Apply for the Giving Joy Grant Program for Women 2024

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Applications are currently open for the 2024 Giving Joy Grant Program for Women. To benefit from this opportunity, read the application details below: 

When is the Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the 2024 Giving Joy Grant Program for Women is 30th September 2024. 

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Tell Me About The Award:

The Giving Joy is currently accepting grant applications that aim to support initiatives led by women. These grants provide crucial resources to female entrepreneurs, helping them start businesses, develop skills, sustain operations, or expand their ideas on a global level. The positive effects of these small grants spread through communities, improving capabilities, expanding resource availability, creating employment opportunities, and generating revenue.

Also, the initiatives funded by the grants result in increased opportunities and support for all those impacted by the recipient’s project. Proposed grant activities must have social benefits for the community beyond financial aspects. A greater social impact increases the chances of grant approval. The funds will not support merchandise, stock, advertisements, or personal marketing. Moreover, it is essential to provide specific details about how the funds will be used (e.g., event, training). This should include estimated costs, event specifics, target audience, and benefits for women, girls, and families. Additionally, qualitative impact information such as training for 10 women, each of whom can train 10 more, benefiting 20 families and 50 children, should be provided.

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Which Fields are Eligible?

Female entrepreneurs 



Who can Apply?

The application is open to women from ages 18 and above. 

How are Applicants Selected?

Also, applicants are scored based on the following:

  • The degree of alignment with the Giving Joy Mission
  • Also, your proposed grant activities are innovative, and creative and will have a positive impact on women, their families, and their communities  
  • The effective use of grant funding for your proposed activities
  • The grant impact is clearly outlined, well articulated, and measurable

Which Countries Are Eligible?

All countries 

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Where will the Award be Taken?

Applicant’s country 

How Many Awards?

Not specified

What is the Benefit of the Award?

Furthermore, beneficiaries will also enjoy various amounts ranging from $250 to $500 for their businesses.

How to Apply:

Finally, applications are online. Only the applications submitted online will be considered for the grant. 

Visit the Award Webpage for Details


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