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University of Bristol

Ranked among the top 50 universities in the world, the University of Bristol is one of the most popular and highly successful universities in the United Kingdom. The university is also the first university to admitting both men and women on equal scales.

The university has many features that make it stand out amidst others, some of which are discussed below.


The University of Bristol has been at the apex of global research and has continually made innovations and significant differences in diverse areas ranging from nanotechnology to cot death prevention and the likes.

Student Experience

One of the major aims of the University of Bristol is to equip students with the skills and knowledge that is required to help them succeed in their individual career. This is very important in a highly competitive global market.

Also, sustaining an institution is very important in every university setting, this is why the University of Bristol also together facts in their research process, the building, academic curriculum and also well-updated student experience.

Facts and figures

When running on their research, the institution makes sure they include all needed facts in areas as application ratios, graduate destinations, student numbers, UCAS tariff scores, financial figures, staff statistics, and other relevant information.

Tours and visits

The major tours and visits that go on within the university campus include school and college events, postgraduate visit days, undergraduate open days, campus tours, visit your country- for international students and many more.

University structure

The University is a chartered corporation and also an exempt charity organization with its legal status being derived from a royal charter granted in 1909.

Gender Equality

The university has since its inception being agitating for gender equality. This can be attributed to the fact that the University of Bristol is the first to admit both men and women on an equal scale.

Studying at the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol provides a modern and high-quality education that challenges all students to aspire for excellence in academics as well as other spheres of life. With their great teaching methods, the university also encourages students to be independent thinkers; subsequently, they get equipped with what is needed to respond to core problems in their environment and the world at large.

Research-informed teaching

Students are trained and equipped by top-notch academics whose research influences the students’ course of study. The teaching methods at the University of Bristol are well informed by researchers who are at the forefront of development in their field of study; this also makes the teaching very innovative and modern.

Facilities and resources

The institution offers many facilities and is still making tangible investments in new technology. Having about nine libraries, the institution calls out for more students to enjoy the new study spaces and other renovations that have occurred on the major campus.

Global opportunities

In line with the degree requirement, over 500 Bristol students are granted the opportunity to travel overseas and study or work. This is made possible through the partnership between the University of Bristol and many other institutions of the world.

Careers and employability

One thing the university can be commended for is adding to the public a well-oriented set of graduates who gives to the public what is needed. In this regard, the university graduate is the most-targeted by top-notch Britain’s graduate employers.

Undergraduate Study

With over 300 undergraduate courses at the University of Bristol, prospective students can choose their choice course leading to a degree. These courses are offered across six faculties and they are:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Social Sciences and Law
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences.

Postgraduate Study

Being a postgraduate student at the University of Bristol, you will be exposed to a quite number of things like studying with academics who are engaged in cutting-edge research. One thing that challenges students is experienced staff, strong and rigid research links as well as a reputation for innovation. All these make the days of a postgraduate excellent for future achievements.

The courses offered are so broad that students can choose any choice course, some of which include LLM, MA, and MSc degrees; Masters in Research, PhDs and many more.

University of Bristol Scholarships

While offering good education to the public, the University of Bristol also offers education to the less privileged from all levels of education and also to diverse countries of the world. Some of these scholarships are outlined below.


  • Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big about Global Justice Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Global Economics Undergraduate Scholarships


  • Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big about Arts Scholarships
  • Think Big about Global Justice Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Global Citizenship Scholarships
  • Global Economics Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Michael Wong Pakshong Bursary
  • Phyllis Mary Morris Bursaries

Global Citizenship Scholarships

This type of scholarship is very much needed as the school cannot cover all the needs of international and local students. With prestigious international partners, the institution also allows for scholarships from some organizations as listed below.

  • Aviva Scholarships: for students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam
  • Beacon Scholarship: for students from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
  • Postgraduate taught
  • Aviva Scholarships: for students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam
  • GREAT Indonesia Scholarship 2020: for students from Indonesia
  • GREAT Malaysia Scholarship 2020: for students from Malaysia

All being said, it has been made clear that the University of Bristol is a good choice for all students- both local and international- therefore, students need to look into what course they would be studying and be sure the schools fit into their needs.

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