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50 Admirable Things About Nigerian People and Their Culture- Celebrating Nigeria At "50"

On the 1st of October 2010, Nigeria celebrates Her 50 years of Independence. A lot of us still have a long way to go, talking about “Fifty”. At times like this, it’s easy to find newspaper publications with articles like, “Nigeria At 50- What are We Celebrating?”. I totally understand the situation of things here in Nigeria and have well recieved an unfair share of instability, but every nation have it’s own problems and their is lots of hope for Nigeria. Rather than talk about this years independence counting our losses, criticizing the government etc, I thought it’ll be a good idea to talk about the everyday Naija-Folks. What is it about the Nigerian people you’ve come to admire? For once, let’s be a little less smart.

Without doubts, there are quite a number of negative things to say about Nigeria, enough to make another 50 list. But, there’s already enough bad news written and said about Nigeria, and adding to it will be less significant. The problem here is that we spend too much time giving a Dog a Bad Name, just to hang it, without taking a little time to look and see what a good Dog “Jack” has been. Let’s talk about some of the things that is worth admiring of Nigerians.

1. Nigerians are Happy People. The first thing anyone who comes to Nigeria will tell you is that, in the mist of hardship and suffering, these people always take it upon themselves to be cheerful. Fela’s Song, “Suffering and Smiling”, best describes the Naija folks.
2. Nigerians are Godly People.
Yes! Ask an Average Nigerian, how is today? His most likely answer will be, “We Thank God”. For Nigerians, reverence for Almighty God is the way of life, even for the very criminal minded.
3. Talk about Our Creative Nigerian musicians.
Nigerian Musicians are doing us proud locally and internationally. Talk about the blend of Afrobeat, it’s out of this world.
4. Nollywood, our Movie Industry is not left out.
Emeka Ike, Pete Edochie, Oge Okoye and Company, thumbs up to you guys. But Nigerian movie makers can get better.
5. Now people can make people Laugh to Make Money.
Could you imagine that Laughter can be Incorporated? Nigerian Comedians are millionaires.
6. Ever tried a Nigerian Food? Nigerian women are good cooks, especially my Mum.
7. Leave a Nigerian in the desert and He will find a way home.
8. Some say Nigerians are known for Internet Scam. Now there is a new face of Nigeria Online. And wait until you read about WSAF 2010 Scholarship Scam.
9. Talk about extended families. My brother just had a wedding, and two great extended families came together. It’s like nothing people in the Western world can imagine.
10. Ever met a Typical Nigerian Mother. Oh my Sweet Mama. Loving and caring in the African Style.
11. Nigerian people are friendly people.
12. You can always stop a passerby, ask for the time and still get a smile.
13. Old age is an Honor and is well respected.
14. You can visit a neighbour without first calling on the phone for invitation.
15. Even when things seem not to be working, a Nigerian will always get to work.
16. Nigerian parents don’t spare the rod.
17. Have you eaten roasted Plantain with smoked Fresh Fish in Bayelsa?
18. Talk about the Nigerian Girls. Hmm! The Honies, they come in all shapes and sizes.
20. Even without steady power supply, The Nigerian will still find his way.
21. Nigerians are very hospitable. They’ll always want to make you feel at home.
22. Moving around, it’s very easy to find someone you are related to because Extended families are valued and appreciated. There is always a relative somewhere.
23. Once you’ve got some pay and pals, it’s never a dull country. Social activity available 24/7.
24. Nigerians are FUN lovers.
25. I wouldn’t forget to mention the beautiful and intelligent women that make a great company at 17:59.
26. How many languages do we have in Nigeria? Oh Boy! Did I say about 250? And we are still one country.
27. Nigerians have an impressively diverse cultures that is rich, each in it’s unique way.
28. Nigerians are hard working people.
29. No such thing as natural disaster. We are a blessed nation.
30. Everyone respects his elder.
31. Despite the bad image portrayed by the outside world of Nigeria, the people are still very much willing to stand for what they believe.
32. Talk about the native attire. Nigerian women have got the killing style. Even the men are not having a dull moment.
33. Nigeria is where you give respect and get respect in return.
34. The natural reserves and tourist attraction centres will surely thrill you.
35. Should I call this ‘Good’. Most Nigerian culture makes it very easy to turn every occasion into a party even burial ceremonies.
36. Nigeria are great farmers.
37. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa.
38. The Pidgin English can be fun sometimes.
39. Ever travelled to the village in December, the sight-seeing is gorgeous and peaceful.
40. Christmas seasons are times for family reunion, celebrations and parties.
41. Do you like spicy food with assorted sauces? Then came to Nigeria and bless you stomach. You may want to try Ngwo-Ngwo, Nkwobi, Roasted Bush Meat or Pepper soup with a chilled bottle of palmy. Hmmmm! Taste good.
42. You can find a good dose of Africa in Nigeria.
43. The parent is willing to take care of their child even after graduation from higher institution, as long as you don’t yet have a reliable means of livelihood.
44. When the parents grow older, the grown up sons and daughters are willing to take care of them at all cost. It’s their responsibility and they are not complaining.
45. Your mum can slap the hell out of you. And you will do nothing about it.
46. The average Nigerian Youth has a voice that can not be ‘quietened’. Their enthusiasm can not be tamed.
47. The father is the head of the family no matter what. It’s his heritage that is unquestionable even from a Head of State for a wife.
48. Nigerians love foreigners.
49. Their are still good people who are willing to make Nigeria Proud.
50. Nigeria is a nation in the making and our people are not giving up on our Motherland.

Although there may be negative perceptions of Nigeria from the outside, even in the inside. Although they say Nigerians are known for crimes, scam and internet frauds, I will never hide my Identity as a Nigerian, because I believe in Nigeria. Good People, Great Nation.

It’s over to you. Nigerian or Non-Nigerian. Have you been to Nigeria or met a Nigerian? What can you say about the Nigerian people. Let’s discuss NIGERIA!

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