Here are 10 Businesses You Can Start With a Law Degree?

10 Businesses You Can Start With a Law Degree

Thinking of the business ideas you can start with a law degree? We’ve got your back! Apart from being a practicing lawyer, there are other aspects you can explore to make money. We have listed out 10 different businesses you can start as a graduate with a law degree: 1. Legal consulting business As a … Read more

Video: 13 Practical Ways to Make Money as a Student (or as anyone else)

Make money online as a student

Anyone, student or entrepreneur, young or old, can earn a decent extra income with at least one of these methods. You can use the extra income to support your education, pay bills, travel or whatever it is your heart desires. Do you think pursuing a university degree and making money simultaneously are incompatible? Think again. … Read more

Entrepreneurship is like changing a flat tire while the car is still moving

I gave a speech titled “Dare to live your dream”, about 2 weeks ago. As a result of the feedback I received from the distinguished audience, I think it’ll be nice to share it with you here hoping it connects with you, as it did with them. Keep reading. Originally published on Have you … Read more