HOT: 10 Common Scholarship Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)?

10 Common Scholarship Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)?

What are the common scholarship interview questions interviewers ask? How do you answer these questions to increase your competitive advantage? By the time you are done reading this article, you will be ready to go for your next scholarship interview with confidence. If your scholarship application successfully proves to a scholarship provider that you are … Read more

Common Scholarship Essay Questions and How to Answer Them

Common Scholarship Essay Questions

A lot of scholarships today make essays one of their selection criteria. This article will help you answer these scholarship essay questions.

MasterCard Scholarship Winner Reveals How he got 4 University Admissions and 3 Scholarships at a time – Interview with Moses Onyeabor

After applying to 7 schools abroad, he was offered 4 university admissions and 3 scholarships in the United States. He is currently studying for bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at Arizona State University on MasterCard Foundation Scholarship which covers his tuition fees, living expenses, laptop computer, air tickets and more. Today, Moses shares the success secrets … Read more

10 Things You Must Know Before Attending a Visa Interview

Things You Must Know Before Attending a Visa Interview

To attend a visa interview, there is always an unresolved fear you must conquer – the fear of not fumbling at the interview venue. Here are some other tips to help

“I Believed…” Two University of Toronto MasterCard Scholarship Winners Share Their Success Formula

Ugo Ndem-Chijioke and Oghenebrorhie Emuophedaro are two straight As’ students from humble backgrounds in Nigeria who became winners of the University of Toronto MasterCard scholarship in 2015 and 2016 respectively. ‘Brorhie as he prefers to be called and Ugo, both undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering, share their hurdles and experiences of winning a scholarship in … Read more

Adebayo (ASA Reader) Wins 100% Scholarship to Study in Belgium – Read & Learn from His Inspiring Story

Adebayo Afuape is a Food Science and Technology graduate from a humble village in Ibadan, Nigeria. He would have gone the usual way of thinking he had no chance at foreign education and simply settled for a job in his hometown all the while dreaming of what he could become with a little more exposure. … Read more