How to Land a High-Paying International Job While in Africa

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Do you know that many Africans get jobs overseas before relocating to the country of employment?  How do you find employment abroad?  We have outlined several strategies you might use to find employment overseas in any African nation.

Steps to Applying for a Job Abroad

#1. Get your international passport:

Consider acquiring your travel documentation before considering applying for jobs abroad. When completing employment applications, certain firms could ask for your passport. Not being prepared to move when you seek work overseas is one error you might make. You should prove that you possess the required paperwork for overseas work.

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#2. Localize your CV:

Sending your CV without adapting it to your intended country is advised.  When applying for a job, you might be required to submit a resume rather than a CV.  Don’t forget to proofread your grammar and spelling. Investigate the local CV writing style, then use the example. Additionally, your experience and qualifications on your CV must be true and genuine. Along with your CV, you should include a cover letter outlining your need for the position as a foreign worker. 

Furthermore, note that:

i. Make sure to sell yourself on your CV. Display your professional background and side businesses. When you discuss your experiences, persuade them that you are the ideal candidate for that job.

ii. You may need expert assistance to make your resume stand out. Several businesses assist job seekers in getting professionally written CVs for their job searches. If you are unable to write a stellar CV on your own, go to a reputable CV-writing service.

#3. Research the country:

The best move when looking for a job overseas is to do your homework on the nation. Read up on everything you can about the country’s level of living, access to healthcare, tax laws, immigration policy, political system, crime rate, and more. By doing this, you avoid difficulties for yourself. Note that some nations might not be welcoming to newcomers.

#4. Get certifications:

To apply for a job abroad, you must be certified in the field of your choice. This offers you a stronger argument-making position. When you lack work experience, this can help you find employment. Additionally, when you apply for jobs overseas, a certification fills the gap for you.  

However, doing so is not a major requirement. If you lack a certification, you can still find employment. Consider a TEFL certificate in English, which can be useful if you wish to teach anywhere on the globe.

#5. Make yourself hireable:

You should make it simple for employers to hire you. This implies that you should take into account a variety of characteristics that a company would use to evaluate a potential employee. You don’t have to charge more than the local workers to get the job. We don’t advise you to be frugal.  You should act professionally and demonstrate your value to them.

5 things you must do to get a job abroad

Here are some steps you should take if you want to increase your chances of getting hired if you apply for jobs abroad:

#1. Create a killer cover letter:

To get the job of your dreams, your magic wand is a cover letter. Employers struggle with thousands of CVs to sift through and make decisions, given the number of applicants waiting for you to be recruited. The information on your CV might not convey everything you want. This gives a cover letter the opportunity to advocate for you when your application for a job overseas is presented. If you want to improve your chances of landing a job abroad, write a killer cover letter.

#2. You should be committed to relocating.

You can apply for jobs abroad even if you don’t have a firm relocation plan. When you land a job, can you move in three to six months? You don’t want to land a job abroad just to lose it because your relocation plans aren’t genuine.  The listed position won’t be vacant indefinitely. Employees must fill it out within a few weeks or months. When it comes to hiring someone to relocate from abroad, no business wants a time-waster. Therefore, you should be prepared with your paperwork and credentials.

#3. You ought to be qualified for the job.

What do you intend to contribute? What experience and skills do you offer if an employer leaves workers in their country for you?  Note that you are up against individuals who are intelligent and prepared to relocate right away, in addition to those competing on experience or abilities. You must demonstrate your suitability for the position. 

#4. Give a reasonable salary expectation.

When applying for a job, you should research what to expect in terms of pay. It doesn’t matter how much you make in your own country. Different nations have varying exchange rates and hourly pay. Therefore, you must give an employer a reasonable compensation expectation. Additionally, you can learn how much the nation pays for the position you want to apply for by doing a little research.


#5. Why do you wish to work abroad?

You can’t avoid answering this. You should have responses to this question ready when you arrive. Give a compelling justification for your desire to seek a job abroad to an employer. You shouldn’t presume to know the answers to this query.

Smart Tips for Landing a Job Abroad

1. Determine the type of job you want.

2. Decide what country you want to work in.

3. Find a job you’re interested in.

4. Apply for a visa or work permit.

5. Update and localize your resume.

6. Apply for the job.

Top Industries and Careers for Working Abroad

  • Education. 
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • International Development and Humanitarian Aid
  • The Tech and Business Sector
  • Engineering, Construction, and Energy
  • Healthcare. 
  • Working remotely and self-employment

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