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ALISON stands for ‘Advance Learning Interactive System ONline’ offering Free Online Courses, Workplace Skills, Interactive Education and Multimedia learning

ALISON, launched in April 2007, is a FREE online learning resource of interactive multimedia certification/ standard-based learning, providing a new world of free online learning opportunities. Since its startup, over 50Million lessons have been delivered and learners have spent over 2Million hours studying on ALISON platform.

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ALISON online learning coursesCourses on ALISON are created and published by Reputable organizations, lecturers/professors from international Universities worldwide, tutors and professionals. You will find courses published by Advance Learning, Amazon Web Services, Android Developers, British Council, Google, Google SketchUp, Health and Safety Authority, Math Planet, Microsoft, MIT Media Lab, OpenLearn, Stanford, SUN Microsystems etc

Free Courses Subjects

ALISON offers a variety of courses for free learning in the following Subjects

  • Business and Enterprise Skills
  • Digital Literacy & IT Skills
  • Financial & Economic Literacy
  • Health & Safety & Compliance
  • Health Literacy
  • Personal Development & Soft Skills
  • Diploma Courses
    • Diploma in Psychology
    • Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Diploma in Legal Studies
    • Diploma in Health Studies
    • Diploma in Project Management
    • Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health
    • Diploma in Operations Management
    • Diploma in Human Resources
    • Health & Safety (Irish Legislation Only)
    • Languages
    • Schools Curriculum

Learn on ALISON

Individual learners can take courses On ALISON for free. The learning process for free certification is in 3 easy steps

1. Create your ALISON account

2. Study any of the Courses

3. Get Certified

ALISON Certification

With ALISON you can self-certify, at Certificate or Diploma level, on a wide range of courses across ten subject areas.

ALISON Certificate-level courses take on average 1 to 2 hours to complete while the Diploma courses take approximately 10 to 11hours. Through your study you will be assessed and, should you achieve a pass rate on your assessments, you will become an ALISON graduate and be entitled to purchase a certificate or Diploma Parchment (as low as $20).

Approaching 100,000 people worldwide have graduated on ALISON courses since 2007

ALISON Manager

If you are a teacher, trainer, tutor or HR manager, you can set up a web-based monitoring group for ALISON free online courses. ALISON Manager is a complete, secure, web-based monitoring and reporting system for tracking all of your learners’ activity on the courses you have selected for them.

ALISON Manager is available for most ALISON courses, including ALISON’s own IT-skills certification ALISON ABC IT.

ALISON charges a nominal fee for the use of ALISON Manager. If your organization cannot afford to pay this nominal fee, the charge will be waived.

ALISON Testing

ALISON Testing allows any organisation (employers, recruiters, schools etc.), to test any ALISON certification holder.

An ALISON test is a short quiz of randomly generated courses-specific questions that test the knowledge and skill level of the certificate holder. This testing procedure can validate at any time whether or not an ALISON certificate holder possesses the relevant knowledge.

Publish on ALISON

If you’re a teacher, tutor, lecturer or instructor, you can Partner with ALISON to make your interactive learning content available to learners worldwide. ALISON offers various publishing and certification services to private businesses, governments, non-profits and Non-Government organizations worldwide.

To sign up as an individual or organization visit ALISON here

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