Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the Management field

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There are numerous high-paying jobs to take into consideration if you’re interested in moving up to a managerial position. Making a decision about a position might be easier if you are aware of the possibilities available. This article explains what a management field is and also lists the highest-paying management jobs.

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What is a management field?

Management fields refer to each task performed by an average organization. They are equivalent to the fundamental tasks that most firms have to complete in order to function, create, offer services, sell, and oversee their resources.

Here are the top careers in the management field:

1. Property manager

Average Salary: $46,545 per year

Primary Duties: A property manager’s primary duties include setting, collecting, and adjusting rent; finding, screening, and managing tenants; managing property maintenance; supervising employees; maintaining records; and managing budgets.

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in business administration, real estate, accounting, finance, or management is typically required for property management positions, while a high school diploma is the only formal requirement.

2. Social media manager

Average Salary: $48,052 per year

The principal responsibilities of a social media manager include devising social media strategies, engaging with consumers and clients, producing, selecting, and overseeing published content, and nurturing leads and revenue. A social media manager might perform research and supervise social media marketing associates.

Furthermore, you must have a bachelor’s degree in management, public relations, business, journalism, or communications.

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3. Administration manager

Average Salary: $51,408 per year

Supervising a company’s administrative operations is the main responsibility of an administration manager. Supervising administrative staff, answering to a general manager, handling human resources tasks as necessary, hiring and onboarding workers, and creating information systems are examples of primary responsibilities. Education

Furthermore, to succeed as an administration manager, one often needs a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, facility management, or information management.

4. General manager

Average Salary: $53,416 per year

Top-level management of an organization or corporation is the primary responsibility of a general manager. Management of day-to-day operations, creation of growth strategies, personnel hiring and training, accounting data analysis, growth strategy implementation, revenue optimization, and report generation are just a few examples of duties.

Note that the minimum educational requirement to become a general manager is a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management in a related subject.

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5. Account manager

Average Salary: $60,495 per year

An account manager’s principal responsibilities may include overseeing customer accounts, managing accounts, establishing and preserving relationships with clients, drafting contracts, and optimizing profitability. Note that to become an account manager, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration or business management.

6. Marketing manager

National Average Salary: $62,237 per year

The duties of a marketing manager include overseeing marketing activities, managing the marketing department, hiring marketing associates, overseeing the marketing budget, planning promotional campaigns, preparing and delivering marketing material, working with design agencies, assisting with product launches, maintaining effective communication between departments, and analyzing strategic partnerships.

Education Requirements: To work as a marketing manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or business management.

7. Human resources manager

Average Salary: $72,615 per year

Recruiting, staffing, employment planning, managing the human resources department, formulating policies, overseeing performance, coaching and developing personnel, interacting with staff, and organization development are among the responsibilities of an HR manager.

Education Requirements: To work as an HR manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business management or human resources, and many employers also want a master’s degree.

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8. Sales manager

Average Salary: $74,880 per year

A sales manager’s typical responsibilities include organizing merchandise, maintaining customer interactions, hiring and training sales professionals, supervising the sales team, setting and achieving sales targets, and managing the entire sales department.

Education Requirements: To work as a sales manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, business management, mathematics, or statistics.

9. Construction manager

Average Salary: $77,815 per year

The responsibilities of a construction manager may include managing a construction workforce, keeping track of inventory, organizing laborers and contractors, creating reports, negotiating terms and contracts, ensuring construction standards, securing permits and licenses, monitoring compliance with safety regulations, and supervising all construction projects.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a similar discipline is necessary for employment as a construction manager, and many companies will favor a manager with prior construction experience.

10. Project manager

Average Salary: $81,079 per year

Resource planning, team organization, time management oversight, schedule upkeep, customer relations, cost estimation, budget creation, progress tracking, report management, and project risk management are typical responsibilities of a project manager. Every person who has a direct connection to the ongoing project will be under the direction of a project manager.

Education Requirements: To be a project manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management. Typically, you also need experience in the sector you work in. A project manager may occasionally be required by their employer to earn a master’s degree in project management.

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