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University of Bradford

The University of Bradford is a public research university in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. This plate glass university obtained its royal charter in 1966, making it the fortieth university to be established in Britain but can trace its history back to the founding of the Mechanics Institute of the prosperous West Yorkshire town in 1832. Bradford University is the first British higher education university to launch a modern business school known as School of Management which is regarded to be one of the world’s oldest and most respected triple-accredited business schools.

This truly modern school has been the first British university to offer a Peace Studies course and also the first to open a business school. The university has a total of five schools: Engineering & Informatics, Health Studies, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Management & Law.

Bradford University has won many honors over the past few years for its medicine and pharmacology programs. The International Development and Policy Research services are popular as well as its Peace Studies project. Last but not least, the country’s business school is known for the modernity of its teaching methods but also for the job prospects it provides. Tuition fees for an undergraduate degree at the University of Bradford rise to £ 9,000 per year.

Postgraduates Study

Bradford University offers more than 200 postgraduate study and CPD services including full-time, accessible part-time and online learning programs. Postgraduate students are able to broaden their horizons, network with colleagues and develop the skills necessary to take their profession to the next stage.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose to return to or continue your education at the University of Bradford. In other words, whichever type of postgraduate degree you decide to undertake, it will be a major investment in your future.

Opportunity to improve yourself as a career prospect

Fees for the postgraduate courses vary, with some funding available through scholarships, loans or employers. In fact, government research shows that you could get a significant return on your investment because of the following:

  • The average salary for someone with a postgraduate qualification in England is £39,000 – compared to £33,000 for graduates and £23,000 for non – graduates.
  • The research also shows that 77.8% of postgraduates work in high skilled employment and the unemployment rate among graduates is just 2.4%.

The University of Bradford has a dedicated Career Development Service with an advisor specializing in postgraduate students. They also offer a postgraduate Certificate in Professional Career Management in Practice, which is aimed at getting you into work.

Networking and Industry Experience

When you decide to study for a postgraduate degree, you are definitely not in isolation. You will be working alongside your peers with a wealth of experience – both behind them and ahead of them. You should make sure that you use that to your advantage as you might never know who may be in a position to help you and work with you in the future.

Even now, as part of your research, you are likely to come into contact with people in the industry who can benefit from your work and want to use your unique skills to provide a solution for real-world problems. At the University of Bradford taught course, chances are you will have the opportunity to do a placement in the industry.

Student Life at Bradford

Bradford University’s student village is named The Green, and it’s one of the top 10 student residences in the UK in terms of quality, but also size. The Green is on campus with 24/7 surveillance and free Wi-Fi. Students get their own space and enjoy a private bathroom as well. The students share the kitchen and the lounges. Accommodation for 42 weeks at The Green costs about £ 4380. Bradford University offers high quality education in a comfortable environment. Do not hesitate to contact a member of the Study Experience team for more detail regarding design criteria and applicable programmes.


Every year over £ 4 m spent in scholarships The University of Bradford offers a wide range of financial assistance to help you on your university tour, which spends about £ 4 m annually in the Access Program and other scholarships that support students from all backgrounds. Each year the university offers multiple non-repayable scholarships based on academic achievement, personal circumstances or economic hardship to British, EU and international students. Some of their grants often apply to research in a particular subject field. You may qualify for more than one form of scholarship but usually, only one reward can be awarded.

How to Apply

  • In order to acquire this bursary, applicants are expected to be enrolled in the university’s undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.
  • Supporting Document. You are expected to provide descriptions of your sporting and career ambitions, detailing why you believe a sporting scholarship should be granted (attach additional papers, if necessary).
  • Admission Requirement. If you are eligible for a university course, then you must fulfill the entrance requirements.
  • Language Requirement. Candidates must provide evidence of English competence in any of the undergraduate or postgraduate classes before being accepted.

The University of Bradford continues to grow its international reputation and course provision, while their research generates technological advancements, societal improvements, and healthcare and policy development. The school is a fantastic option for anyone looking for the flexibility of study and diverse culture as it receives applications from Africa, Asia, the south pacific and many more.

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