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The University College Cork is an international University established in the year 1845 and has its location in Cork, Ireland. It was earlier known as Queen’s College, Cork before it changed to University College Cork (UCC) in 1908 by the Irish Universities Act. The University is composed of 4 Colleges; they’re College of Science, Engineering and Food Science; College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science; College of Medicine and Health; and College of Business and Law.

In addition, UCC is one of the top leading Research Institutions in Ireland. Because of its world-class research facilities and excellent research strategy where the researchers and its team are able to carry out research in their area of interest. However, research centers in the University handle diverse areas such as Food and Health with the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, Nanoelectronics and many more.

Most importantly, according to the Times Higher Educational Rankings 2020, the University ranked 301 and 48th in European teaching ranking 2019 making one of the top 3% in the World University.

Available Programmes

The University has four Colleges that have up to 70 undergraduate degree programmes available to students willing to pursue a degree program at the University. The table below contains some of the courses offered for an undergraduate degree program.

Courses Offered

Programme Undergraduate
Business Programmes ·        Finance

·        Accounting

·        International Development

·        Business Information Systems

·        Commerce

·        Economics through Transformational Learning

·        Commerce International (With German)

Medicine & Health Programmes ·        Medicine

·        Paramedic Studies

·        Public Health Sciences

·        Occupational Therapy

·        Pharmacy

·        Dentistry

·        Speech and Language Therapy

·        Diploma in Dental Nursing

·        Medicine (Graduate Entry)

Science Programmes and Outlets ·        Computer Science

·        Data Science and Analytics

·        Biomedical Science

·        Genetics

·        Chemical Sciences

·        Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

·        Physics and Astrophysics

·        Biochemistry

Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences ·        Arts

·        English

·        Digital Humanities and Information Technology

·        Social Science

·        Theatre and Performative Practices

·        Geography and Archaeology

·        Applied Psychology

·        Arts – Music

Food & Nutritional Sciences Programmes ·        Nutritional Sciences

·        Food Science

Law Programmes ·        Law and Irish

·        Law Pathways

·        Law and French

·        Law and Business

Engineering & Architecture Programmes and Pathways ·        Engineering

·        Process and Chemical Engineering

·        Architecture


·        Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

·        Energy Engineering

Nursing and Midwifery Programmes ·        Nursing (General)

·        Midwifery

·        Nursing Studies

·        Nursing (Intellectual Disability)

·        Children’s & General Nursing (Integrated)

·        Nursing (Mental Health)

Arts Subjects ·        Economics

·        Applied Mathematics (Arts)

·        Computer Science (Arts)

·        Latin

·        English (Arts)


·        Politics

·        Sociology

·        History

·        Studies in Music

·        German

·        Religions and Global Diversity

For the postgraduate study, here is the list of some courses offered in the institution.

College Programmes
College of Medicine and Health ·        Obstetrics and Gynecology (MSc)

·        Midwifery (Diploma)

·        Public Health (MPH)

·        Dental Public Health (MDPH)

·        Nursing- Medical Surgical Nursing (PG/MSc/Diploma)

College of Business & Law ·        LLM – Business Law

·        Food Marketing (MSc)

·        MSc Health Economics

·        International Human Rights Law and Public Policy (LLM)

·        Accounting and Corporate Finance

College of Science, Engineering & Food Science ·        Food Science and Technology

·        Ecological Assessment (PG Diploma)

·        Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Engineering (MEngSc)

·        Biotechnology

·        Applied Computing Technology

College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Social Sciences ·        Digital Cultures (Online – MA)

·        Applied Linguistics

·        Economics

·        Coaching Psychology (MA)

·        Philosophy (PG Diploma)

·        Politics (HDip in Arts)

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the Eligibility criteria for students’ application and admission into the University College Cork for a course study.

Degree Eligibility Criteria
Master of Business Administration IELTS: From 6.5 Upward

TOEFL: From 90 & Upward

PTE: From 63 & Upward


Master of Science IELTS: From 6.5 to 7

TOEFL: From 90 & Upward

PTE: From 63 & Upward


Master of Finance IELTS: From 7 & Upward

TOEFL: From 90 & Upward

PTE: From 63 & Upward


Master of Engineering IELTS: From 6.5 to 7

TOEFL: From 90 & Upward

PTE: From 63 & Upward


Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering IELTS: From 6 to 6.5

TOEFL: From 80 to 90

PTE: From 59 & Upward


Management Information Systems IELTS: From 6.5 & Upward

TOEFL: From 90 & Upward

PTE: From 63 & Upward


Bachelor of Business Administration IELTS: From 6 & Upward

TOEFL: From 80 & Upward


 Tuition Fees

Here is a rundown detail of student’s tuition fees in the institution each year. Also, the fee varies for different degree programmes.

Degree Annual Tuition Fee
Master of Business Administration €18,000
Master of Science €18,000 to €22,000
Master of Finance €18,000
Master of Engineering €18,000  to €22,000
Management Information Systems €18,000
Bachelor of Technology/ Bachelor of Engineering €17,850  to €22,000
Bachelor of Business Administration  €17,850

UCC is famous for the quality of its academic programmes, excellent research facilities and its outstanding student life. It has up to 21,000 students studying both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programme. Also, it captivates students from more than 100 countries in pursuit of a degree programme in the institution.

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