Entrepreneurship is like changing a flat tire while the car is still moving

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I gave a speech titled “Dare to live your dream”, about 2 weeks ago. As a result of the feedback I received from the distinguished audience, I think it’ll be nice to share it with you here hoping it connects with you, as it did with them. Keep reading. Originally published on Blogerian.com

  • Have you ever changed a flat tire while the car is still running?
  • Are you tired of waiting for that salary increment and Christmas bonuses – the 13th month that will never come? Disappointments here and there.
  • Are you among those clamoring to be spoon fed in the name of job security? Going on industrial Strike like it’s their birthright?
  • Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is like changing a flat tire while the car is still moving.

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Entrepreneurship is like changing a flat tire while the car is still running
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What this means is that, in all its uncertainties, you often have no idea where to even start from. There are no guarantees you’ll figure it all out. But entrepreneurs are designed to see things differently. They begin with the end in mind. They are not motivated by what they see but by what they envision; Going Beyond the present into a world of possibilities. That is why entrepreneurship is the bedrock upon which nations economies are built.

The story of an Entrepreneur

Once upon a time, there was a young boy, Ingvar Kamprad, raised on a farm, near a small village in Sweden. At an early age, Kamprad started buying and selling matches and pencils. At age 17, his father gave him a cash reward for doing well in school. Kamprad did not spend that money on luxury or pleasure like most young people of his age would. Instead with this money, he founded his company, named IKEA.

6 years later, after dabbling in various kinds of businesses, he decided to focus on furniture making. Soon, his company was faced with severe price competition. It was time to innovate or die. At that time, furniture items were produced and transported as one bulky piece of item… resulting to increase in cost of production, transportation and storage. Kamprad knew that for him to remain in business, he needed to do more than produce quality furniture.

One day one of his employees, Gillis Lundgren was having difficulty fitting a table for transport. After several unsuccessful trials out of frustration he shouted: “Oh God! Let’s pull off the legs and put them underneath!” These words found refuge on Kamprad’s mind. Like a flash of light bulb, he was struck with an idea… that gave birth to a low cost product line… furniture designed in parts to be assembled by customers on delivery.

An exclamation of frustration from an employee sparked up an idea that established IKEA as a cost leader in furniture business and eventually changed the way furniture is manufactured. Kamprad was willing to follow his entrepreneurial dream. He was willing to date as many businesses as possible until he found his true love. And they lived happily ever after… but not without the troubles of sacred union.

He later became one of the world richest men. Read more about Ingvar Kamprad

Getting started with the right frame of mind

At the founding of the United States of America, the critical question at the constitutional convention held in 1786 was not, Who should be president? Who should lead us? or Who is the wisest among us?” NO! The founders concentrated on such questions as, “What processes can we create that will give us good presidents long after we are dead and gone? What type of enduring country do we want to build? On what principles? How should it operate? What guidelines and mechanisms should we construct that will give us the king of the country we envision? It was on answers to these questions that the United States was established.

You’ll agree with me that like the visionary founders of the United States, to build a great nation we need entrepreneurs. And as an entrepreneur, you need to look beyond the present into the future within and beyond your life span.

  • First, have an idea, you raw material
  • Second, authenticate your idea by answering the question – Will it improve the lives of people and eventually make money? You will agree with me that the purpose of every business is to improve lives and make money.
  • Next, create a sustainable process to refine your idea into actionable steps
  • Most importantly, stay hungry and curious.

If you desire going beyond the comfort of average, don’t wait for the green light to turn on. Start with what you have, even if it’s just your sanity.

Think about it; Noah an amateur built an ark that sailed for forty days and forty nights to preserve the human race; professionals built the Titanic that sailed for four days and sank with over 1,500 human casualties. What made ignorant Noah with crude tools success where professionals failed?

Dare your live your dream

You’ll agree with me that it doesn’t matter your level of education or experience. I am an entrepreneur in the making; a work in progress. And each one of us must make his or her own voyage through darkness and danger to the light that beacons in the distance – a journey to fulfillment or be caught in the rat race.

And the problem with the rat race is that; even if you win, you are still rat. You only end up a bigger rat.

My dear friends, is your dream to become a big rat? If No, then, enter the race you are designed to run – the human race. Forget the cheese; go for significance – for purpose and meaning. Jump off the cliff and build your wings on your way down. Sail away from safe harbor. Weather the tempest. Dream! Venture! And Discover!


  • Ikenna Odinaka C. is a Writer, Career Development Professional, Entrepreneur, Educator and Investor. He is the founder of AfterschoolAfrica.com, AfterSchoolMedia.com and Edxtra.com. He has also co-founded other businesses in Education, technology and media industry. He is passionate about the future of work, entrepreneurship and helping young people explore opportunities to develop their financial capability. You can read his best content on AfterSchoolMedia.com and watch his insightful videos on YouTube

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