Top 10 Study Destinations for African Students

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There are numerous experiences one gets to enjoy studying abroad as an African national. Students from Africa have always been motivated by strong dreams of lofty heights, financial aids offered by such countries, a high standard of education and career opportunities and advancement. These are majorly beyond what they can enjoy in their home countries due to issues like the standard of education, lack of job opportunities and challenging environments for career growth and advancement. Moreover, after graduation, they get to enjoy employment prospects as most companies are on the lookouts for prospective employees with international certificates.

Reasons for African Students to study Abroad

There are several fascinating reasons to study abroad and some of them are listed below.

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  • You will become attractive for employment. When it comes to employment in some companies, students with international certificates are first considered. Their salaries are placed higher than their counterparts who studied in their local institutions. Students who studied abroad, due to their vast knowledge, are willing to take on new challenges. They can boast of good language skills which add a boost to their CVs.
  • Personal development. studying abroad helps you to improve yourself and take some challenging opportunities to accelerate your personal growth. It also teaches you independence and self-reliance. You are going to experience basically new things abroad, especially, if it is your first time of leaving your home country. This will help you to face challenges and discover interesting ways to deal with them.
  • Vast courses to choose from. most international institutions offer narrowed courses that are rarely offered in African institutions. Courses like Event Management, Fashion, Animation, Creative Writing and other courses may not be found in one’s home country, hence better choices abroad.

However, it is better to study courses that are acceptable in your home country in order not to waste your money, time and efforts.

  • It is fun. As an international student, you are availed of the option to travel abroad and view the world from a different point. You will have to visit new places and explore different opportunities in a foreign land. Some neighbouring countries are easily accessible to you while in your country of study. You will not just have fun, you will learn more about other people’s culture and appreciate cultural differences.
  • Experience new way of teaching. Study abroad is an opportunity for you to experience a different way of teaching from the African institutions. This is unarguably going to open your mind to new ways of learning and doing things.
  • Have a global mindset. Africans are believed to be narrow-minded. With your foreign experience, you will learn a lot of things and gain a global mindset. This will help you to back up your arguments in a wider way which could boost your prestige.

Study Abroad Destinations for African Students

  1. China

China is one of the top places students from Africa go to study abroad. The number of African students found in Chinese top universities is an attestation to this claim. In 2014, about 95 000 African students were admitted in the Chinese universities and they had been on the increase each year.

  1. Australia

Six of Australian universities have been rated among the top universities in the world. As a global leader, Australia is a good study abroad place chosen because of the type of courses offered in its top universities. Approximately 22 000 courses are offered in the universities which makes it possible for one to find virtual any course he wants. Outside the classroom, students have a lot to enjoy adventurously. Australia is blessed with unique range of habitats: rain forests, alpine mountains, and underwater ecosystem. Though quite expensive to live in, Australia is popular for its lifestyle and outdoor activities; this is absolutely a way to balance out by students who enjoy learning and creativity.

  1. France

For its academic excellence, reduced tuition and diversified culture, France is just the best place for study abroad. For potential international students, a number of universities in France have been placed well in the world ranking of educational institutions. There are always places to visit outside the classroom for exciting experiences. Places like Bordeaux, Paris, Lourdes and Versailles are homes to beautiful and interesting places.

  1. Norway

Norway is known for its tuition-free state-run institutions which help to alleviate financial burdens. Students who have interests in humanities, life sciences or developments are on the right course in choosing the country. The volume of courses offered in Norwegian universities, together with the quality of education, make it an interesting and unique countries for study abroad African students. Visitors to Norway are not left out as the country is blessed with incredible natural beauty.

  1. Netherlands

Netherlands is not surprisingly one of the top universities to study abroad, going by the rate at which its universities rank as one of the top universities in the world. With the cost of living quite affordable, there are a great number of things that make education and studies very interesting. It has both cultural and historical hubs which usher one a look into the country’s rich tradition. Students who wish to explore top European countries like France, Germany or UK are advantaged at studying in the Netherlands.

With the high quality of education, rich cultural background, low cost of living and social environment, Netherlands is sure to be at the top list of a study abroad destination.

  1. The United States of America

The USA is interestingly a very big country with lots of amazing opportunities and bustling with activities. There are so many numerous institutions in USA which are very accommodating to international students. It could be one of the most expensive to study, but it has a lot of fantastic offers and study options for students of diverse backgrounds.

For students who love outdoor activities, USA is the best place to be. There are endless activities coming from cities like New York, Southern California, and others. You can’t just be in USA and not have places to explore.

  1. The United Kingdom

The UK is unarguably a very good place to study abroad by African students. Universities in the UK frequently top the global list when it comes to high quality of education. It is famous for notable places to explore by students, as well as learn more about its tradition and history. Many large student cities like London can be located in the United Kingdom with notable alumni like Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and the rest of them.

When you want to enjoy high quality of education as an international student, UK is certain to give you a rewarding experience.

  1. Germany

With modern learning and research facilities, Germany is certainly a destination for study abroad. It offers a high quality of education with a central location for study where students who wish to explore other countries can have a fulfilment. The German cities are blessed with vast cultural and historical backgrounds, with different higher institutions offering unique courses. You can’t afford to have any regrets if you make Germany your study abroad destination.

  1. Italy

Italy is a hub to many prestigious universities of the world. Famous for its long outstanding institutions, Italy is one of the countries with the oldest institutions. Fields like humanities, medicine, economics and architecture offer a variety of courses you can think of. The country is also known for its fine wine and diverse cuisines. Places like the Colosseum, Canals of Venice, and so on are interesting places to entice students to make Italy their number one study abroad destination.

  1. Finland

Finland has once been rated as the best place to study abroad. It offers lots of amazing tourist destinations with good options for students who wish to explore the country. It has a great number of quality educators who engage students with their top teaching and imparting skills. Not just that, higher education is subsidized in Italy by the government which makes it easier for students interested in financial aids to find succor in the country. It might be quite competitive to gain entrance into the universities in Finland, however, the successful students have so much to tell about their experiences in Finland.

Basic Requirements for Studying Abroad

The requirements for studying may vary based on the location or institution, however, there are basic requirements for one to study abroad, irrespective of the location. Some of them include:

  • Be in a good academic standing with your institution. As long as you have a good academic position and can complete the necessary tasks, you are a good candidate for international institutions.
  • Meet application deadline. Not being able to meet application deadline may hinder you from gaining admission. You must apply for your choice university and course in time before the deadline for application. As a student, you must be punctual to your academic activities and meeting the deadline for application is one of the ways to prove that you are capable.
  • Transcript from school. You must pass the standard international examinations and language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and so on, which solely depend on the country of your choice. Postgraduate students must have a degree certificate and write some course-specific examinations.
  • Student visa. To get a student visa, you will have a proof of funds, confirmation of enrolment as well as meet the health insurance requirements.
  • Be well-composed. As an international student, you are likely to attend some seminars which require that you dress in a professional way. It is to your best interest to maintain a professional business demeanor.
  • Participate in all sessions. When you study abroad, you are expected to take active part in all scheduled sessions. You must pay attention to details and attend all mandatory programmes.
  • Read all materials. You are not expected to skip any material as they all contain important information. The information will get you equipped for the challenges ahead.

Every country has something interesting to offer as you embark on your study abroad dreams. Ensure you meet the necessary requirement as an international student in order to qualify for admission.

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