The benefits of combining study and work abroad

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Going abroad to study isn’t an abstract trend in today’s world. According to statistics, the number of international students studying abroad has quadrupled from the initial figures from 2000. In 2000, 1.6 million students were studying abroad and the figures were majorly distributed among five countries; the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia. Moving forward to 2022, about 22 years later, the number tremendously increased to 6.4 million and the countries of reach have also increased with more countries like Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Russia, and so on among the list. 

There are many reasons students make big decisions to study abroad. From furthering their knowledge to towing a new career path to exploring the opportunities available internationally, and the list goes on. If you’re contemplating studying abroad, and you’re unsure of your decision, this article aims to address your curiosity. We’d explore the benefits you stand to enjoy when you choose to study abroad. However, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. 

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Benefits of combining study and work abroad

Choosing to study abroad has its gains and some of the benefits international students stand to gain when they take the chance to study and work abroad include: 

1. Enhanced Cultural Exposure

Living and working in a foreign country allows the opportunity to learn about another culture. There are so many avenues available to learn outside the classroom. The United States currently has the largest number of international students. Among the students currently studying in the country are students from China, India, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and many other countries. A student from Africa schooling in the United States will have the opportunity to relate with students from other continents. If they are open enough, they will learn important details about their culture, language, food, activities and lots more. Having a wider view of life will enhance your relationship with other people. 

2. Professional Growth Abroad

Furthermore, another benefit international students stand to gain when they combine study and work abroad is a positive trajectory in their professional growth. Students who get funded for their education through means like scholarships and fellowships will have access to network with people of like mind which will in turn have a positive effect on their professional growth. Additionally, there are internship opportunities abroad that will help you professionally. It is also an added advantage that you have exposure to a foreign work culture. 

3. Financial Independence

Also, some is another benefit of studying and working abroad. A student who is working and studying will help you to learn how to properly manage your finances. Living alone brings you into a form of responsibility. Additionally, you are aware that you need to pay enough attention to your finances. You will learn how to budget and how to be prudent whilst also building yourself and your finances. 

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4. Networking Opportunities

Studying and working abroad exposes you to networking opportunities. You get to meet with like-minded students, share your ideologies, get career advice and support, build confidence, and advance your career in the long run. 

5. Language Proficiency and Communication Skills

The improvement of your language proficiency and communication skills is another benefit to gain when you choose to study and work abroad. Living in a foreign country allows the opportunity to learn a new language. You can start by picking up simple phrases and greetings then moving on to learn how to make complete sentences. From there, you’ll be able to hold a whole conversation in a foreign language. Making use of a translation application and using an interpreter or attending language classes will help fasten your learning process, 

6. Global Perspective

Again, studying and working abroad helps you to be open-minded such that you can accommodate diversity. You get exposed to different perspectives and you have a broader knowledge of how people and systems work. Those who are opportune to study abroad based on sponsorships from grants, scholarships, and fellowships will have access to relate with stakeholders in their fields and attend conferences, seminars, and workshops aimed at equipping them with the necessary knowledge they need to thrive in their careers. 

7. Resume Boost

Finally, bagging a degree from a foreign university will look good on your resume. As a recruiter, you’re most likely to pay attention to a person with a certificate from an internationally recognized institution like the University of Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard over other candidates and the reason is not far-fetched. Studying and working gives you an edge when you enter the job market as your experience and expertise are an added advantage for you. 

Tips for studying and working successfully abroad

Thinking of starting your study abroad journey, these tips will prove helpful as you navigate your way in a foreign country:

  • Learn to imbibe a positive culture. Things aren’t going to be exactly smooth and easy but cultivating and exciting a positive mindset will help you overcome challenges faster. 
  • Do not neglect an impactful community. Remember that you certainly cannot do it alone and you need to be within a group that cheers you on and encourages you from time to time. Being part of a community, or having like-minded friends will go a long way in enhancing your social life and your adaptability.
  • Remember to be prudent and always ensure that as much as possible, your expenditure is lower than your income. 
  • Based on your strengths and weaknesses, create a working schedule that will allow you ample time to focus on your studies and other aspects of your life. 
  • Eat healthy and give enough time for rest to avoid burnout or breakdown. 
  • Ask questions where necessary to avoid any form of confusion. 

In conclusion, although combining study and work abroad has its benefits, there are also challenges attached to new immigrants. However, it’s safe to say that for serious-minded individuals, the benefits outweigh the challenges. Not only does working and studying abroad influence and improve your academics, but it also has a positive effect on the social and financial aspects of your life. 

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