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Scholarships in Spain

Spain is a popular and well-known country by many international students for high-quality education rendered at very reasonable prices. Spain is also a very popular tourist destination across Europe and the rest of the world. While having its location on the Iberian Peninsula, the beautiful country is bordered by Portugal and France.

Spain has a very long and rich history and culture. The country is also for its creative buildings, food, architecture as well as wonderful climate. There are also many autonomous regions with a very distinct culture even local languages at times; all these things make the country unique and give them more international recognition from students across the globe.

In buttress of the country’s beauty, there are eye-catchy landscapes that vary from high mountains to beaches and the likes. There are also very historic and modern universities to study from in virtually every small and large city in the country.

Studying in Spain

Studying in Spain is usually more fun than students do imagine before traveling the distance. In Spain, there is a wide range of courses from which students can choose to study. Studying in Spain might require native speakers of English to brush up their acquaintance with the Spanish language as this will make interactions between them and the locals easier. Aside from making it easier to communicate with locals, they will also have knowledge in the fourth most spoken language in the world!

In buttress of that, life as a Spanish student remains a top-notch experience as you will also be able to meet many people from diverse countries who have- just as yourself- traveled some miles to achieve their aim of studying in Spain. It is also important to understand that students do not just have fun in Spain, they also take out some extra time to read extensively towards good examination grades as the Spanish curriculum does not condone failure.

The cost of living in Spain usually varies based on students’ location, generally, houses in Spain for students are usually very affordable and easy to afford compared to other locations. Food is relatively cheap and there are also many affordable fashion clothes that are inexpensive; all these fit into every student’s budget. While housing in students’ area is said to be cheap, it could be expensive to have houses in major cities like Barcelona and Madrid; students can decide to settle for less expensive cities like Sevilla and Valencia.

Also, note that transportation in Spain is also inexpensive, this will help you experience and explore wherever you want to in Spain with ease. That said, the normal tuition fees for public universities usually start from about 750 EUR to about 2,500 EUR while private universities can pay up to about 20,000 EUR annually as tuition.

Universities offering scholarships in Spain

Upon the fact that there are many international students in Spain, there are also many universities offering scholarships in Spain. Most of these universities are internationally recognized and have high rankings amidst other universities of the world; they also offer wide range courses of which students can choose from. While most universities offer most of their courses in Spanish, there is a growing awareness of universities now taking their courses solely in the English language, this is catchy progress for all.

  1. Pompeu Fabra University

Although, Pompeu Fabra University is somewhat young compared to other Spanish universities; however, the university has some specific strengths that make it keep thriving amidst other institutions. Pompeu Fabra University has very significant impacts on humanities, social sciences, life sciences, health as well as communication and ICT. The official language spoken in Pompeu Fabra University is Catalan: this language has many job advantages for the speakers. This means students who speak fluent Catalan have better advantages around Barcelona than those who don’t.

  1. University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the third-best Spanish university and also one of the biggest in Spain. The institution welcomes a huge number of students from across diverse countries of the world. They also offer scholarships to willing students who want to study in the country. These scholarships help students choose from about 73 bachelor’s degree courses, over 140 masters degree courses and about 50 doctoral programs.

These are few of all the universities offering scholarships in Spain, other universities with good scholarship schemes and nice facilities for international students include the Autonomous University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Navarra and many more.

Finally, For some people, studying in a foreign country is like a once an in a lifetime thing that they might never have the chance to experience it again; then how do you use that opportunity to your most advantage? Particularly, studying in Spain will definitely be an unforgettable experience as there is so much to explore and learn about the language and the way of life of the people inhabiting the country.

Spain is a popular destination for many foreign students, sure will not be missing out on both academics and social life. While you grow as a person, you will also develop your skills and utilize your potentials to your maximum advantage. Also, mingling and meeting people of like minds will give you a remarkable experience.