying must collaborate with an African or Asian journalist. 
  • Foreign correspondents in Africa or Asia can apply with local journalists.

Number of Awards: There will be 10 application rounds over the three years.

Value of Award: The total amount per call is around 50.000 euro: this amount is distributed among different projects. 

How to Apply: Apply Here

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage (see link below) before applying

Visit Award Webpage for Details

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