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Government of China Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) Academic Education Scholarships for Developing Countries 2018

The Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of Chinawill provide “Chinese Government Scholarships” to admitted students from developing countries.

Application Deadline: 29th June 2018

Eligible Countries: Developing Countries

To Be Taken At (Country): China

About the Award: 

The Academic Education Programs sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China are designed to foster high caliber business officials and managerial personnel for the recipient countries, which was launched in 2008 to offer one-year and two-year master programs as well as three-year doctoral programs for the purpose of educating high-caliber and inter-disciplinary talents working in the applied fields of government, trade, foreign affairs, agriculture, technology, education, culture and health, building intellectual capacity and facilitating the socioeconomic development of the recipient countries. For the positive effects and good results brought about by these programs in strengthening economic ties and friendly relations between China and the recipient countries, the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China will continuously intensify its efforts in enlarging the enrollment scale and improving the quality of education.

Type: Masters, PhD (Doctoral)


  • These programs provide assistance to governmental officials, research fellows, and senior managerial personnel on their master and doctor education in China, which are fully conducted in English.
  • The admission requirements for a candidate include a bachelor’s degree, relevant working experience, and a decent physical condition, essential for the high-compact curriculum needed for the degrees.
  • The graduates of such programs are now working in their specialties back home and undertaking an increasingly significant role in the economic development and cooperation between China and their home countries.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: 

  • The Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of Chinawill provide “Chinese Government Scholarships” to admitted students from developing countries.
  • These scholarships cover both tuition and living expenses.
  • They also include a round-trip international airfare for all the students, and a maximum of 2 round-trip international airfares for home visits applicable only to doctoral students (one time per year set at the end of an academic year).
  • In terms of living expenses, it is 3000RMB/month for the master program.
  • There is also a settlement allowance of 3000RMB/person.
  • The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will only provide financial aid during the one academic year. Students who delay the graduation would not get continued financial aid.
  • If a student expects to have his/her spouse, children, relatives or friends to visit him/her during the stay in China, the visitor will have to bear all the expenses by him/herself.

Duration of Programme:

  • Masters: one-year and two-year master programs
  • Doctoral: three-year doctoral programs

How to Apply: 

For the requirements, procedures, materials and more information, please check this link http://35219.newnetwebnt01.eastftp.net/EN/class/view?id=93 for details.

Visit the Programme Webpage for Details

Award Providers: Government of China Ministry of Commerce

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