How to find a job abroad

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Oftentimes, people travel abroad either to further their studies or to find a job to improve the quality of their lives. Sometimes, students further their studies so that they can be sought after in the labor market. Whatever category you fall into, you must position yourself properly and apply the necessary rules to find a job abroad. We’d explore the various means you can find a high-paying job abroad in this article but before we explore the tips, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more updates. 

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How to find a high-paying job abroad

Perhaps you’re thinking about relocating abroad and you’re wondering how to land a profitable job. We’ve listed out a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your path in the labor market abroad.

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1. Researching the Job Market

The first step to landing a profitable job is researching the job market. Generally, some skills are in demand, and professionals who possess those skills get paid well. Additionally, you’ll also have to search for opportunities that are open for professionals in your field and it should be tailored down to the opportunities opened in the country you are planning on residing in. If you desire to find a job abroad, it’s important to know about the various industries, how they work, and how best you can fit in. This will help your expectations and preparations as you begin your job search abroad. 

2. Networking 

An essential skill that every job seeker needs to imbibe is the networking skill. You can’t be silent about your job search and one of the fastest ways to get a job is through effective networking. Networking can be done both the old-fashioned way and the new way. This involves telling family, friends, and colleagues, making friends at parties and get-togethers as well as maximizing the online medium. 

Maximizing your social media platforms and job platforms LinkedIn and also be helpful in your search. You’ll have the opportunity to create a profile, upload your phone, and also include a detailed bio for yourself to include the nature of work that you do and the industry you’re willing to work in. Additionally, the job apps can suggest job opportunities that fit your profile and your location which you can apply for. Other ways to network and position yourself include: 

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–  Job Fairs 

Attending job fairs is another means to find available job opportunities in your new location. You can use the Google search button to look out for job fairs in the city near you. You’ll have the opportunity to relate with companies that are recruiting and if you’re lucky enough, you might even land an interview at the spot. 

– International recruiters

There are recruiting agencies whose jobs are to link potential workers from around the world with international companies. When you go through these people, you get to discover the available openings and the most suitable ones for you. Going through a recruitment agency can reduce the stress you’re likely to face. However, there are conditions attached and these conditions differ based on the recruitment agency you are employing. 

– Physical Application 

Applying for a job in person can be demanding. However, if you’re strong and determined enough, you can go this route. However, before doing this, it’s important to have familiarized yourself with the environment and the territory to have an idea of what is expected and the job opportunities available for you. 

3. Resume and CV Adaptation

It’s not enough to know about a job opening, you must be also aware and prepared to apply for the job.  You’ll need to tailor your CV and your resume to the pattern that is adopted in your new country of abode. The expectations of recruiters vary from country to country, hence the need to re-write your CV to fit into the new job market. The research you have made earlier will come in handy and very effective. Additionally, seeking advice from your community of friends abroad can also help. Some important tips you can help with your resume or CV include: 

  • Take note of the spelling. For instance, if you’re in a country where the official language is English, it’s important to know the right spelling and the right words adopted in the country. Remember that American and British English might be similar but aren’t the same. 
  • Additionally, if you’re in a country where the official language isn’t one you’re familiar with, you will have to learn the language and then rewrite your CV to fit accordingly. 
  • Furthermore, include the popular means of contact on your CV or resume like phone numbers, email addresses, and so on. 
  • Also, include the relevant international experience that you have in your CV. 

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4. Language Proficiency

Well, it’s not enough to find a job opportunity and have a well-tailored CV. Your language proficiency also counts and your ability to communicate properly depends on it. If you desire to find a high-paying job abroad, then you must ensure you are familiar with the language and the means of communication as this will help in your interview process. If you don’t know how to speak the language, then you can consider taking language classes or adopting applications like Duolingo to learn. 

5. Visa Application

Furthermore, another important thing to take note of when you desire to find a job abroad. Depending on the country, your student visa might permit you to work in a foreign country. However, in some countries, your student visa might not permit you to work. Your visitor visa will also not permit you to work in a foreign country implying that you will have to apply for a work visa. You can consult your destination country’s consulate to find out the process to obtain a work permit/visa in your destination country. However, working in a foreign country also means abiding by its laws and regulations as it cuts across various aspects. When you finally land a job abroad, you must obey all the guidelines and laws to avoid getting into problems. 

After successfully obtaining your work visa, it’s time to start preparing to relocate, if you’ve not, or exploring the new job and the various opportunities that come with it. 

Preparing for Interviews

One of the critical stages in the job search is the interview stage. It’s possible to successfully network and land job opportunities. You can also have a well-written CV that pushes you further to the interview stage. However, the outcome of your interview can determine if you’ll eventually get the job or not. Below are some tips that can help you prepare better for your job interview:

  • Ensure that you are punctual during the interview irrespective of the nature of the interview (physical or virtual)
  • Read and memorize your bio beforehand. So when you’re asked to talk about yourself, you do not stutter or stammer.
  • Have prepared questions you will ask your interviewer in case you’re asked to ask any questions. It should be in line with the company’s activities and goals.
  • Research the company beforehand and allow your discussion to be tailored along the lines of the company’s goals. 
  • Gave a copy of your CV/resume.
  • Speak with confidence

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Benefits of working abroad

The benefits you stand to enjoy when you find a job abroad include:

  • To get exposed to and familiarized with another culture and environment. You get to learn about the way of life of other people outside your country. You explore new food options, dress styles, and ideologies of others.
  • Additionally, having work experience abroad strengthens your CV and opens you up to more international opportunities.
  • Also, you’ll learn how to successfully adapt to a new environment with a different culture. 
  • Your people skills and your social skills will also be greatly improved. 

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