These Universities in the US have Low Tuition fees and Low Entry Barriers

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The cost of higher education in the US is indeed higher than in most other nations. However, it’s also a popular choice for international students looking to study abroad. You are probably already aware of these if you plan to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the United States. However, did you also know that there are several reasonably priced four-year colleges with low tuition fees and recognized master’s programs available to foreign students in the United States?

In this article, you will be taken through some of the top universities in the USA that have low tuition fees and low entry barriers.

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Low tuition universities in the USA for international students (between $3,000 and $20,000 per semester)

You’ll see that not all of the colleges on this list are Ivy League institutions situated in major cities. However, this does not imply that their education will be of low quality. Because living expenses are cheaper at these affordable US universities, you can enjoy a better quality of life, a more intimate learning environment, and a vibrant student community.

We suggest the following affordable US universities for overseas students:

(Remember that the tuition price listed above does not cover living expenses, books, or lodging.)

1. Nicholls State University

Located in a small city in Louisiana, Nicholls State University is a public university offering a wide range of programs, from nursing to culinary arts. It is one of the safest campuses in the state, with 1,255 undergraduate students living on campus, according to their official website. 

Location: Louisiana’s Thibodaux

Tuition: $4,482.90 for bachelor’s students based on 15 hours each semester, $4,440.36 for master’s students based on 15 hours per semester.

2. Eastern New Mexico University

One of the cheapest 4-year universities in the Southwest US, Eastern New Mexico University offers choices for both remote and on-site learning. Additionally, small class sizes create a more personal learning atmosphere where students can more readily get to know the instructors.

Portales, New Mexico, is the location of the school.

The cost of tuition is $8,568 for undergraduates and $7,110 for graduate students annually.

3. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University is a privately funded research institution supported by the Latter-day Saint Church of Jesus Christ. Its campuses are located in Idaho, Utah, and Hawaii. Although the majority of its students are church members, individuals from various religious backgrounds are welcome to enroll at BYU.

Location: Laie, Hawaii; Rexburg, Idaho; Provo, Utah

In Utah, tuition costs are $6,304 for undergraduate students and $14,636 for graduate students each semester.

4. Bridgewater State University

In the capital of Massachusetts, you will find the peaceful college town of Bridgewater, and Bridgewater State University has a robust student community that characterizes this public college. More than 2,000 students live on campus in 11 different residence halls.

Location: Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Tuition fees: $7,050 per semester for bachelor’s students, $488.50 per credit per hour for master’s students

5. Minnesota State University—Moorhead

Minnesota State University-Moorhead allows students to enroll from 58 different countries, offers 213 different majors, and offers many courses for online learning.

Location: Moorhead, Minnesota

Tuition fees: $8,837 per semester for 12–18 credits

6. Mississippi University for Women

According to the Mississippi University for Women website, compared to graduates from other regional institutions in the South, these students graduate with less debt. Another name for this university is the first public college in the country for women.

Location: Columbus, Mississippi

Tuition fees: $3,883 per semester for 9–13 credits 

7. Southwest Minnesota State University

Southwest Minnesota State University features a vibrant campus life, including student homes, clubs, and organizations, and focuses on liberal arts majors. They provide liberal arts and professional degree programs.

Location: Marshall, Minnesota

Tuition fees: $10,116 per year for bachelor’s students, $9,324 per year for master’s students

8. Delta State University

Delta State University is located in Cleveland, Mississippi, regarded as one of the nicest small towns in the South. Due to its vibrant music scene, diverse student body, and excellent dining options, Cleveland is a popular place for students to live. It’s also a reasonably priced place to reside.

Location: Cleveland, Mississippi

Tuition fees: $4,217 per semester for 12–19 hours

9. Bemidji State University

For those who enjoy the great outdoors and the cold months, Bemidji State University is a southern location, nestled between the lakes and the forests of Minnesota. It provides distance learning choices in addition to seventy bachelor’s and eight master’s degree programs. This university has a lovely residence hall if you intend to live on campus.

Location: Bemidji, Minnesota

Tuition fees: $10,150 for two semesters 

10. Henderson State University

Henderson State University provides overseas students with scholarships that reduce their tuition costs based on their GPA. Depending on family income, they may potentially be eligible for further financial aid.

Location: Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Tuition fees: $7,480 based on 15 hours per semester

11. South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University boasts a bustling campus, 80 majors, and 97 minors. For the past three years running, its campus has been named the safest in the state. In addition, Brookings, a tiny city in South Dakota, is regarded as a pleasant place to call home. 

Location: Brookings, South Dakota

Tuition fees: $5,642 based on 15 credits per semester

12. National Louis University

National Louis University gives full-time international students a $7,599 annual, renewable stipend. More than 8,000 students in Illinois and Florida choose their career-focused education program.

Location: Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida

Tuition fees: $19,350 per year, based on 14–18 hours

How international students can make their education more affordable in the US

Even after finding a cheap university and receiving a scholarship, do you still require additional funding to continue your education in the US? The following are universities that offer low tuition fees:

  • Stay in student dorms.

You might not want to worry about deposits, groceries, or energy costs while living overseas due to the rising cost of living globally. With all-inclusive amenities, first-year students particularly love the student residences.

  • Give student towns more priority than large cities.

You will be near campus with student gatherings and activities if you attend college in a small town. In larger residential towns that are commuter cities, you would probably have to travel to your classes. 

  • Seek out discounts for students.

In addition to restaurants and cafes, pubs, bookshops, clothing stores, movie theaters, and many other establishments provide student discounts.

  • Buy used textbooks, furniture, or clothes. 

When former students are moving out, they often sell their belongings to new students. This is a win-win situation that could save you so much money.

  • Apply for a scholarship.

Most of the affordable universities listed here also offer scholarship options for international students, based on merit or need. You can also find over 1,000 scholarships.

  • Work part-time.

You can work less than 20 hours a week as a part-time employee on campus if you hold an F1 student visa. International students can work as tutors, campus ambassadors, baristas, receptionists, and sales assistants, depending on the type of visa they have.

Consider that long-distance learning is also an option

Distance learning allows you to still get a US degree even if you are not physically present in the nation. This allows you to pay less for tuition while avoiding the expense of living overseas and the hassle of obtaining a student visa. If this piques your curiosity, you might want to look into attending other online colleges, like Walden University and Kettering University Online to see if their programs fit your needs.

Make sure to research AfterschoolAfrica to learn more about other cheap universities in the USA for international students. Depending on your field, you might be able to find other affordable on-site or online study options.

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