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There are so many benefits Finland has to offer. From a standard healthcare system to high-paying jobs, to quality education, the list goes on. As an immigrant thinking of the best country to move to, you should add Finland to the countries on your list. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the most profitable and popular jobs in Finland, Before you scroll down, click here to subscribe to our newsletter for more informative articles and scholarship opportunities. 

Working in Finland

The current government in Finland set a goal targeted at boosting the number of immigrants who are interested in working in the country to 50,000 by 2030. This means that there is an opportunity for immigrants who choose Finland as their destination country. Working in Finland guarantees a great work-life balance as most of the jobs in the country come with a standard working hours of 40 hours weekly. Additionally, workers are also entitled to 25 days minimum annual leave and 13 bank holidays. This leaves enough time for employees to attend to the other aspects of their lives like exploring hobbies, traveling, starting a new routine, and so on. Furthermore, the crime rate in the country is low, hence security is guaranteed. There are also several sectors open for immigrants.

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The top 10 highest-paying jobs in Finland are listed below

1. Engineer

The engineering field is broad and encompassing. It is geared towards employing science, mathematics, and engineering processes to solve complex problems, increase efficiency, and improve systems.  Some of the fields it comprises include infrastructure, electronics, materials, vehicles, energy, and so on. Below is a list of job opportunities under engineering and the average monthly salary.

Job TitlesSalaries in Finland
Field Engineer€8,746 /mo
Service Engineer€8,746 /mo
Civil Engineer€3,739 /mo
Petroleum Engineer€9,000 /mo
Project Engineer€5,938 /mo
Electrical Electronics Engineer€7,000/mo

2. Surgeon

In simple terms, a surgeon is a doctor who performs surgery. They specialize in performing surgeries to repair injuries, correct deformities, and improve overall functions in the lives of patients. They also evaluate patients through interviews and by conducting examinations to decide the best operational procedure. Additionally, they are also part of the highest-paid workers in Finland. The average salary of a general surgeon is €251,800 yearly and €20,980 monthly. 

3. Accountants

Accounting is another popular and profitable job in Finland, Accounting deals with the processing of information that bothers businesses and corporations. It measures an organization’s economic activities and translates them in a way that is understandable to the stakeholders. Below is a list of job opportunities under finance and accounting and the average monthly salary

Job TitlesSalaries in Finland
Senior Accountant€6,954 /mo
Auditor€5,000 /mo
Financial Accountant€7,202 /mo
Junior Accountant€4,336 /mo

4. Lawyer

Some of the popular areas of expertise for lawyers in Finland include contract law, corporate law, tax matters, labor law, dispute resolution, real estate and environmental law, and insolvency among others. The average salary of a lawyer in Finland is  €8,244 monthly.

5. College Professors

Another profitable and high-paying job in Finland is teaching. A professor in Finland can earn as much as €7,183 monthly. There will almost always be a demand for professionals in the educational sector. There are teaching opportunities open for immigrants. However, immigrants will have to meet the required qualifications for the role before they are offered the job.  

6. Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for inspecting, transforming, and modeling data to discover important information that will in turn influence decision-making. The field has multiple approaches and requires different techniques. It is also used in different businesses, science, and social science domains. The average monthly salary of a data analyst in Finland is €6,030

7. Data Scientist

This is a career suggestion in the STEM field. Data science entails studying data and interpreting them for business purposes. Data scientists combine principles and practices from mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer engineering. The average monthly salary of a data analyst in Finland is €7,284 

8. UI/UX Designer

Product design is a holistic concept that UI/UX falls under. It is the process of conceptualizing and creating products that address the customer’s needs in a given market.

One important aspect of product design is understanding the psychology and the needs of the end-users or customers. Product designers are allowed to solve real-life problems for real people. Some of the types of product design jobs available include User Interface and Experience designer (UI/UX), graphics design, brand design, product researcher, etc. The average monthly salary for a UI/UX designer in Finland is €8,000. 

9. Statistician

Statisticians are responsible for analyzing data and using standard approaches to solve problems. Their top employers are research companies, development companies, and the federal government. They also usually work in teams with engineers, scientists, and other professionals.  The average monthly salary for a statistician in Finland is €6,200. 

10. Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for designing computer applications /software. They work in computer system design and related services in manufacturing. They work in offices or teams with other professionals. 

Software developers are sometimes called software engineers. Their job role entails designing and maintaining software systems, evaluating and testing new software programs, optimizing software for speed and scalability, writing and testing code Consulting with clients, engineers, security specialists, and other stakeholders, and presenting new features to stakeholders and internal customers. The average monthly salary for a software developer in Finland is €6,425. 

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How to Get a Job in Finland

Wondering how to get a job in Finland? Below is a list of tips that you will find helpful: 

1. Networking

When it comes to getting a job, networking plays a very vital role. Build a robust network, reach out to people around you who have towed similar paths, and have them put you through. Additionally, choosing to volunteer on projects will also help build your network. If you are seeking to gain employment in your county or even a foreign country, build, recognize, and maximize your network. Social media has made it easy to network these days, all you need to do is to maximize it well and use it to your advantage. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are also helpful when it comes to job networking. 

2. Study the Language.

As an immigrant, you must know the language of your host country. Try as much as possible to learn the language early enough. The two main official languages in the country are Finnish and Swedish. 

3. Reach out to employers

Another way to land a job is to reach out directly to employers and organizations to confirm if they have vacancies that you can fill. Some vacancies are not advertised publicly as employers look for employees within their networks, so reaching out will go a long way. 

4. Register as a job-seeker at the TE Office

Job seekers can register at the Employment and Economic Development Office. You will only be entitled to unemployment benefits after you have registered as a job seeker. They are an organization that provides jobs quickly for job seekers and also helps employers get employees on time.

Requirements to get a job in Finland

For you to qualify to get a work visa in Finland, there are certain requirements you must meet. These requirements are listed below: 

  1. You must have a valid work contract
  2. Applicants must have a university degree.
  3. Applicants must have a clear record and must not pose a threat.
  4. Applicants must work professionally in their field
  5. Applicants must be law-abiding
  6. Applicants applying for the specialist’s visa must be highly skilled workers
  7. Applicants in the welfare and healthcare field must be authorized to practice their profession.
  8. Entrepreneurs who want the entrepreneur visa, thet must be self-employed in the form of
  • a private entrepreneur.
  • a partner in a general partnership.
  • a general partner in a limited partnership.
  • a member of a cooperative who has unlimited liability for refinancing.
  • an entrepreneur in a limited liability company.

For more information about the requirements to get a job in Finland, click here. 

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