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Across the Indian Ocean and away from the East African coast lies Madagascar which is known by some as the Red Island. The country is a unique and outstanding crossroads between the African and Asian continents cum a very eye catchy destination with both natural and cultural values standing erectly; further making it a warm place to welcome tourists and students alike.

Technically, Madagascar could be said to be a part of Madagascar due to close regions shared with the African continent. The official language spoken in Madagascar is Malagasy, the latter is by its linguistics an Austronesian language, which has a lot of resemblances -in the intonation- with the ones spoken in Hawaii and Indonesia, taking it out of what is spoken in the Mainland Africa. However, students will have good access to the vibes, lifestyle, and culture of a blend between the African and Asian cultural values.

Studying in Madagascar

Why a lot of people derive some level of knowledge and exposure while studying abroad, it is important to always perfect the process and fill yourself with the most important information as regards your studying. In your choice of studying in Madagascar, there are some things to consider before choosing your program, here are some of the things to consider.

Academic Life

The first and most important thing to consider before choosing your program is what your academic interests are as well as what you hope at achieving during your course of study abroad. For students who are deeply interested in sciences and environmental studies, the environment allows for students to gain better knowledge as there are many resources in Madagascar that will impact better in them. Madagascar is also a good choice location for interested students in sociology, government, history as well as geography; this doesn’t mean that other courses of study would be a wrong choice here, the analysis is based on environmental qualities.

Housing and Accommodation

A lot of students who study in Madagascar live with their parents and sometimes their families throughout their course of study. This is a good choice for students who are willing to learn more about the lifestyle and culture of the people of Madagascar. That being said, it is noteworthy that the people of Madagascar have cultures that them to accommodate and live peacefully with strangers and visitors. This means international students have less worry caring about extravagant payments, usually, the houses would have running water and constant electricity.

Social Life and Student Culture

In most cases, programs that for international students to study in Madagascar would have a number of travel components that would be added to their program, this enables students to see round famous destinations and tourist centers. Students also have access to social activities like sports as well as other extracurricular activities they so desire to engage in.

Top scholarships for students from Madagascar

In regards to scholarships, it could be a very overwhelming thing to realize that there are many of them out there and are also available for grabs. The problem in most cases is what they are, how to find them as well as how to partake in the process and utilize what they offer to our advantage. That little information is what you will find below.

  • ARES Scholarships for Developing Countries

This scholarship is a Belgium initiative and is up for grab by Madagascar students as well as students from developing countries. The fully-funded scholarship is for those willing to pursue degrees in Agriculture, Food Technology, International Relations, Health, Economics and also other choice courses.

  • VLIR-UOS Scholarships

While also from a Belgium organization, unlike the other scholarship, VLIR-UOS Scholarships is for all international students wanting to gain degrees -either undergraduate or postgraduate- from any course they so desire to.

  • Adelbert Study Scholarships

The Swedish bodies also are making handy impacts in education, however, they seem to be making technology a bigger priority; noting that it is predictably the future of the present generation. Adelbert Study Scholarships are fully funded and for eligible international students who want to pursue a degree in technology-related courses.

Top Universities in Madagascar

Madagascar has many public and private universities where handy and high-end courses are offered to increase the value of education in the country. However, amidst all these institutions, these few ones have made up the list as the top universities in Madagascar based on criteria that across recognition and accreditation by national academic bodies.

  • Reformed University of Madagascar
  • University of Mahajanga
  • University of Antsiranana
  • University of Antananarivo
  • University of North Madagascar
  • University of Toliara
  • University of Toamasina
  • University of Fiananrantsoa
  • Zurcher Adventist University

General Tuition fees in Madagascar

Education in Madagascar is not all free in Madagascar except when students are on scholarships. That being said, checking through the average amount paid as tuition fees in Madagascar is important and further outlined below.

Pre-Registration Fee (one time only – for applicants) – $150

Capital Fee (one time only – for newly admitted students) – $5,500

Registration Fee (annual) – $250

Tuition and Fees (annual)

Pre-Kindergarten – $12,500

Elementary (Kindergarten to 5th grade) – $19,450

Middle School (6th-8th grade) – $21,320

High School (9th-12th grade) – $21,320

Other school fees         

Learning support* (annual)

> Level 1 – $1,500

> Level 2 – $2,500

> Level 3 – $3,500

The aforementioned payment is the average general tuition fees in a normal Madagascar school setting.

Truth be told, Madagascar has a lot of natural features ranging from lemurs to miniature chameleons as well as a number of vast rock forests commonly called tsingy forests, there are also baobab trees which are all a huge beauty and inspiration to students who love to admire nature. Therefore, anyone who chooses to study in Madagascar should be ready for both the good and bad, beautiful and rough and other opposites and plain seasons filled with adventure!