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When you think of the world’s greatest revolutions, which come to mind? For me, it’s the ones led by Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.
These great leaders created change, one step at a time, leaping over hurdles and across cultures. They are also great inspiration for my effort to create a revolution in education.
However, supporters are inherent to the notion of a revolution. A great leader is no one without a great team. This is why I turn to you in asking for support.

Shai Reshef– Founder and President, University of The People

Early This week on Facebook, the University of The People, lead by Shai Reshef introduced the UoPeople badge, a small icon for fans and supporters to add to their profile picture. This is not only to signal their support for education to all, but also to show their commitment to help spread the word.

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UoPeople currently have over 62,000 Fans on Facebook. With this number and more supporters, probably you, adding the badge to their profiles, the first online university could easily reach millions of people who have less opportunity for education, through their networks.

In case you are unfamiliar with the University of The People, it is an online university that currently requires no tuition or admission fee to study undergraduate courses in Computer Science and Business Administration (more courses could be added in future). Click Here to read more about the UoPeople.

To join the revolution you can take 3 minutes out of your time to learn how to update your facebook profile with the UoPeople’s Badge here.

Shai Reshef was nominated by Huffington Post on behalf of University of the People as the Ultimate Huffington Post Game Changer in Education. The Huffington Post selected 100 innovators, visionaries, mavericks and leaders who are transforming their fields, including politics, entertainment, style, technology, business, travel, green, sports, food, education, media and impact. People who are changing the ways we look at the world. The Huffington Post will announce the 12 Ultimate Game Changers, based on the votes they recieve.
I probably don’t know much about the other nominees, and guess much of their impact is felt in the United States but I think I’ve heard about the University of The People (Shai Reshef’s innovation) whose impact cuts across all races. If you believe in the mission of University of the People, you can give a “10” score for the cause HERE.

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