BREAKING: World’s Richest Country, Luxembourg is Calling for Foreign Workers! – How to APPLY

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Luxembourg is calling! World’s Richest Country, Luxembourg is Calling for Foreign Workers. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline:

The job search visa timeline has been increased to 12 months.

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Tell Me About Award:

The world’s richest country is now even more welcoming to foreigners, with relaxed work and residence rights, faster visa processing times, and new job opportunities. There are 7500+ job opportunities available, and the government has launched a website to hire foreigners. Application processing times reduced and work visa to be granted in 5 business days. Dependents of foreign national residents can now work without a separate work permit. The job search visa timeline has been increased to 12 months.

 Around 70% of the country’s workforce does not have Luxembourg nationality. This part of the workforce is composed of migrant workers or cross-country workers. Third-country nationals (i.e. not a citizen of the EU or a country treated as such – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland) who have been authorised to legally reside in another Member State of the European Union (EU) or in a country treated as such and who wish to work in Luxembourg without residing there must apply for a work permit.

Who can work in Luxembourg?

Nationals who reside legally in another European Union Member State automatically have access to the Luxembourg labour market.

The following countries are assimilated to EU Member States:

  • Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as signatories to the Agreement on the European Economic Area;
  • the Swiss Confederation.

Anyone wishing to take up residence in a municipality in Luxembourg (and work in the country) must register their arrival with the population office at the municipal administration in their chosen place of residence.

Anyone who wants to come and work in Luxembourg without residing there must, in principle, obtain a work permit before starting their new job.

Third-country nationals will need an authorisation to stay (autorisation de séjour) and then a residence permit.

How to request a work permit

Third-country nationals must send a written application for a work permit to the Directorate of Immigration in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. You will find more details about the application and the supporting documents required here. The Ministry will usually reply within 3 months. If no response is received within this time limit, the applicant can consider that their application has been denied.

work permit is valid from the date on which the application was approved. The first permit is valid for a maximum of one year (as long as it does not extend beyond the validity period of the residence permit). The permit may be renewed on request, if the required conditions continue to be met and the beneficiary can prove that he has worked for the duration of the work permit.

From the first renewal, the permit is valid for a maximum of three years. 

Apply to any of the opportunities below

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