25 Must Have Android Apps for Smart Students to Boost Productivity

Life as a student does not have to be all tedious and hectic. Technology can help you study smarter, keep track of schedules and assignments, manage personal finance, connect with colleagues or even wake up in time for your studies. Take a look at these 25 android apps we consider educative, informative, entertaining or just […]

17 Common habits every student should break before you leave school

What do you spend most of your time on? You have two choices; to either feel disappointed and frustrated about the whole situation in the country: high rate of unemployment, poor governance etc or take responsibility for your career. It may not seem easy to accept, high unemployment rate or not, you are responsible for […]

A Prescription for Becoming a Doctor – from a medical school graduate

Written and submitted by Shan Ronald a medical school graduate When you decide that you are going to study medicine and become a doctor, you’re not making a choice, you’re making a commitment. It’s not something you should go into casually, and it’s difficult to really have a feeling of what you’re getting yourself into […]