Apply for Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Finland 2024

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PhD Scholarships in Finland with Full Funding Available in 2024 (Application Process)

Finland has announced the availability of 1,000 fully financed PhD slots across its universities, marking the start of an ambitious journey to establish itself as a global leader in higher education and research. The government of Finland has committed a substantial sum of 255 million euros to this effort, which will take place between 2024 and 2027 and will support PhD education in the nation.

The goal of the move is to greatly advance research in a number of cutting-edge areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), education, the circular economy, and cancer treatment, in addition to attracting top talent from around the globe.

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What is the PhD Scholarships in Finland about?

For doctoral researchers, this extensive program offers a three-year employment contract that offers a distinctive combination of academic rigor and financial stability. It is a significant opportunity that will benefit doctorate candidates worldwide, allowing them to pursue full-time research without the financial uncertainty that usually accompanies such endeavors.

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Twelve Finnish universities are involved in the effort, each with its own areas of expertise and research priorities. The participating universities are listed below, along with links to their PhD application procedures. The purpose of this guide is to give potential applicants a clear path forward:

  1. Aalto University: Specializing in technology, business, and design, Aalto is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research, and you can read its PhD programme details here at Aalto University Doctoral Education Pilot page.
  2. University of Helsinki (HY): It is known for its comprehensive research in life sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Check out the out the details here at University of Helsinki Doctoral Education Pilot.
  3. University of Oulu: Focuses on technology, health, and societies, bridging the gap between science and practical applications. Check details here at University of Oulu Doctoral Education Pilot
  4. University of Turku (UTU): This university engages in multidisciplinary research spanning from biomedicine and technology to cultural studies. Check out the details here at University of Turku Doctoral Education Pilot
  5. Lappeenranta University of Technology: This school concentrates on sustainable energy and technology management, driving innovation in green technologies. Check out details here at Lappeenranta Doctoral School
  6. University of Eastern Finland (UEF): A hub for research in forest sciences, health, and social sciences, addressing global challenges. Check out details here at University of Eastern Finland Doctoral Education Pilot
  7. University of Jyväskylä (JYU): This school offers robust programs in education, psychology, and physical sciences, fostering a holistic research environment. Check out the details here at University of Jyväskylä Doctoral Education Pilot.
  8. Tampere University (TUNI): is known for its interdisciplinary research across technology, health, and society. So now you may check details here at Tampere University Doctoral Education Pilot.
  9. University of Vaasa (Uwasa): This school specializes in business studies, administration, and engineering, with a focus on sustainable development. Check details here at University of Vaasa Doctoral Education.
  10. Åbo Akademi University: Focuses on minority research, biotechnology, and chemical engineering, offering a diverse research landscape. Check details here at Åbo Akademi University Doctoral Education Pilots.
  11. University of Lapland (Lapin yliopisto): Engages in art and design, law, and social sciences, reflecting the unique culture and environment of the region. Check out the details here at University of Lapland Doctoral Studies.
  12. Hanken School of Economics (Svenska handelshögskolan): Offers programs in economics and business administration, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethics. Check out details here at Hanken PhD Programme.

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How to apply for the PhD position in Finland in 2024

Under the Finnish doctoral education plan, a PhD post entails a number of crucial milestones. Although each university may have different criteria, the following advice offers a broad overview of how to go through the application process:

  1. Select Your Program: Investigate the universities and their PhD programs to find one that matches your interests.
  2. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the academic qualifications, language requirements, and any other criteria specified by the program.
  3. Prepare Documents: Compile your application documents, typically including a CV, academic transcripts, a research proposal, letters of recommendation, and a motivation letter.
  4. Submit Application: Apply via the university’s portal or as instructed on their website, attaching all required documentation.
  5. Interview Process: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview, which could be online or in-person, to discuss their research proposal and fit for the program.
  6. Acceptance: If successful, you’ll receive an offer letter. Accept the offer and complete any further enrollment steps as directed by the university.
  7. Start Your PhD: Begin your research journey, under the guidance of your supervisor, and take advantage of the resources and community at your university.