QUIZ: Which study destination are you based on your personality? Take this quiz

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This quiz can help you find out if you should pick a study destination in Ireland, the USA, the UK, or Australia! 

As you get ready, take out a pencil and jot down your responses to each question. Don’t worry if you can’t find a response that fits your personality! Simply select the most appropriate option. Recall that it’s all merely for fun. All set? Now let’s move! 

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1. You woke up this morning, and it’s still early. How do you usually get ready in the morning?

a) What a lovely day it is for a quick morning jog or to go to the beach! After that, I’ll get a latté.

b) Before stuffing myself with pancakes and maple syrup, I prefer to take a trip in the forest to enjoy the fresh air. 

c) I prefer to start my days quietly. I’ll eat a complete breakfast of fried eggs, potatoes, and sausage, along with a cup of coffee, as I watch the sun come up. 

d) I read the newspaper and have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. I relish the silence and the moment.

e) I start my day with a cup of coffee and a quick glance at social media or the news. I might then go to the gym and do a little yoga. 

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2. You had such a good time this morning that you didn’t realize it was getting late for work. What action plan do you have?

a) I won’t overthink things. By working quickly and getting a coffee to keep me going, I’ll make up for lost time. 

b) I’ll sprint to work and offer a heartfelt apology for being late. I’ll make up for it by staying up a little later or making sure I get a lot done. 

c) I’ll move quickly. When I get there, I’ll lighten the mood with a few jokes or strike up a conversation to defuse the situation. 

d) I’ll rush to work and say I’m sorry for being late. I’ll concentrate on finishing my work for the remainder of the day. I may offer to stay a little later or look for other methods to make it up to you. 

e) I’ll dash into work, notify my colleagues by SMS, and make sure to make up for any lost time when I get there. I’ll work extra hard to make up for it. 

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3. It’s lunchtime, hooray! What’s on the menu and what are your plans?

a) I’m going to a neighborhood café or BBQ place for a laid-back lunch with friends. I might even pick up some delicious fish or a classic meat pie! 

b) While exploring the city, I might stop for a quick bite at a neighborhood diner, or I might get a big sandwich or poutine. 

c) I’ll grab a few friends and go to a nice bar for a hearty dinner. I’m going to order a roast or some stew. 

d) I’m going to spend my lunch alone in a tea room or pub in the area. I’m going to get some soup or fish and chips. 

e) Before returning to work, if there’s still time, I’ll have some takeout, maybe a salad or burger. Snacks will sustain me if not.

4. Oh no! Unintentionally, your coworker spills coffee over your shirt. How do you proceed?

a) Fear not—accidents do happen! I’ll shrug it off and attempt to mop up the mess while chuckling. 

b) Don’t worry; mishaps do occur. I’ll comfort my coworker, mop it up with a paper towel, and continue with my day. 

d) Not an inconvenience! I’ll grin, shrug it off, and move on.

d) I could say something like, “Oh no, never mind,” and solve the problem. 

a) Without getting too caught up in the accident, I’ll ignore it, minimize the inconvenience, and take care of it. 

5. Whoa! When your coworkers realize it’s your birthday today, they sing you “Happy Birthday” and eat cake in the lunchroom. How do you feel about it?

A) Lovely! I’ll say thank you to my coworkers, eat the cake, and joke with everyone.

b) Whoa! I would be appreciative yet shocked. I’ll give my coworkers my gratitude, savor the occasion, and then cheerfully have a piece of cake.

c) Oh, that’s wonderful! I would give my coworkers my gratitude, maybe crack a few jokes, and then gladly partake in the cake. 

d) My gosh. I would smile and say “thank you,” feel a little awkward, and then share a piece of cake.

e) Fantastic! It surprises me a lot. I’m hoping it’s my best!  I’ll thank everyone and then have some cake and a nice chat. 

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6. You’re ready to head home as your workday comes to an end. How are you going to go home, and what are your plans?

a) If the weather is nice, I might go for a run or catch a few waves before getting a cold drink. I’ll either get in my car and drive home or utilize public transportation. 

b) Before I leave home, I’ll go to a nearby game or work out. I like to travel around in my car or on public transportation.

c) I’m heading to the neighborhood bar with some friends for some great talk and drinks. After that, I’ll either take a leisurely stroll or take the bus home. 

d) I’ll start by going to a quaint café or bookshop. To relax, I’ll probably take the subway or walk home.

e) If I have time, I’ll go to the gym or have a drink with some pals. To go home, I’ll either drive or utilize a ride-sharing service. 

7. You’ve returned to your house! What’s for supper and how are you going to relax?

a) I plan to watch a football or rugby match on television. I’ll grill some seafood or throw a BBQ for supper with some friends.

b) If the weather is nice, I’ll be outside enjoying the outdoors on my deck or balcony. I’ll have a dessert from a Nanaimo bar and some split pea soup.

c) I’ll read a book or listen to music to unwind. I’ll then have some stew or shepherd’s pie to round off my evening. 

d) My favorite ways to unwind are to read a book or catch up on my favorite TV shows. For dinner, I’m eating bangers and mash. 

e) I’m going to see a new film on Netflix and maybe order takeout for dinner.

8. You begin to nod off and yawn. When do you go to bed and what is your evening routine?

a) I have a really easy evening ritual. I enjoy taking a soothing shower and doing some gentle stretches. By nine or ten p.m., I’m in bed. 

b) I’ll work out lightly and read some more before calling it a night. I usually go to bed between 10:30 and 10 PM. 

c) Curling up with a cup of herbal tea and reading. I usually go to bed at 11:00 p.m. 

c) I’ll take a hot bath and gradually get ready for bed. I might read for a little before going to bed at ten o’clock. 

e) I finish off the remaining tasks, look through my phone, and go to bed by 11 or 11:30 PM.  

Ready to find out which popular study destination you are? Here’s your answer! 

If you have got…

Most As: Your study destination is Australia! You’re carefree, adore the outdoors, and relish good times. Your sense of adventure blends in wonderfully with the vibrant cultural scene and diverse landscapes of Australia.

Mostly Bs: You, my friend, embody everything that makes a kind and well-balanced person, just like Canada. You appreciate diverse cultures, enjoy being outside in all weather conditions, and keep a healthy work-life balance. 

Most Cs: Yes, this is Ireland! You enjoy calm surroundings and easygoing living and are gregarious and endearing. Ireland is the ideal place for someone like you because of its welcoming culture, fascinating history, and strong sense of community. 

Mostly Ds: Most of your responses are Ds. If yes, you probably enjoy a good book and a cup of tea on a cozy day in the United Kingdom, as well as the country’s rich history and cultural diversity. The UK offers a mix of modernity and history, with bustling cities, quaint towns, and ancient sites. 

Majority Es: The United States of America is the study destination for you! You enjoy living a fast-paced, varied, and vivacious existence! The United States is a fantastic fit for your vibrant personality, offering some of the busiest cities and magnificent natural scenery. 

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