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Universidade da Coruña International Summer School Scholarships 2020 for Developing Countries

Universidade da Coruña has just published a call for applications for a special scholarship programme that admits students from highly underrepresented low-income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income countries into its annual International Summer School programme.

Application Deadline: 19th January 2020.

Offered annually? Yes

Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at (country): Spain

About the Award: The programme offers a number of scholarships to increase the international diversity of students participating in its International Summer School. These scholarships will be assigned to students with outstanding potential coming from highly underrepresented low-income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income countries, divided according to GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method.

They are reserved for outstanding students from highly underrepresented countries with a great contribution to the international diversity of the ISS. There are very few such scholarships relative to the number of high quality applicants. Academic standing is a requirement for these scholarships but, among the many applicants fulfilling this requirement, the main criterion is coming from an underrepresented country. If you come from a country that has many registered students, it is very unlikely that you will be offered such a scholarship.

Type: Undergraduate

Eligibility: Candidates from underrepresented countries will be offered scholarship.

Selection Criteria: There are three main selection criteria:

  1. The country you come from. The less represented your country is (not only this year but also in past ISS editions), the greater your chances. There is not much you can do about this.
  2. The courses you apply for. Your contribution to international diversity is considered not only in the ISS as a whole but also in the courss you apply for. But you are not advised to make an artificial selection of courses in your application just in order to try to get a scholarship. This may even reduce the quality of your application, because an artificial selection of courses may not fit with your background or future prospects.
  3. The quality of your video. In your presentation video, indicate how the ISS and the courses you apply for fit with your background and future prospects. The video presentation is extremely important. This is some advice for a successful video presentation:
    • Record your video in landscape format, not portrait.
    • Try to be natural. Please, don’t read.
    • Explain why you would like to attend Universidade da Coruña’s International Summer School and your selection of courses in particular, and how this fits with your background and future prospects.
    • Highlight your contribution to the International Summer School’s diversity, for instance, by recording your video outdoors and showing us about the place you come from.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: 

  • Tuition fees plus accommodation and meals in a student hall of residence for up to one month.
  • Travel costs and the fees of the optional Spanish language course remain the responsibility of each individual student.

Duration of Scholarship: One month

How to Apply: In order to apply for a scholarship, candidate must tick the appropriate box in the student application form, and provide a video presentation.

Candidate must record a short video (around 1-2 minutes) stating the reasons why they would like to participate in Universidade da Coruña’s International Summer School and how that fits with their background and future prospects, post it on Youtube and send us the link (e.g.https://youtu.be/lbFLiYbZ-Rc). This would be close to a personal interview and give the selection board an idea about their motivation and communication skills in English.

Selected applicants’ videos will also be used by the University in order to promote the International Summer School.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: Universidade Da Coruna

Important Notes:

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