University of The People- The First Online Tuition Free University

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I’ve written a review of University of The People— The First Online Tuition Free University– earlier on but I think it deserves to be talked about even more. I’m one of the over 60,000 FANs on UoPeople Facebook page. I guess I can do better than be an inert Fan.

Shai Reshef, Founder and President, established University of the People to leverage on the opportunities between unprecedented access to the Internet, dropping technology costs, and rising tuition fees worldwide. Considering the economic situation in developing countries- talk about Africa- and worldwide, University of The People will likely be, in Future, one of the institutions to hold the solution to education deprivation due to financial circumstances. I have no doubt that Shai Reshef- the founder and President- is someone with listening ears; going as far as maintaining a blog-– to keep in touch with students and Fans of UoPeople. UoPeople is the world’s first tuition-free, online academic institution dedicated to the global advancement and
democratization of higher
education for undergraduate students. With the support of respected academics,
humanitarians and other visionaries, the UoPeople brings education to even the most remote places on earth, representing a new wave in global education. Students from Africa and the developing countries can take advantage of this empowering opportunity.

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The institution’s application for approval to operate has not yet been reviewed by the Bureau for Private
Postsecondary Education, as at the time of writing this review. However, In my opinion, You don’t study at the UoPeople to get the titles or the papers but to get the information, training & network of peers who share similar goal of universal education.

What is the learning model like?
University of the People offers a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning, with information technologies and internet. Within the online study communities, students will share resources, exchange ideas,
discuss weekly topics, submit assignments, and take exams. The curriculum itself will be supported by respected scholars. A community of educators, comprised of active and retired professors, master
level students and other professionals, will participate and oversee the assessment process. They will also develop ongoing procedures for curriculum evaluation and development.

What programs does University of the People offer?
University of the People offers the following four
undergraduate degrees:
Associate (A.S.) and Bachelor (B.S.) degrees in Computer Science and Associate (A.S.) and Bachelor (B.S.) degrees in Business Administration. It should be noted that unless and until University of the People receives state licensing, it will be unable to grant degrees to graduating students.

How do I take exams? Are there any fees involved?
At the present, all exams are administered online– Purely Distance Learning. University of the People is currently waiving all Exam Administration fees, but in the future intends to charge an Exam Administration fee for each course.

What are the application

To meet application
requirements, the applicant needs to be over the age of
18, have proof of secondary school completion and be proficient in the English language.
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Term 2 2010 Application Deadline: October 14, 2010

University of the People Calls for VOLUNTEERs

University of the People is based on the believe that education is crucial to the advancement of individuals and of society at large. As a volunteer with UoPeople, you help make the dream of attainable academic education anywhere come true.
Whether it’s creating, organizing or reviewing course materials, mentoring students or hosting discussion groups, UoPeople has many different exciting volunteer opportunities for

University of the People can work with you to provide rewarding experiences, as it fits your schedule.
The tuition free online University needs volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, talents and levels of expertise. Your professional skills and experience will help to
guide UoPeople students in their quest for knowledge.

For more information on Volunteerism, please contact UoPeople at:
[email protected]


Click on “Apply Now” on the UoPeople Website to embark on the first steps of your academic future at UoPeople.

Once you complete a short sign-in form, you can log in at any
time to complete the online application process. Comprehensive directions will guide you through the
admissions process.

Life is less about what you can get for Free and More about what you can Give for Free.

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