Young African Scientists in Europe (YASE) Conference Fellowship (Funded to Toulouse, France) 2018

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The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST) supports the Young African Scientists in Europe (YASE) initiative with a grant proposal for African PhD students working in a European country other than France. 

Application Deadline: 15th June 2018

Program Date: 6th July 2018

To Be Taken At (Country): France

About the Award: Toulouse will host the conference YASE 2018 – Young African Scientists in Europe to give African doctoral students and post-doctoral scientists who are expatriate in Europe information and elements to choose if they want to carry on their scientific career in Africa.

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About 25,000 young African scientists are currently preparing a PhD in Europe (160,000 in Africa itself). While the need for scientists and engineers in Africa is growing, how many of them will contribute in the coming years to the scientific and technological development of their countries?

Often isolated in their laboratories, not always aware of the specificities of scientific employment in Africa, they wonder and worry. When they return to Africa after some years spent in Europe, how can they enter the higher education and research system? How can they maintain international collaborations? How can they remedy to the lack of experimental means in their home countries? What actions can be taken in Europe to support the scientific development of African countries?

Conferences, panels and discussions in YASE 2018 will be devoted to these questions and many more. The 250 attendees, doctoral students and post-doctoral scientists, will meet and exchange informations and perspectives, and will begin to create networks. They will also listen to leading African researchers and representatives of public institutions and companies and ask them questions : that will improve their knowledge of the development of research and of scientific employment in Africa.

Type: Conference, Fellowship

Eligibility: African PhD students working in a European country other than France.

Selection Process: Grant recipients will be wellcomed in Toulouse by three IAST Research Fellows:

    • Kofi Asante, sociologist;
    • Nick Crawford, historian;
    • Slimane Dridi, evolutionary biologist.

They will propose to selected candidates in their own fields of science a special programme during the ESOF week, with group meetings, discussions about your research work and theirs. They will be ready to answer all your questions about PhD, postdoc, research career…

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: Winners of this proposal will be reimbursed of their expenses up to 415 € (travel, accomodation, registration for both YASE and ESOF; receipts needed).

How to Apply: 

  • Write a one page summary explaining: what you are doing as a PhD, why you are interested to attend YASE, and which IAST research fellow you are interested to meet and why.
  • Send it with this form, together with a copy of your African passport and a copy of a university registration proof.

Visit the Program Webpage for Details

Award Providers: Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST)


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