“Even Without Funding, I Embarked on my MBA” How AfterschoolAfrica Newsletters Advanced Amos’ career

He desired to further his studies by embarking on his MBA but funding was a major problem.

How was he able to cross this hurdle? What role did Afterschoolafrica play?

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In today’s interview, Amos Alayande, a Nigerian currently studying at the Rotman’s School of Management University of Toronto Canada, tells us how he was able to finally start his MBA at a prestigious university in Canada without being restricted by the pressing “funding problem”

ASA: Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Amos Alayande. I’m a Nigerian and a graduate of Mechanical engineering.

ASA: What influenced your decision to study abroad?

After working for about 5 years, I decided to embark on my MBA because I felt it was in line with my career. However, the biggest challenge with this was funding. I had to think about how to finance my education. I was very clear that I didn’t want to study in Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian, you will realize that the standard of education has gone down and the few places you want to school are maybe private schools. However, I wanted an international experience because I felt it was also going to position me in a better place for opportunities. 

ASA: What University did you apply to?

I was looking at the U.S. and Canada. After going through the whole application process for admission, I eventually secured admission into the University of Toronto for my MBA in Canada. But of course, the school fee was a challenge. 

ASA: How did you get to know about Afterschoolafrica?

I have always subscribed to afterschoolafrica’s newsletters since my undergraduate days. Also, I used to get newsletters for scholarships from way back. I still get the newsletters today. So, I got this particular newsletter with the headline  “Funding for International Students Loan Application”.

I clicked on the link and was told that there was going to be a Zoom meeting. I registered for the Zoom meeting that Afterschoolafrica set up. This came after I was introduced to MPower Finance by afterschoolafrica. 

ASA: How did you go through the loan application process? 

I went through the entire meeting, understood the requirements, and eventually applied for the loan. 

It is a loan for $70,000 USD. They gave the loan at zero collateral, as in absolutely no collateral. I applied for it and secured the loan. Despite securing the loan, I still faced some challenges, especially with the required documentation to back up the loan because the U.S. institution and system are quite different from that of Nigeria.

But Afterschool Africa came through for me. There were instances where I was initially denied the loan because they thought my course was more than two years so I had to reach out to Afterschool Africa to help engage them. I was also involved in the process but Afterschool Africa equally helped me and that was how I got the loan eventually. 

Additionally, I also got a visa support letter from MPower Finance although I also had to ask Afterschoolafrica to help me after sending them an email.

I got a visa support letter that I used in my visa application. It also happened to be part of my proof of funds. However, it was not my only proof of fund but it was a major part of my proof of fund cos I got major funding from MPower. 

ASA: How are things currently going? 

I am in Canada and currently in school. We started orientation on August 14th to be precise and it’s going well. I’m also not the only one that got assistance from MPower. Many Africans, including students from Nigeria and Ghana, are also studying here because of the financial aid from MPower. Canada is a fantastic place, I’m sure you know that. The University of Toronto is also a fantastic place and I am having a good experience so far.

ASA: What advice would you give to aspiring students?

I would recommend Afterschoolafrica to other students. I’d also advise them to subscribe to their newsletters and attend their events because they will bring more opportunities your way.

As I said, I subscribed to Afterschoolafrica when I was still in the university. That was way back because I gained admission in 2010, like 13 years ago but I think I subscribed in 2011/2012. 

Through Afterschoolafrica, I was able to get the Mobil scholarship back then and the FSB scholarship too.  I’ve been on their subscription list since way back and even while I was working I was still getting their emails. When I decided to embark on my postgraduate education, their mail came through.

So, I will highly recommend it to everyone and I wish you the very best. For me, I’m looking forward to the best, I’m in a new country, it’s uncomfortable. I left my comfort zone to step out and start afresh. It’s challenging but good. 

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