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Apply for the most recent International Scholarships at University of Bristol UK

Ranked among the top 50 universities in the world, the University of Bristol is one of the most popular and highly successful universities in the United Kingdom. The university is also the first university to admit both men and women on equal scales.

In line with the degree requirement, over 500 Bristol students are granted the opportunity to travel overseas and study or work. This is made possible through the partnership between the University of Bristol and many other institutions of the world.

The University of Bristol offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate Scholarships for international students. Like the:

  • Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big about Global Justice Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Global Economics Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big about Arts Scholarships
  • Think Big about Global Justice Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Global Accounting and Finance Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Global Citizenship Scholarships
  • Global Economics Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Michael Wong Pakshong Bursary
  • Phyllis Mary Morris Bursaries
  • Beacon Scholarship: for students from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Below are the most recent international scholarships at the university of Bristol for students from Africa and developing countries.