Should You Use ChatGPT for Your Study Abroad Application?

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The answer to this question is NO! Generally, international students may be able to make use of ChatGPT to apply for studies abroad. However, AI is under scrutiny because even if it can create incomprehensible responses to simple questions, it can risk your academic career.  

In this article, we provide four reasons why you should not use ChatGPT for your study abroad application. 

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4 Reasons You should not use ChatGPT for your Study Abroad Application

1. It’s Plagiarism:

Using ChatGPT is like having someone else write your essay or statement of purpose for you. This is considered plagiarism. This is known as contract cheating, where a student uses AI-written essays as their own. 

Therefore, while it may be good for creating outlines, it hurts your application essays for studying abroad. 

2. It gives wrong answers:

ChatGPT can create wrong answers and figures and as stated by the New York Times: “based on a statistical model trained on billions of examples of text pulled from all over the internet [which] makes it prone to giving wrong answers,”

Furthermore, this shows that the AI can do whatever it takes to make up answers that can end up being wrong. For example, we asked ChatGPT to “Write a statement of purpose for a student from Nigeria who wants to take on an undergraduate course at the University of California.” 

The AI produced a statement of purpose that refers to her lifelong interest in biology and chemistry. It went further to include figures that refer to the Institute of Medical Science’s presentation of the effects of air pollution on human health. 

The use of this form of essay could have endangered the admission process for such a student.

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3. Don’t Risk Your Admission

If your statement of purpose or study plan is believed to be plagiarized, you stand the risk of having your application denied or dismissed. Additionally, the university may also place you on their blacklist and bar you from ever applying again. 

For those who are already at the university studying one program or another, you stand the risk of being expelled if your work is found to be plagiarized. 

This is because universities these days work with plagiarism detection software that detects if your work is either ChatGPT-written or not. Therefore, the chances of your work being flagged are high, and your dream of studying abroad can be lost. 

4. Think about your Future

The use of ChatGPT to create study applications abroad has affected the way universities react to these applications. Universities are seeking new and more advanced elements that will make plagiarism difficult, and thus admission processes can become harder for international students. 

For instance, you may have to use live video chat to apply. This can be effective because universities will not hinder your ability to communicate effectively. 

However, such changes can affect your study abroad because students may need a fast internet connection to use these video programs during interviews. Furthermore, this can be bad news for students from remote areas who have no access to this technology. 

5. You know yourself better 

Writing a descriptive essay or statement of purpose can prove a daunting task, as you may lack the writing skills and confidence to relay your words. However, a poorly written essay in your voice is better than using ChatGPT. 

Since your application essays are personal, they should give you the opportunity to relay your passion and love for the program of your choice. Therefore, you need to do your research properly so you can have a good understanding of the program. 

Additionally, you should talk about your life, your inspirations, your aspirations, and how that college or university can help you achieve your life goals. You can even gain more points if you can state how you can contribute to the overall success of the school. 

Finally, using ChatGPT for your study abroad shows you do not have what it takes to study abroad. It also shows you do not care about your self-worth in general. Therefore, to have the best chance of gaining admission abroad, international students must take the time to write a quality statement of purpose or essay. 

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